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    • click the files tab on top of this page. Always use the latest patches. If you used the above download links after 6 april 2019, you only need to download the "emergency patch" ("later renamed to just 'patch' ") for new content and fixes

Installation: *Standalone!* unpack and start Stalker-RTTN.exe , that's it!
Read the FAQ first if you have questions.

Road To The North (RTTN) is built on "Call of Misery".
It's made for players who love a mix of survival, realism, lore friendly story and interesting characters.
There are 37+ new missions, which cover most of 32 large maps in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Mission updates are easy to follow,as updates can be read in the PDA and in a self writing journal item.

"RTTN has that Roadside Picnic feeling. Everyone entered the Zone for their own reasons and everyone is connected to eachother in some way. The game adapts to recent events, changing dialogs and missions. Characters you meet have their own interests and personalities, some will tell you their story. Everything included is lorefriendly to stalker, based on the information we can find in the original games and will take you on a well written journey. The world's size allows you to choose your own path, the order in which you play missions and write your own story as well. The Zone is an unforgiving place and it will be difficult to survive. Take your time, explore, roleplay and.. Good hunting, Stalker."

many missions and dialogs are multiple choice. Both will change based on recent events, deaths and choices, leading to a slightly different story. Stalkers will talk about these events too. Your choices have consequences. One of the new mutants I'm very proud of, is the "Nightshade".

You can choose who you are. Your gender, faction, name and player icon can all be customised.
Road To The North is incredibly detailed and perfect for roleplaying.

- You can disguise yourself by wearing a faction suit, unlocking gameplay mechanics during missions
- Multiple choice responses to dialogs, even based on gender and your current faction.
- There's a ceasefire between Duty and Freedom near the bar area. others will respond to the situation.
- There's a new faction ("The Beyond"), which is connected to the story.
- The Monolith are an extreme threat to the main factions. Your actions will make a difference.
- Stalkers send eachother messages and respond to what they find and see (Tronex addon)
- A completely new world map (satellite), with level positions inspired by real life.
- Make new friends by helping them and ask them to come with you on your mission.
- Dynamic missions can be repeated, including fetch and assassination missions (DoctorX).

Road To The North story compatible factions are: Loners, Ecologists, Clear Sky, Duty, Freedom.
Other factions are usually enemies of the main story characters. You can still play as an incompatible faction like Bandits or Monolith, with limited dynamic mission support.

Road To The North is standalone, it includes CoM and many other addons, edited by me.
Some of the new RTTN features are:

  • -A complete, large and interesting new story line! Completely lore friendly.
  • -New side missions, which often involve popular characters from the series.
  • -overhauled most dynamic CoM missions and rewards.
  • -Adds a real reason to visit the Labs and other extremely dangerous locations.
  • -You can choose which faction you are in from the start.
  • -Play as a male or female character, sounds, icons and first person models included.
  • -Roleplay! Multiple choice dialogs and unpredictable events.
  • -Ceasefire between Freedom and Duty at Rostok (bar) and Wild Territory. Voronin's orders.
  • -Disguise yourself as any faction by wearing their clothes! (optional feature)
  • -Gas masks now use filters, some suits use oxygen tanks. Both have their own durability.
  • -Restored some dialogs from CoP to their original characters.
  • -High difficulty. You are just human.
  • -More realistic damage on living creatures. Difficulty is not based on enemy health.
  • -Multiple endings.
  • -Many new characters.
  • -New quest items, with new icons.
  • -New mutant parts, with new icons.
  • -Treasure hunt! You can find hidden stashes with your shovel.
  • -New items, models and textures including HD artefact detectors.
  • -Insane amount of new weapons, rifles and melee.
  • -Use for the shovel, some secret stashes are buried and can be digged up!
  • -Some story characters can be replaced if they die, opening an alternate mission/dialog.
  • -Added totally new mutants, with their own tactics and powers.
  • -New mutants: "Silent One", "Nightshade", "Blind zombie" and mutant variants.
  • -Toolkits are no longer in random stashes, they can be bought once in a while.
  • -Change the future of a faction.
  • -Redesigned world map and level transitions to be more accurate with the real world.
  • -A female stalker (new HD model by Seda145).
  • -Dialog choices depend on your faction and recent events.
  • -Large amount of dialogs, some unlock after events.
  • -Fully written in english.
  • -Take characters with you on a mission.
  • -Clear mission updates, markers and descriptions.
  • -Mutants get a larger role in missions.
  • -Your own journal, that writes itself after certain events or choices.
  • -Inventory space system, most items use space, filling your bag.
  • -New artefacts, all based on the ones in "Roadside Picnic", with special abilities.
  • -A new faction "The Beyond".
  • -Different enemies and spawns for most locations.
  • -Some redesigned ui and textures.
  • -New enhanced campfire cooking system.
  • -New main menu.
  • -Some new cutscene videos.
  • -removed "black screen" while using some items.
  • -Everything has been overhauled for a better and more realistic experience.
  • -Custom economy, discounts slightly change each day.
  • -Huge amount of tweaks and patches to existing content and merged mods.
  • -Rewritten tips and hud messages to be in first person. "I am, I have"
  • -Updated texts and descriptions.
  • -Removes as many old references to "marked one" from the original game as I can find.
  • -An optional no save spam mode (2 minutes between saves).
  • -Toggle full interface on and off with one button. (for videos and screenshots)
  • -Kick boxes instead of breaking your knife on it.
  • -Configure Tronex Dynamic Tip system with a pda from the inventory.

Some other features I merged from existing mods can be found below.

  • -64 bit engine code from Anomaly
  • -New weapons, grenades and armor.
  • -Adjusted weapon zoom.
  • -Many new items (MISERY mod).
  • -Complete texture overhaul.
  • -Sounds and music overhaul.
  • -New gun sounds.
  • -New ammo types.
  • -New scope reticles.
  • -Weapon varations (old/rusty/modern).
  • -Start as any faction, choose your start location.
  • -New Vegetation.
  • -Improved AI.
  • -Improved economy system.
  • -Dynamic tasks, stashes and dialogs.
  • -High difficulty.
  • -No minimap.
  • -A battery system.
  • -Playable music instruments
  • -Artefact cases, to reduce radiation.
  • -Drugs and medical items.
  • -Slow item usage, medkits take time to restore health.
  • -Mutant hunting and skinning.
  • -Artefact containers (to reduce radiation).
  • -Armor attachments.
  • -Repair items yourself with kits, oils and misc. items.
  • -Sleeping bags
  • -Place your own stashes.
  • -Cooking system.
  • -Immersive fast travel dialogs.
  • -Global weather system.
  • -Dynamic tips, npcs react to the world and communicate!
  • -New character visuals.
  • -Companion system.
  • -New mutants.
  • -Lootable armors.
  • -Light campfires.
  • -Kick tushkanos
  • -Optional Ironman mode (lose saves on death)
  • -Optional campfire saving mode (can only save at lit campfires)
  • -Inaccurate zombies.
  • -Loot money from corpses.

Thank you GSC Game World for creating S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The game we love.

Many thanks to everyone who supports Road To The North!
Female character icon photos:

Sophie V Weg (sjebberd)
Alex - Alexandr Chrome Rybak
Michaela Bušovská


Seda145 (Roy Wierer)
-- Vanya Importent / Alex Heidern : "Addaraya - Gurza dreaming (cover)"
-- Raffaele Du Marteau : "Dreaming of Nowhere"
-- 11linda - "female player voice effects" Freesound.org

Main menu art:

Matias Nicolas Machado


Seda145 (Roy Wierer)
Special thanks: - Jonathan Eversen, for testing some missions, features and TAZ.
Special thanks: - ColonelRH for testing TAZ and TAZ ltx fixing

Story writing:

Seda145 (Roy Wierer)
Special thanks: - Benjamin "Razorizz" Andersson for the character "Razor" and his mixtape mission.


Seda145 (Roy Wierer)

Dialogs spell and grammar check:

Benjamin "Razorizz" Andersson


Seda145 (Roy Wierer)


Seda145 (Roy Wierer)
Special thanks: - Cameron James Wellman, for creating "Nightshade" concept art.
Special thanks: - NeonQueen (FO4 Crocodile hairstyle) for the hair model used on Anna.
Special thanks: - Elles Boer, logo concept.

3D modeling:

Seda145 (Roy Wierer)


Seda145 (Roy Wierer)
Special thanks: - Haskins Laboratories, for XRay material.

Translation to Russian:

Dimon12321, FlamingDuck, AV661194, [BY]Gre4ka, WakeUpDeath!, S.T.A.L.K.E.R666Z, cenak, Muraxez, Nuclearoid, Aonestr, hlgrm, ItsAPenta, Sveta Torlak, SevenRus, Kostya Chernyak, Stepan Ivanov, and anonymous users

Road To The North is built on top of a collection of many other amazing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods. Because many mods have been merged together in the past, it is often difficult to find every person who has worked on the included mods. Please send me a message if I should change something in the credits, or if you should be in it.

Included mods:

64 bit Engine Code




The Armed Zone

TAZ TEAM Mp5lng, Alex “TheTazDJ”, Kuba Wasiak, Tank1092 Alpha tester: Nezdad Kajtazaj ”Snow” Special thanks for: ky-ky, Comrade-bear


TeamEPIC, Russian Com/DA team, Junx, LostAlphaRus, Master_Boli, nik19845, cat Maxim

STCoM for Call of Misery 1.0d

bi0nicman, Sasha Tulunzhi

S.W.T.C. - Call of Chernobyl Edition [CoC 1.5]


Stalker Two-K


TRX: Global Weather (2.2)


Bear Model Pack for CoC v1.0

thales100, Greshnik13rs, CAHCAHbl4

Flying demon model


DoctorX Dynamic Anomalies 2.1


DoctorX Questlines


Original Guns Reanimated


TRX - Sounds Revamp 8.0


TRX - Dynamic news


Female ecologist voice


STCoM Weapon Pack

bi0nicman, Sasha Tulunzhi

ZoneExpanded - Artefacts


ZoneExpanded HD models


Outfit Addon

Jack, VodkaChicken, Victor Makarin

Immersive fast travel 1.0 [1.4.22]


Adjusted Zoom Levels 0.6 [1.4.22/1.5b r4]


Simple Instruments


Outfit loot CoC 1.4.22 v2

av661194, Shoker, dimitrian

Outfit loot CoC 1.4.22 v2

av661194, Shoker, dimitrian

Enemies Dont Always Drop Broken Guns - STCoM


Inaccurate Zombies [CoC 1.4]


Weapon Sound Mod [STCoM] UPDATED 19/6

brankovich, Porpeta Voraz

lootmoney for CoC [1.5]

tsěsarĭ, anon

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RSS Articles

Addons section

News 3 comments

Hello S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S.

Developers will be glad to hear the Addons section is now unlocked!
With the most recent "Emergency Patch V13" Road To The North is now Addon friendly.
This means the most important bugs have been patched,
Translations can be added easily by adding xml files
and addons will be highly compatible with future patches.

Bug fixing / Patches should be included with the "emergency patch" by me.
If you have patched a bug, please contact me so I can include it with the official patch.
New content might become part of the official release if you contact me about it.

Addons are easy to maintain since "emergency patch V13" as existing files won't change often anymore.
Examples of often requested addons which should be uploaded in the addons section are:
- fov zoom configurations
- trader/economy configurations
- difficulty / carry weight configurations
- minimap
- ui overhauls
- music / sound changes
- 3D model changes

RSS Files
Turbo attached [-Balance/Tweak-]

Turbo attached [-Balance/Tweak-]

Prefabs 1 comment

This addon will allow you to run faster [Nothing OP , just a small speed boost] Read Description for more details...

No Weapon Smoke - performance

No Weapon Smoke - performance

Effects GFX 6 comments

Removes weapon smoke particles-effects to improve framerate during more or less heavy firefights on weaker computers. Compatible with RTTN 13.8 . Of course...

Inventory space - cheat

Inventory space - cheat


Customize the amount of Inventory Space there is available in your character's bag. Installation: Choose one folder inside this zip, open it, copy gamedata...

Weight ++ - [cheat/balance-addon]

Weight ++ - [cheat/balance-addon]

Prefabs 3 comments

This addon is meant to improve your Weight carry capacity from 35kg to 52kg....

Male / Female player files Patch

Male / Female player files Patch

Patch 2 comments

To switch between Male/Female player sounds and textures, you need these files if you don't have them already. Pick a gender folder and merge it with...

Inventory style

Inventory style

GUIs 1 comment

This addon includes 8 variants of the existing inventory texture. choices are : Default / dark inventory frame + a solid color background with different...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,762)

Great story. But i'm asking for a bit of a favor. If i'd want to play the vanilla CoC but keep the story/quests part from RTTN, any idea what folders do i have to copy? Thanks!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I would like to know why the mod crashes upon starting a new game when playing with either DirectX 10 or 11?

This is the log error I get:

Loading objects...
Loading models...
CResourceManager::DeferredUpload -> START, size = 944
TextureLoading -> thread 1 started!
TextureLoading -> thread 2 started!
TextureLoading -> thread 3 started!
TextureLoading -> thread 4 started!
stack trace:

[error][ 126] : The specified module could not be found.

My GPU is Nvidia GTX 1060, and just in case I turned off all the possible settings in the Advanced section of the Video menu in the game. Still the same error.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No crashes for me, I've been playing RTTN for 110 hours and I only had 4 crashes so far (not related to anything in particular, just random).
This is the most stable STALKER version ever.

I have the same GPU of yours, Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB, playing DX11.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Tried starting a new game with dx11?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've always played with DX11, started with DX11 as well of course. If your issue is just starting with DX11, try starting with DX10 then switch to DX11 and reboot the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I tried cooking meat with the hexagonal stove but the meat disappears (the stove remains in the ground, and the charcoal is consumed). Might be because of the 50kg weight increase addon, don't know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Have invested hours into this mod but now when I start it I get this....


[error]Expression : sz < (tgt_sz - 1)
[error]Function : IReader::r_string
[error]File : FS.cpp
[error]Line : 459
[error]Description : Dest string less than needed.

just started happening out of the blue.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Try lowering switch distance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Odd: I found the Oasis room, but no Oasis artefact in there... Is it normal?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You get a task from an outfit in Red Forest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

An outfit?! I was in Red Forest and nobody gave me tasks, the only one was Forester about finding his jewel under the bridge.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

****This is a SPOILER*****

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Never found that door in this mod, thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not even on the ground, at the far end from the stairs ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Do I need a detector, maybe? Because I don't have one...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Even with a Veles detector I cannot find anything, just a note about the Oasis losing its powers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think it only appears when you get the mission to retrieve it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Ok, found it, thank you all!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You may be right. Now I have the Beyond quest active and I'm asked to retrieve the Heart of Oasis artefact, let's see. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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This is gonna be a honest review. So in the term of gameplay elements and features it's on the same level as Dead Air but somehow in this mod the zone feels much more populated. So with gameplay elements I would like to give this a 10/10 The story is amazing. And most of the CoC or CoM based story driven mods are a mess but this is really nice to play so far. It has both a decent story and freeplay at the same time so that's a 10/10 again. (Also seda did a good job using all the maps as much as…

Nov 28 2018 by vvil01

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