In 2006, a second nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which caused strange changes to the area around it, even to the laws of physics. This place is called the "Zone" by its new residents known as "stalkers". The military, scientists, criminals and fortune seekers travel through the Zone, many of them joining factions. All of them entered the Zone for their own reasons, worth facing the dangers of the Zone. You will meet horribly mutated creatures, thieves, murderers and new friends. Who are you? Road to the north is a complete overhaul mod built on top of CoM. Adds a real story with 37+ new missions, many new characters and a huge amount of multiple choice dialogs. This is only a part of all the new content that has been added. Read the full feature list below.

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vvil01 says

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This is gonna be a honest review.

So in the term of gameplay elements and features it's on the same level as Dead Air but somehow in this mod the zone feels much more populated. So with gameplay elements I would like to give this a 10/10

The story is amazing. And most of the CoC or CoM based story driven mods are a mess but this is really nice to play so far. It has both a decent story and freeplay at the same time so that's a 10/10 again. (Also seda did a good job using all the maps as much as he can.)

Now about bugs. We have the good old X-ray bugs, but the stability is way below Anomaly and Dead Air. Now keep in mind this mod just got released so it's still not that bad. I will give a strong 8/10 for the stability. I am playing on 1080p maxed with dx11. My rig is a I7 6700k 16gb ram GTX 1080 and i put the game on the hard drive. (edit: with the new patch most of the bugs have been fixed. The only bug I still see is the duplicated special NPCs so there goes +1 point) (edit2: 'orighty. With the dec 5 patches all of the bugs are gone and only the xray bugs still in game so here comes another +1)

About the dev team. Seda is a nice guy who listen to the fans. He tries his best to fix everything and he also credits those who helped or helping him. So that's a bonus for me.

So pretty much that's it. It's really good mod and it's really worth your time.

Edit: i will change the point and rating based on how Seda will patch and develop the game.

Last edit for now: So I finally finished the camping as a Loner. After this I gonna start doing another run with CS. And about the story. It was amazing. The way the story draged you around the zone and helped you meet with a lot of people was amazing. Nice job Seda. The cut-scenes were amazing. Not as good as the original ones but way better then what we saw in Lost Alpha. The ending was kinda a let-down for me, but atleast it wasn't as mind ******* as Lost Alpha. This mod really made my year and these are the mods that still keeps me in the stalker universe. One guy with a little help made a mod that is way better then a mod that was made for 5-6 years, and it was made by a team as well. Lost Alpha was my fav story driven no-russian-mod, but after playing this... I kinda lost hope it LA... but that's only me. If anything new come around the corner I will list it here, but I will not update this review, unless it's really important. Good hunting stalkers.


RTTN story felt decent right up to the moment a had a conversation with a controller in Jupiter scientist bunker.At that moment in time everything went full LA and i lost all interest in the mod.
You don't go full Lost Alpha in a story mod , you just don't.
The dialog was a piece of work too.
And the fallow up in conversation with Sakharov was down right funny.
If you are looking for a light comedic mod that goes full LA with broken economy ,freeplay and million and one mutant spawns in every level bordering those of Narodnaya Solyanka - RTTN is the mod for you.
Also why in the actual **** would you go out of your way and re-arrenge the maps.It's a huge mess that doesn't even make sence.
Like scientist telling me i need to turn the Scorcher to advance to Pripyat compleately fail to realise that in the creators mind the Scorcher is placed just beneath the CNPP and "The way to the North" is just outright open.
The moronic out of place stuff makes Solyanka mods look downright polished and balanced.
Let that sink in for a second.
The western audiance was so starved for a decent new mod that will take the place of the new Misery or CoC that it was ready to swallow every ******** and nonsence and stupidity the mod threw at them just becouse it is a variation of Call of Misery.
But Call of Misery "RTTN" is not.It is the littlr autistic brother of CoM.
The mind blowing ammount of "creative" decisions that were made when RTTN mod was being created makes the Reborn mod for Clear Sky look downright lore friendly and plausable.
Somehow RTTN managed to **** up the Misery gameplay aspect it has too.
Like how do you do that ?
You have to actively try to go out of your way to take a bad system and make it even more stupid.
For example the condition the guns drop varies from 20-90% making a half broken Ak-74 give you 15k which is 8k more from a regular job of eliminating enamy presance for example.
You are better off killing 3 bandits and selling their **** guns then you are doing 5 regular quests.
And let's not even touch on the dialogs becouse those are just tragic and 90% of them make you scratch your head in disbelieve.
It's almost as if the dialogs and quests were written in the CoC style map and then someone decided to thow dices to determine the RTTN map locations.
It would've been better if machine translation was employed to at least cut down on the grammer mistakes.
And the spawns.The infamous spawns.Now those were made by someone who really wanted to drive the point that more is better.You thought mutant clusterfucks in some of Solyanka maps were over the top ? Or maybe Anomaly ones need a tweak here and there like in wild territory and red forest.Boy are you in for a treat.
The absurd ammount of mutant spawns makes Misery 2.2 look like a strow in the park.
At least 30 mutant spawns if not more in Truck Cemetary alone.
And becouse mutant population only governs the mutant squad size and not the spawn every map becomes a clusterfuck of a mutant battlefield.
You are not some random stalker trying to solve the mysteries of the zone.You are ******* doom guy marching trough blood , gore and a mountain of mutant corpses just to make it 5 steps into a level.
RTTN almost seems like an parody of CoM.
A guidebook if you will of what NOT to do in a CoM styled mod.
Everything that can be ****** up was ****** up so at least you can't say that the mod auther wasn't consistant.


There are much better reviews than I can write already here but I am a long time Loner and have played many mod. I can say hands down this is the most optimized, exciting and well written story I have come across including the actual stories from GSG. Play this and enjoy!


No48 says

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In summary,
Best story line I have played in a Stalker game.


I love this mod! It gives me such a feeling of true exploration.
Packing my bag with everything I need while keeping it as light as possible and then pitting myself against the elements and denizens of the zone is incredibly satisfying. Not to mention, returning from an expedition battered and bruised, but with all the riches of the wastes is so rewarding.
All the combined mods and added features really enhance the survival adventure feel of the game, and the balance of all things is impeccable.
I've loved playing COP in the past but this mod feels like how it's truly meant to be played. I just hope the upcoming Stalker 2 can come close to this.
Thanks again Seda!


Probaly one of the best stalker mods alongside Call Of Chernobyl.


Dead Air and Anomaly are both great, but this mod stands out. It keeps the harsh survival aspects, but reduces some tedious aspects of those two. Incredible environment, textures, map, and gameplay. I've had the most enjoyment with RttN out of any other large-scale mods. I see this eventually taking the top spot, provided the author keeps updating.

Great story, Also great freeplay 10/10 in my book.


Its Awesome, nuff said.


Jahuak says

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Playing this mod was an overall enjoyable experience thanks to the amazing storyline, but with some numerous annoyances.
The additional side quests and new storyline were really well made. I never encountered a bug with AI pathing during scripted sections or anything of that sort. There were some new characters that had an actual small backtory and you can actually care about them. But there are some "go there and then YEET back across the whole Zone" quest that can be a pain in the *** considering the high fast travel prices.
The gameplay is the weakest point of this mod. It's basically Call of Misery. The gunplay is ok but there are no additional features at all. Sometimes it feels like vanilla CoC. If you are playing this mod just for the freeplay, don't.
The ecoomy is a 50/50. The core CoC side quests earn you no money, there's no point doing them. Money making comes to hunting mutants ,collecting artifacts adn selling weapons/ammo. I like the high prices of ammunition, conserving it is a huge deal. Knifing is also very powerful, I could take out a bloodsucker with a single stab to the head.
The difficulty is high and annoying, but fair. Don't get me wrong, it's good 90% of the time. But there 10% of it that gives me convulsions. You have to watch what you're doing, and it's borderline impossible to search anomaly fields without good protection. Be sure to prepare some antidepressants for the last quest.
Also, be sure to hop into your actor.ltx and change the walk_weight_power ratio if you don't want to have an aneurysm. I know it's a touchy and personal subject, but if the fast travel is this expensive and you're constanlty on the move going from Jupiter to Zaton every two seconds and have a 0.44 base walk_weight_power, good luck not having a stroke.
About all the other new features: new sounds were nice, new mutants were fantastic, got hardcore spooked in X-18, the journal is a really nice feature with the new death screens. The backpack space is fine but needs polishing, I once had to load a late quicksave because my Bolt got automatically thrown out of the inventory.
The last thing is the optimalisation. The quest scripts are perfect but the amount of "Out of memory" I got was saddening. Had to play on minimal textures quality.
All in all, just for the story and some new original content this mod is definitely worth completing at least once. Some dialogue changes depending on your faction/gender and some quest have multiple branching paths that completely change the outcome. But I can't recommend this mod just for the freeplay. There are other mods that do that way better.

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This is gonna be a honest review. So in the term of gameplay elements and features it's on the same level as Dead Air but somehow in this mod the zone feels much more populated. So with gameplay elements I would like to give this a 10/10 The story is amazing. And most of the CoC or CoM based story driven mods are a mess but this is really nice to play so far. It has both a decent story and freeplay at the same time so that's a 10/10 again. (Also seda did a good job using all the maps as much as…

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