Demosfen - the largest project on the Call of Chernobyl platform. It is based on the new x64 version of the OpenXRay engine, thanks to which the game has advanced improvements in terms of speed, which allows you to put a large number of graphic bells and whistles. You will find many new locations, several new quest chains, new models of characters and mutants, a full-fledged A-Life, new features, such as flying a helicopter and customizing weapons, and also, only here you will find open 3D sights. For the first time in the history of Call of Chernobyl - Bar "100 Roentgen" has been expanded, now it is the real capital of the Zone. To improve the character creation process and the parameters of the new game, the add-on "TRX: Fresh Start" was added. Constant work on the improvement of various aspects of the game, the introduction of new and unique content, the addition of new features and features - all this shows that the project Demosfen keeps up with the times.

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The Dead River is located near the Dead City, and in order to get into the MG you first need to cross this location, and it is fraught with a lot of mysteries, for example, a underground monolith extracts blue ore from which it is most likely made.

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 New location: Collector

New location: Collector

News 4 comments

Friends I present to you the new location Collector, which is located under the bar 100 RENGEN, and is a very gloomy place where spiders live, you will...

 Advanced Bar 100 X-ray

Advanced Bar 100 X-ray

News 8 comments

I present to you the extended Bar 100 roentgens, now it is the real capital of the zone, it has almost everything for rest, a lounge room for the Main...

New Locations

New Locations

News 3 comments

Friends in our project are constantly adding new locations, as well as replacing old ones, at the moment there are such locations as: Dead River, Collector...

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<<<< 'bmblbx176 - English Translation patch 5': -- -- >>>>


A small 'example' of what I have to deal with during this translation:

-- STARTING dialogue -- :
"Чувак ну ты даёшь! Взял и всех порешал, нам ничего не оставил, крут, крут, ёлки-палки! Эй, ты куда? Возьми награду за доброе дело."

-- MACHINE-TRANSLATED dialogue (wherever possible; XML files make this very difficult) -- :
"Dude well you give! He took it and decided it all, left us nothing, cool, cool, Christmas tree sticks! Hey where are you? Take the reward for a good deed."

-- FINAL dialogue (by me) -- :
"Dude, you showed them! You quickly dealt with most of them, and barely left some for us to shoot at. Cool, cool. Hey, where are you going? Take this reward, for your good deeds."

..... and thousands more like these......

<<<< For the CoC Community -- the ONLY reason I chose to do this >>>>

( to remove the 'language barrier' for english-speaking CoC fans )


Translation progress:

A LOT of dialogues, dynamic quests, and expanded dialogues (from 'Lost Zone') that greatly improve the experience.

You can now play a mini card game with various traders. (the game is '21')

Make sure it is set to ENG localization.


(Next TO DO: - MLR, Lost Zone...; -- only 4 files are left, (out of 124)
-- however, these 4 require around 4.100 individual translations;
- out of the 19.000 for the 'complete Demosfen translation'.)

<< WHEN you see some very 'weird' dialogues, BUT in ENGLISH letters... >>
<< ...these are the ones; -- currently, some of them machine-translated >>


(On another note, make sure to ENABLE the animations in Options->UI/HUD->Animations-FULL;
- It seems that they are DISABLED by 'default'.

Also, with a double-click on your PDA in inventory, you can listen to songs, read messages, etc...)


'Call of Pripyat' came out 10 years ago, and it is still relevant.

---- One can say that 'the Zone' is timeless. ----

I honestly expect that some form of CoC mod will be happily played even in year 2030.
No doubts about that.

(In comparison, Metro Exodus was a very underwhelming experience for me, and soon to be forgotten;
- at the same time, I am very fond of Metro 2033 and LL, played them several times, especially the Redux versions.)


<<< The Russian version of Demosfen 1.03: --- --- >>>

( - torrent, from, 11GB;
-- when installing, 'Далеe' means Next, 'Обзор' means Change_Directory, 'Отмена' means Cancel/Exit)

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This might help. SashaRed (genies of the zone) already translated MLR 8.3 here:

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Sadly, didn't help much. Must do the grind...

Thank you for the attempt to help.

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So i have been playing Demosfen for some time now and i have to say that this mod is extremely buggy and unstable, from what i have seen on other (russian) forums im not alone.

Various locations cannot be entered (crashing) after starting certain missons and even if cancelled, crashes still persist.

Examples of locations that i cannot enter anymore: Jupiter, Swamp, Army Warehouses, Dead City and occasionaly Dead River.
Because swamp is inaccessible i cannot start the main quest line.

Apart from that, the game crashes randomly upon starting a quest or entering arena.

So far i had over 30 crashes. I cannot experience what this mod offers not in this state.
I cannot recommend playing the mod.

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I was doing many and various playtests (40+) in Demosfen so far, haven't come to 'playing' it yet.
Haven't experienced a single crash, so far, with Dx9.

Can you give some info on the video settings you use, or your user.cfg ?

As I saw in the video_options, the 'usable' renderers are limited to DirectX 9.
Dx10 and Dx11 are 'unstable' and 'unfinished'.

Could this be the problem ?


Also, it is important to remember that they HAVEN'T put up the Demosfen MOD on this page, for download, yet.

(I, and others, put up separate links for download.)


I am doing the Translation so as
to remove the 'language barrier' for english-speaking CoC fans.
( Without this, Demosfen MOD is almost 'unplayable'. )

-- The stability and other issues are up to 'Demosfen Team' to resolve, and I expect from them to deal with this in the near future, and to implement the DirectX 10 and 11 'renderers', not just Dx9. --

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That was a first thing i started experimenting with, however i found out that no matter what settings i select (Low,High,DX9/10/11) i still get the same crashes.

The mod is actually pretty good, some really good stuff in there, but its extremely buggy as i said.

I started digging trough forums but there are no solutions only reports after reports.

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Well, I saw the potential in this mod,

and at the same time, it was clear that

the 'language barrier' stops english-speaking fans from even trying it.
-- The translation I am currently doing, makes this mod accessible to them.

Will all this potential be utilized fully, properly, or not at all, depends on the Creators.

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what does the -noprefetch flag does? because the game only loads when I use that shortcut

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it will decrease loading times by loading necessary objects (and stuff) after map is loaded

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to anyone having fps drops while aiming, turn the antialiasing all the way down. it worked for me at least.

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