"RTTN has that Roadside Picnic feeling. Everyone entered the Zone for their own reasons and everyone is connected to eachother in some way. The game adapts to your choices and world events, changing dialogs and missions. Characters you meet have their own interests and personalities, some will tell you their story. Everything included is lorefriendly to stalker, based on the information we can find in the original games and will take you on a well written journey. The world's size allows you to choose your own path, the order in which you play missions and write your own story as well. The Zone is an unforgiving place and it will be difficult to survive. Take your time, explore, roleplay and.. Good hunting, Stalker."


To switch between Male/Female player sounds and textures, you need these files if you don't have them already. Pick a gender folder and merge it with gamedata.

Male / Female player files Patch
☣GenezisO☢ - - 2,268 comments

Women in the zone, yet another anomaly I should dedicate my life for.

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PripyatBandit - - 166 comments

Some sounds are not female like :(

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dyspraxx - - 10 comments

My vanilla COP crashes when I install it. Is is for COC?

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dyspraxx - - 10 comments

Sorry my mistake i didnt realise it was Road to the North! Im so stupid

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Thatoneguyhehe - - 1 comments

A lot of the files are empty and have no sound and ruin the immersion a bit any patches being released?

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Bredcan_cz - - 13 comments

no we can simp in stalker

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