A Star Wars/Dark Forces themed gameplay mod for GZDoom. Taking elements from both Star Wars cannon and legends. Replaces all weapons, enemies and items with Star Wars themed assets. Gameplay is changed quite a lot, but attempts to keep some of the balance of Doom. Most projectiles are 3d models of Star Wars blaster effects. Infighting is also rare and usually only happens between imperials, aliens and bounty hunters (they won't attack their own team). The Icon of Sin is also replaced with a more traditional boss enemy, Emperor Palpatine. You can play as Kyle Katarn or Mara Jade and find lightsabers and unlock force powers, or you can start off as a Jedi. You can also go without the force and play as a rebel trooper or smuggler, each with their own starting weapons, or even go adventurous as the Mandalorian armed with a wrist launcher that boasts several different abilities.

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Xim's Star Wars Doom admit-ably features a lot of enemies, all done with random spawners replacing the vanilla Doom monsters. This is still done with an attempt to keep a balance and a somewhat consistent theme. Also, as mentioned in the main description of the mod, most enemies will not infight with each other unless they are on a different team, for example a stormtrooper won't infight with an imperial officer but they will infight with a gammorean guard.

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This article will give a description on the enemies featured in the mod, listed by how they spawn in Doom.


Zombieman replaced with:

-Stormtrooper : Common imperial solider, fires a single blaster bolt. Drops a blaster pack.

-Scout Trooper : Imperial scouts, armed with a blaster pistol. Drops a blaster pack

-NonCom Officer: Basic officer, fires a single blaster bolt. Drops a blaster pack.

-Infantry Man: Imperial solider, fires a single blaster bolt. Drops a blaster pack.


Shotgun Guy replaced with:

-Stormtrooper Veteran: Stronger and shoots blaster bolts at a higher rate than regular troopers. Drops a blaster rifle.

-Stormtrooper Captain: Grey shoulder-pad, shoots blaster bolts at a higher rate. Drops a blaster rifle.

-Sandtrooper: Orange shoulder-pad, shoots blaster bolts at a higher rate. Drops a blaster rifle.

-Sniper Scout Trooper: Shoots highly accurate bolts that can't be deflected. Drops a sniper rifle.

-Officer: Armed with a heavy pistol. Can't be mind tricked.

-Engineer: Armed with an ion blaster. They can attack with either a single or spread blast. Drops an ion blaster.


Imp replaced with:

-Infantry Man Veteran: Imperial solider, fires a single blaster bolt.

-Scout Trooper: Armed with a blaster rifle.

-Sniper Scout Trooper: Shoots highly accurate bolts that can't be deflected.

-Officer: Armed with a heavy pistol. Can't be mind tricked.


Chaingun Guy replaced with:

-Shock Trooper: Stormtrooper armed with a repeater gun.

-Heavy Trooper: Stormtrooper armed with a DLT-19 auto blaster.

-Repeater Commando : Infantryman armed with a repeater gun.

-DLT Commando: Infantryman armed with a DLT-19 auto blaster.

-Imperial General: High ranking infantryman. Armed with a blaster rifle. May drop a hyperspace transponder.

-Imperial Admiral: High ranking officer. Armed with a sonic pistol. May drop a heavy support beacon.

-Imperial Medic: Infantryman that can heal his fallen allies. Make sure to take these guys out quickly!


Pinky Demon replaced with:

-Gamorrean: Bulky pig like aliens armed with an axe that ignores shields.

-Kell Dragon: Barely tamed reptilian creatures that give a nasty bite that ignores shields.

-Young Kell Dragon: Smaller, weaker but much faster than their larger counterparts.

-Tusken Raider: Savage raiders armed with a gaffi stick that ignores armor. May also throw rocks.

-Wampa: Large snow monsters. Thier massive claws ignore shields.

-Mynock: Flying creatures that may come in a swarm. They drain your health and shields.

-Dianoga: Creatures that live in shallow waters. They can only be hit when they come up from the surface. Appears when demons are on water.


Spectre Demon replaced with:

-Dark Trooper Phase 1: A security droid armed with a vibrosword and a blaster proof shield. Weak to ion guns.

-Sith Reborn: Imperial officers brainwashed by the dark side. Attacks with a lightsaber and force push.

-Dianoga: Creatures that live in shallow waters. They can only be hit when they come up from the surface. Appears when spectres are on water.

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Lost Soul replaced with:

-Interrogation Droid: Floating droids that blast energy bolts and stab with pain injection needles. Weak to ion guns.

-Sentry Droid: Flying droids armed with a blaster gun. Weak to ion guns.

-Dark Eye Droid: The DRK-1 probe droid. They are agile, but can't take many hits. Weak to ion guns.


Revenant replaced with:

-Gran: Three eyed aliens armed with thermal detonators, a sonic pistol and a nasty punch.

-Trandoshan: Lizard like aliens armed with either a concussion rifle, rocket launcher or scattergun.

-Rodian: Remember Greedo? Shoot these guys first, before they get you with either their heavy pistol, detonators or sniper rifle.

-Mercenary: Criminal scum armed with a heavy pistol and thermal detonators.

-Kubaz: Watch out for these sneaky aliens. They cloak when not attacking with their sonic rifle, they can also drop land mines around so be careful if you hear their buzzing voices.

-Wookie Madclaw: Evil wookies that have taken up bounty hunter work. Armed with a bowcaster.

-IG Assassin Droid: Tall menacing droids armed with dual auto blasters and thermal detonators. May initiate a dangerous self destruct sequence on their death, so watch out for their warning after defeating them. Weak to ion guns.

-Gand: A rare enemy. A small insect like alien armed with a disruptor rifle.

-Boba Fett: One of the “boss enemies” in the game. Armed with various weaponry, be careful!


Hell Knight replaced with:

-Death Trooper: Elite black armored stromtroopers. Armed with an upgraded blaster rifle, thermal detonators and smoke grenades.

-Concussion Rifle Infantry: Armed with the deadly concussion rifle.

-Royal Guard: Elite guard of the empire. Armed with an electro-pole.

-Shadow Trooper: Stormtroopers with a stealth generator, armed with either a rifle or repeater.

-Incinerator Trooper: Stormtroopers armed with flamethrowers.

-Dark Trooper Phase Zero: Cyborg stormtroopers with a jetpack and lightning gun.

-Rotary Blaster Infantry: A rare enemy: Armed with a rotary blaster.

-Heavy Repeater Trooper: A rare enemy: Armed with a heavy repeater.


Cacodemon replaced with:

-Probe Droid: Common scout droid of the empire. Fires a powerful blaster bolt. Weak to ion blasts.

-Advanced Probe Droid: Rarer variants with golden plated armor. Fires a powerful plasma blast. Weak to ion blasts.


Pain Elemental replaced with:

-Jet Trooper: Stormtroopers with jetpacks that throw recon droids. Armed with either a sonic rifle, flamethrower or flechette launcher.

-INT-4 Interceptor: A small aerial scout vehicle. Armed with laser cannons and seeker missiles for long range and a plasma ram for close range.


Archvile replaced with:

-Inquisitor: Jedi who fell to the dark side and joined the empire, attacks with a lightsaber and force lightning. Can also revive their fallen allies.

-Inquisitor Jerec: One of the “boss enemies” in the game. A renowned inquisitor who became one of the leaders of the Imperial Remnant.

-Darth Vader: One of the “boss enemies” in the game. The most famous villain in Star Wars. Enjoy doing battle with him!


Arachnotron replaced with:

-Dwarf Spider Droid: Once used by the CIS during the clone wars, they have been recommissioned for the Galactic Empire to enforce the submission of former Separatist worlds. Armed with either an auto blaster or beam cannon, with rare ones that have a cryo projector gun. Weak to ion blasts.


Mancubus replaced with:

-Zero Gravity Trooper: Troopers with heavy armor that are somewhat resistant to normal blaster fire. They are armed with a mini-missile launcher. Bust out the medium to big guns for these guys.

-Tank Droid: Essentially a mobile self-operating turbo laser cannon. Attacks with it's main cannon on long range, and repeater guns on shorter ranges. Weak to ion blasts.

-AT-PT: All Terrain Personal Transport, a single pilot walker mech. Armed with dual blaster cannons and a concussion grenade launcher.


Baron Of Hell replaced with:

-Dark Trooper Phase 2: Large menacing droids capable of taking on entire rebel bases. Equipped with an assault cannon and a jetpack. Weak to ion blasts.


Cyberdemon replaced with:

-AT-ST: All terrain scout transport. Fires a barrage of lasers and missiles.

-TIE Fighters: Main space/aircraft of the empire. Comes in fighter, bomber, interceptor and defender.

-TIE Mauler: TIE Fighters made for land. Armed with an auto turbolaser.

-Sabre Tank: Infantry fighting tank of the empire. Armed with laser cannon, missile launchers and a beam cannon turret.


Spider Mastermind replaced with:

-Dark Trooper Phase 3: A massive dark trooper mech. Armed with an advanced assault cannon and shoulder mounted guided missiles. Weak to ion blasts.

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Wolfenstein SS Guard replaced with:

-Various Alien Thugs: A wretched collection of scum and villainy with various blaster weapons.

-Jawa: Small cowardly desert raiders armed with an ion blaster.


Icon of Sin replaced with:

-Emperor Palpatine: The final challenge in most map packs. The Emperor functions more like a classic enemy instead of a random enemy spawner like it's vanilla counterpart. He floats around on his hover chair and uses various forms of force lightning that increase in intensity the more damage he takes. After defeating him your mission is complete.

Extra Enemies: There are a few enemies that don't spawn normally in game. Some of them are included in compatibility patches for certain map packs.


Remote Droid: Small droids often used for training, but can be effect in battle due to their high mobility and small size. Deployed by Jumpjet Stormtroopers.


Snow Trooper: Stromtroopers trained and geared for cold climate combat. (Spawn name: Snowtrooper)


Shore Trooper: Stormtroopers trained and geared for tropical combat. May appears in shallow waters. Armed with either an E-11 or Repeater Gun. (Spawn name: Shoretrooper)


Mortar Trooper: Stormtrooper with a mortar gun. (Spawn name: MortarTrooper)


Magma/Lava Trooper: Red stormtroopers that are resistant to fire. (Spawn name: CrimsonTrooper)


Hazard Stormtrooper: Similar to the Zero-G Trooper but built for poisonous environments. Shoots poisonous blasts. (Spawn name: HazardTrooper)


TT-8L/Y7 Gatekeeper Droid: Jabba's gatekeeper droid. Floats around and blasts electricity. Weak to ion blasts. (Spawn name: GatekeeperDroid)


Jabba The Hutt: The most famous leader of the criminal underground. He is a stationary enemy that throws barrages of grenades. (Spawn name: Jabba)


Rancor: A giant omnivorous monster, around the size of an AT-ST, with nasty melee attacks. It's thick hide is protective against typical blasters. If you don't have any heavy weapons you might want to find another way to combat it. (Spawn name: Rancor)


This is awesome!! Great work never seen this mod before :D

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You think you could make enemy lists of the scum&villiany; and Rebel scum addons?

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