A Star Wars/Dark Forces themed mod for GZDoom. It replaces Doom's weapons, enemies and (almost all) decoration objects. The mod takes elements from both Star Wars cannon and legends. Most projectiles are 3d models of Star Wars blaster effects. Gameplay is changed quite a lot, hitscan attacks are rare and most projectiles typically move much faster than those in Doom. Infighting is also rare and only happens between imperials, aliens and bounty hunters (they won't attack their own team). The Icon of Sin is also replaced with a more traditional boss enemy, Emperor Palpatine! You can also unlock force powers by finding lightsabers. You can get up to seven powers, including being able to throw your lightsaber. Force powers use force energy which slowly regenerate or can be charged up faster at the cost of movement speed. The mod uses built in ZDoom controls for inventory items and force powers. There are new names for the user key functions for the force powers.

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