A Star Wars/Dark Forces themed gameplay mod for GZDoom. Taking elements from both Star Wars cannon and legends. Replaces all weapons, enemies and items with Star Wars themed assets. Gameplay is changed quite a lot, but attempts to keep some of the balance of Doom. Most projectiles are 3d models of Star Wars blaster effects. Infighting is also rare and usually only happens between imperials, aliens and bounty hunters (they won't attack their own team). The Icon of Sin is also replaced with a more traditional boss enemy, Emperor Palpatine. You can play as Kyle Katarn or Mara Jade and find lightsabers and unlock force powers, or you can start off as a Jedi. You can also go without the force and play as a rebel trooper or smuggler, each with their own starting weapons, or even go adventurous as the Mandalorian armed with a wrist launcher that boasts several different abilities.

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These are the items featured in Xim's Star Wars Doom. Many of them are portable items, much like those featured in Heretic, Hexen and Strife.

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BACTB0Bacta Tanks, restores your health. Small ones give you bonus health.

SHLDA0Shield Generators, replaces the armors. Picking up an item will simply add to your shields, so you can pick them up whenever you want.

LIFEA0Force Life, appear as special "rebel logo power-ups". The red ones give you 100 health and replace the soul sphere. The gold ones give you 200 health and 300 shields, replacing the mega sphere. They also fully restore your force power energy.

PMAPD0Terrain Locator, reveals the entire map in the automap.

BPAKA0Ammo Backpack, gives you a small amount of all ammo types. Also doubles the amount of ammo you can carry.

The following items are kept when picked up and can be used at any time. Your currently selected item and the amount you have of it will appear on the hud. Make sure you set up the keyboard controls for selecting and using items in the options menu. Items can also be hot-keyed for instant use.

ARTISTIMPortable Stimpack, heals a small amount of health up to 100%. Can be used anytime. Is used automatically when health drops below 50%.

ARTISUITEnvironmental Suit, portable version of the radiation suit. Also protects against fire and ion damage.

ARTIPVISLight Amplification Visor, portable version of the light amp visor.

ARTIBSTMBattle Stimulant, a portable version of the berserk pack. Restores you to 100 health and greatly increases damage for unarmed and lightsaber attacks. Replaces berserk packs.

ARTISPEDAdrenal Alacrity, temporarily increases the users' speed by 50 percent. Spawns with blurspheres.

ARTIDFW8Invulnerability Shield, makes you fully immune to damage for a short period.

PINSA0Stealth Field Generator, can be activated to make the player harder to see. Using a second stealth generator will make you fully invisible. Spawns with blurspheres.

ARTIDFW6Weapon Charge Pack, doubles your blaster damage for thirty seconds. Spawns with blurspheres.

ARTIBEACHyperspace Transponder, summons a group of rebel troopers to aid you in battle. Spawns with blurspheres.

ARTISUMNHeavy Support Beacon, summons a rebel vehicle (heavy tank, air speeder or star fighter) to aid you in battle. Spawns with blurspheres.

AREMA0Remote Droid, small remote droids that can be activated to assist you in battle. Spawns with blurspheres.

TURRETSentry Turret, a stationary turret that can be activated to assist you in battle. Spawns with blurspheres.

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