A Star Wars/Dark Forces themed mod for GZDoom. It replaces Doom's weapons, enemies and (almost all) decoration objects. The mod takes elements from both Star Wars cannon and legends. Most projectiles are 3d models of Star Wars blaster effects. Gameplay is changed quite a lot, hitscan attacks are rare and most projectiles typically move much faster than those in Doom. Infighting is also rare and only happens between imperials, aliens and bounty hunters (they won't attack their own team). The Icon of Sin is also replaced with a more traditional boss enemy, Emperor Palpatine! You can also unlock force powers by finding lightsabers. You can get up to seven powers, including being able to throw your lightsaber. Force powers use force energy which slowly regenerate or can be charged up faster at the cost of movement speed. The mod uses built in ZDoom controls for inventory items and force powers. There are new names for the user key functions for the force powers.

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This is a mod for GZDoom the replaces all weapons, enemies and items with Star Wars themed assets. Gameplay is changed quite a lot, there aren't any hitscan attacks but projectiles typically move quite fast. Most projectiles are 3d models of Star Wars blaster effects. Infighting is also rare and usually only happens between imperials, aliens and bounty hunters (they won't attack their own team). The Icon of Sin is also replaced with a more traditional boss enemy, Emperor Palpatine. This new version also includes the ability for the player to learn force powers.

Xim's Star Wars Doom (v2)

Loading the mod with Zandronum, and GZDoom didn't work. Help?

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Ximmerman Author

This mod is not compatible with Zandronum unfortunately. Not sure if I'd be able to make it work with it because Zandronum uses an outdated version of DECORATE coding.

Older versions of GZDoom probably won't work either. Did you update GZDoom before running the mod? Let me know if that's the problem or not.

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Got it! Thank you. I forget to update GZDoom when I run into issues. Appreciate the help!

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Thoroughly enjoyed this. Keep up the great work!

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Can you add friendly npc like rebel soldiers wearing their blue and black pattern like at the beginning of new hope movie. Thank you.

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Ximmerman Author

There is an item that spawns with the invisibility sphere called the HyperSpace transponder. It mostly uses the code from Strife, but it summons the friendly rebel troopers you speak of.

You can also summon a rebel through the console with "summon RebelTrooper"

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Ximmerman Author

UPDATE: 10/5/2019
-New enemy: XR-85 tank droid (sprite by: edgymemester), spawns with Mancbus. They shoot turbo laser blasts at you and behave more similar to the mancubus than their Zero-G counterparts do (so I think they add more balance in maps)
-Boba Fett now spawns with Pain Elementals again (found this more balanced than the Mancubus spawner)
-Jumpjet enemies (Zero-G, Phase-2) no longer take falling damage
-Dark jedi have reduced falling damage
-Concussion rifle is less over-powered
-Assault cannon plasma does small radius damage (won't hurt player)
-Touched up a few sprite alignments
-Updated DarkHour and SpaceWars compat patches (separate download)

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Ximmerman Author

-New logo and title screen, featuring our hero: Kyle Katarn! (picture found at HDwallpapers)
-New upgrade weapon: Disruptor rifle upgrade from sniper rifle, twice the power for primary fire and you can charge with alt-fire for a more powerful blast
-Sniper rifle alt-fire damage redone; start of the beam is stronger than end of beam, but it is less overpowered overall
-Elite rifle now functions more like a stronger E-11 than a weaker EE-3
-Fixed a bug where the heavy pistol didn't use ammo when doing alt-fire with the scope
-Fixed a bug where switching between upgraded weapons gave the player ammo
-Fixed a few glitchy death/pain animations for some enemy sprites

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Ximmerman Author

-Fixed bug where Assault Cannon could fire without ammo
-Added back the props pack and added new trees in ObAddon for OBLIDGE maps
-Blaster packs and E-11's now both give 30 ammo
-Concussion rifle now does solid radius damage instead of being a super-overpowered auto-bfg (it was fine while it lasted but balance is key)

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Ximmerman Author

UPDATE 11/17/2019
-New enemies added:
--IG Assasion droid (revenant spawn),
--Gand Bounty hunter with disruptor rifle (revenant spawn),
--Phase Zero Dark Trooper (hellknight spawn),
--Mynock swarm [credits: lilwhitemouse] (pinky spawn),
--Imperial General (commando spawn),
--Tie Mauler (cyberdemon spawn),
---Tie Fighter pilot (dropped by TIE's on death)
---Tie Fighter and Tie Bombers are also included, but don't have a spawn yet (summon them with TieFighter and TieBomber)
-Various Alien criminal scum (WolfensteinSS spawn), the sprites are of low detail but they're pretty much bonus enemies
-2 new weapons: Jeron Fusion Cutter from the first Dark Forces game, goes on slot 4 and can be upgraded to the Mark IV Goob Gun that does more damage, goes on slot 7
-Concussion Rifle is now on slot 9 with Assault Cannon
-New graphics for the Ion Blaster
-New allies for the Hyperspace Transponder: Rebel Scout, Rebel Captain, Honor Guard and MLC-3 Light Tank
-New item: Heavy Support Beacon. Summons one of the following: T4-B Heavy Tank, T-47 Airspeeder, Y-Wing or X-Wing starfighter (item spawns with blursphere)
-New graphic for Jawa and Tank Droid
-Kubaz spies now drop active land mines, but attack less often overall
-Disruptor rifle has a new fully charged beam attack
-Disruptor rifle no longer alerts enemies while charging
-Detpacks and mines alert enemies when they explode
-Added missing modeldef for fully charged ion blaster shot and death trooper elite rifle shot
-Fixed a couple glitchy animations
-A few map/gameinfo settings changed, such as dim color and drop style
-Minor Heretic compatibility added, only included weapons and item

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Wow. Great job, love it and thank you.

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I do wish there were console commands that give you all the force powers, because I tried give all it didn't work. My reasoning why I want this?
Sometimes you just wanna relax and be a jedi out of the getgo

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Ximmerman Author

Try "give unlockforce 3", that should automatically give you all force powers. You can also summon "chainsaw" or "LightsaberSpawner" a few times too.

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Ximmerman Author

-New enemy: Incinerator trooper, first featured in the game "Force Unleashed" before being introduced to offical SW cannon. They are armed with flamethrowers and spawn rarely with the Hellknights
-New "secret" weapon: Rebel Trooper A280 Blaster Rifle, stronger and more accuarate than the Stormtrooper rifle, but has a slower rate of fire. Alt-fire does a burst-attack. They can only be obtained if they are dropped by a Rebel Captain spawned by the Hyperspace Transponder (or Summon AssaultBlaster in console)
-SNIPER TAPPING : Bryar pistol, e-11 blaster rifle and imperial repeater have perfect accuracy on their first shot much like Doom's pistol and chaingun
-Fusion cutter and Goob gun are more powerful and accurate, they also now use plasma cells for ammo. Fusion cutter now spawns with the the Plasmarifle along with the Oppressor flamethrower
-Concussion rifle is overall more powerful, it now has a railgun alt-fire similar to Dark Forces 2. It now spawns with the BFG9000 along with the Dark Trooper cannon
-Replaced Z-6 Rotary blaster sprite from the Doom '16 edit. Now it has a sprite edited from a screengrab of the Z-6 from Battlefront II '05, featuring a shoulder mount animation for (de)selecting
-Z-6 Rotary blaster is a bit more accurate
-Dark Trooper Assault Cannon now has a shoulder mount animation for (de)selecting
-Hyperspace Transponder can now summon light side jedi, armed with a blue, green or yellow lightsaber and behave similar to the dark jedi, minus the force lightning
-Imperial Generals have a rare chance to drop a Hyperspace Transponder on defeat
-Imperial Admirals have a rare chance to drop a Heavy Support Beacon on defeat
-Ion barrels now have brightmaps
-Minor updates for the Darkest Hour and Doomed Space Wars compat patches

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Yo Ximmerman, any chance you can release the full console command list that are in the mod, buddy?

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