I'm just a simple gamer. I'm no modder, but I love a good mod after trying it out or reading the reviews.

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One thing that makes me so angry with a bunch of the modders is when they make a great mod for some best-selling games, and yet only release demos and/or betas. I know what you modders are thinking, you're thinking, "Oh dear. Looks like another fapper who's ranting on about what we do." To some of you modders like Nyerguds and Carnius, bravo to you to take the time out of working on your projects and letting the followers know what's up. But to modders such as Madin, you could done a hell of a lot better with the Red Alert mod for Tiberium Wars and make full versions and put effort into them then releasing two demos that are jack crap. When a modder makes a cheap mod or makes a beta, it's like us, the players, in a food joint, and we pay $40 for a meal that pretty much doesn't give us our money's worth, if you know what I mean. I know that many of you have jobs and that, but if you insist on betas, make a beta that is worth the time invested that you put it to the project. And you never know, users could say really good stuff about your projects if you cut the demos out of it.

One thing that I do love is the unofficial patches for the games. For example, to all the Kane's Wrath players and modders, you know officially EA patched KW to 1.02, but yet sometimes the game still had bugs and glitches. The modders and the helpers who make the unofficial patches end up making the game a whole lot better. For example, Kane's Wrath. There is a 1.02 bugfixes unofficial patch, called 1.02+, and then there's a 1.03 patch that is unofficial, but brings balance to the game. So, to the staff at Moddb, to the modders, and to the players. My suggestion is to start listing more unofficial patches, and to get rid of demos, and to make betas that actually put a lot of hard work and time. And for the Kane's Wrath players and modders, if you don't check out the unofficial 1.02+ bugfixes patch and the 1.03 balance patch, you're missing a bit of awesomeness.

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