Welcome to the 'Front...this is BF1942, only better. With over 200 vehicles and 75+ weapons to choose from, on over 85 different WWII battlegrounds (all with Single Player mode), Warfront brings realism and gameplay together to immerse the player in a unique WWII experience.

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Patch 3.4 Released!

News 5 comments

WarFront 3.4 Patch Release

Merry Christmas from the 'Front! I hope you all enjoy this holiday release of my mod :) Here are a few pics of some of the new toys you will find on the battlefield...

M4A3E8 ("Easy 8")


M4A3 with T34 Rocket System ("Calliope")


He-111 with an SC1000 bomb




ho229 2

Horch 108 Typ 1A


...also with mounted MG


P-38 J Lightning


Opel Blitz, AA version


Nakajima A6M2-N ("Rufe")



Sd.Kfz. 234/2 ("Puma")


Me-262 with W.Gr. 21 rockets

me262 wgr21

P-47 vs. Me-262


Warfront 3.4 Patch Changelog

This is an incremental patch.

The following files are needed for this patch to work correctly:

Warfront v3.1 Full


You can download them here:


Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite or replace files if prompted.

Bug Fixes:
Increased Japanese ticket ratio, decreased Japanese ticket bleed speed on Pearl Harbor
Adjusted Type 99 Mine AI settings
Fixed Coastal Gun AI error
Fixed e_Scrap47mm code error
Fixed Yamato AA gun positions
Fixed collision issue with M3A1 Halftrack door
Fixed material IDs on RP-3 rocket
Fixed camera position on Il-2M
Fixed camera position on Stationary Bren
Fixed texture issue with M4A1 Sherman
Fixed texture issue with M4A3 Sherman
Added missing SdkFz 251 desert skin

General Changes:
Added A6M2 to mod (carrier-based only)
Added A6M2-N "Rufe" to mod
Added Lockheed P-38 to mod
Added BF-109 G6 to mod
Added HO-229 to mod
Added SC1000 bomb to mod (available on HE-111)
Added Werfer-Granate 21 to mod (unguided rocket system, available on ME-262 & BF-109 G6)
Added Pak43 to mod
Added Fiat L6/40 to mod
Added Horch 108 Type 1A to mod
Added Opel Blitz AA version to mod
Added Sd.Kfz .234/2 to mod
Added M4A3E8 (HVSS) "Easy 8" to mod
Added M4A3 with T34 Rocket System ("Calliope") to mod
Added more detail to M4A2 mesh
Remodeled M4A2 wreck mesh
Remodeled SdKFz 251 wreck mesh

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Sector 318 (conversion of a Forgotten Hope map, by ArminAce) - 128 player SP
Alpenfestung (conversion of a Forgotten Hope map, by ArminAce) - 128 player SP
Battle Of Makin (conversion of a Forgotten Hope map, by RogueHunter) - 128 player SP
Battle Of Aachen (conversion of an XWW2 map, AI by mschoeldgen) - 64 player SP

Hope y'all enjoy this release!


Patch 3.4 Content Continued...

Patch 3.4 Content Continued...

News 2 comments

Another glimpse of some of the new content from the 3.4 Patch.

Patch 3.4 Content

Patch 3.4 Content

News 6 comments

Today I give you a sneak peek at the new and improved A6M2 mesh.

Warfront 3.3 Patch Release

Warfront 3.3 Patch Release

News 2 comments

The latest patch for the Warfront mod is now available.

Warfront 3.3 Patch Update

Warfront 3.3 Patch Update

News 4 comments

A small update on the 3.3 Patch for the Warfront mod!

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Warfront v3.4 Patch

Warfront v3.4 Patch

Patch 13 comments

Ring in the new year with this new patch release for Warfront!

WarFront 3.1 Full

WarFront 3.1 Full

Full Version 11 comments

The release of version 3.1 of Warfront is upon us!

WarFront 3.3

WarFront 3.3


*** Incremental patch v3.3 for the WarFront mod ***

Comments  (0 - 10 of 324)

It would be nice if there was a server in the mod
but it is a good mod
I'm downloading it today :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this anything like FH or FHSW or is it vanilla BF1942 with a bunch of new toys?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
bf_takiwa Creator

download it and see ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

hello tawika, it has been a while but wow! keep up the good work! all these new toys to play with! i love your mod! it is the best mod ever made for any game (sorry black mamba if you are reading this) would it be possible for you to merge this mod with the ironsight mod of BF reality, so that there was an option between using ironsight and normal? this mod really needs a map reversing the BOB so that the german player gets a chance to shoot at some bombers. ( i would create the map but i have no idea what kind of program i would need)
edit: I am severely disappointed to read that you may stop work on this mod. it is a really good one, and if it dies BF 1942 will not ever be the game it could be. unless of course, this mod is the pinnacle of acheivement already, which it might be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Pardon me, Mr. bf_takiwa.

I am sorry to annoy you at this time, but I have one question that I would like to ask you. That one question is this: Is there a chance that you could implement, from "Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon," the custom animations for the bolt-action and single-shot weapons that were made for this mod or imported into it from other mods? The reason I asked is because when I tested out the Reichsbahn map (I think that's the name of the map) on the Allied side, I selected the class that has the Springfield M1903 bolt-action rifle (NOT the sniper variant). Unfortunately, I saw that it does not show the bolt being cycled, like in "Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon," nor would it show, if I chose to reload the weapon, the reload animation that shows the player opening the bolt, inserting a fresh "stripper clip" into the rifle (or loading a new box magazine for certain bolt-action weapons), and then closing the bolt afterwards. Again, I apologize for asking such a lousy question and explaining the reason, but I felt that I needed to get it off my chest. Thank you for your time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a online to this mod I would like to play with others?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The one thing a don't like on some maps is the lack of some classes. And how Overpowered a rocket laucher can be used on a tank.

For example:
I was playing the Bf1942 map Battle of The Bulge and I could oneshot any tank I wanted with a Bazooka, and on other maps their is little to no Anti-tank class. So the enemy tanks can just drive on in.

That's about it, besides that I love how this mod keeps getting new and fantastic updates. Hardly any mods for this game get regular updates and you seem to be the most active developer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

JustMob the idea here is to make it realistic. having no anti-tank class gives the player a sense of how hard it would be to have an all infantry unit combat tanks. rocket launchers can be used on tanks. the calliope was a real weapon. (still is technically) though i would agree that the bazookas are a little OP. maybe make them only destroy with a rear shot tawika, or something like that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
bf_takiwa Creator

On the maps that do not have an AT class, there should still be an engineer class with mines (other other AT weapons), or there should be pickup kits. If not, please let me know which maps and I will fix this ASAP.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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wow! Keep up your work! True quality textures and models... Good Work my mate.

Sep 27 2017 by TomPL

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