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The latest patch for the Warfront mod is now available.

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The 3.51 Patch for Warfront is now available in the Downloads section.


WarFront_3.5_FULL is needed to play this mod.
This patch contains the WarFront_BOTCOUNTFIX files. This file will now be archived.

Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite/replace files when prompted.

Bug Fixes:
Removed ships from GuadalCanal in Single Player that were causing CTD
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Battle of Coral Sea after carrier is sunk
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Corregidor (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Battle For Ortona (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Budapest (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Santa Cruz (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed control flags on Corregidor (Japanese flag was represented as Russian)
Fixed vanilla Zero spawn on Santa Cruz (replaced with A6M3)
Fixed ammo type on K98 sniper rifle (can now reload magazines from ammobox)
Fixed ammo type for vehicle coaxial and hull MGs (can now reload MG magazines from ammobox)
Fixed missing ammo icon for IS-2 (122mm AP)
Fixed missing ammo icon for Ho-Ni (Type 90 HE)
Fixed missing ammo icons on Fletcher-class destroyers
Switched pilot kits on Khalkhin Gol (now spawns correct kits for correct teams)
Fixed alpha settings for M8 Greyhound cockpit view
Added new/missing vehicles to repair points
Fixed ammo reload for Japanese planes on Tinian airfield
Fixed torpedo launcher on Fletcher-class destroyers
Fixed missing 20mm Oerlikon sound
Fixed issue with players recieving damage from jumping on ships
Fixed error with torpedo AI code
Fixed reload animation for Type 100 SMG (magazine now detaches on reload)

General Changes:
Re-configured AI for Corregidor
Re-arranged spawns on Faid Pass:
-- Moved Allied airfield spawn to prevent bots from crashing on take-off
-- Moved Priest spawn to prevent explosion on spawn
-- Moved several player spawns to prevent bots from getting stuck on nearby meshes
Re-introduced flak explosion effect to all flak projectiles
New model of Yorktown class US Carrier (Enterprise, Hornet, Yorktown), based on BF1942 mesh
Increased loadout of Japanese planes on Pearl Harbor (for human pilots, so they don't need to reload as much):
-- Bomb loadout increased from 2 to 6
-- Torpedo loadout increased from 1 to 3
Reduced hit points on all Pearl Harbor objectives:
-- Hangars reduced from 8000 to 6000
-- Ships reduced from 12000 to 9000
Increased hit points of carriers on Coral Sea from 8500 to 15000
Increased splash damage material of Shokaku and Zuikaku to match American carriers
Spawn points modified on The Seige of Tobruk (Allied airfield spawns now attached to Allied Base)
Removed battleships from Battle of Midway

Pending Issues:
Bots on Santa Cruz still act erractically. I have pin-pointed the problem, but have not solved the issue yet.

New/Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer/Co-op mode):
Battle of Stalingrad (Warfront map by takiwa, with AI)
Expanded Invasion of the Philippines into 2 battles:
-- 41/12 Philippines Campaign - Japanese Navy attacks American bases
-- 44/10 Return of MacArthur - American Navy attacks Japanese bases


Impressive list :)

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