I'm not really a modder, but I realized how easy it is to mod GSB to make any space battle happen.
Nothing serious from me. Just inspiration to keep me going.

Anyway, I whipped up some ships, gave them weapons and blew them up. Well, actually the Soullion universe was based on a Sci-fi universe of mine and some others that I knew I never had time to write a book on. So I thought, heck, might turn some of them to life. The MOD is now called Fantasy Fleet 2. I've been adding more and more ships. It's just so mixed now.

I have finalized all ships and finishing up with scenarios and testing. This will be the final version.

Over 100 scenarios, including 60 Arena Challenges and bonus Challenges and Storyline Space Battles

The following 64 ships will be included:


Alliance Fighter (New)
Alliance Normandy SR-2 (New)
Alliance Cruiser (New)
Alliance Destiny Ascension (New)
Collector Ship (New)
Geth Dreadnought (New)
Geth Fighter (New)
Geth Frigate (New)
Reaper Harbinger (New)
Reaper Leviathan (New)
Reaper Destroyer (New)
Reaper Dreadnought (New)
Reaper Drone (New)
Reaper Sovereign (New)
Mass Relay (New)
Quarian Cruiser (New)
Quarian Dreadnought (New)
Turian Cruiser (New)
Turian Frigate (New)


Dragonov Adult (Revised)
Dragonov Baby (Revsed)
Cyraknid Predator (New)
Cyraknid Dreadnought (New)
Soullion Fighter (Same)
Soullion Bomber (Same)
Soullion Phoenix Fighter (Same)
Soullion Battery Gunship (Same)
Soullion Line Defender Frigate (New)
Soullion Missile Frigate (Revised)
Soullion Assault Frigate (New)
Soullion Destroyer (New)
Soullion Future Destroyer (New)
Soullion Super Phoenix (Same)
Soullion Carrier Excelsius (Revised)
Soullion Battlecruiser (Revised)
Soullion Super Battlecruiser (New)
Soullion Dreadnought Hammerhead Warhammer (Revised/New)
Soullion Dreadnought Hammerhead Lance (Revised/New)
Soullion Dreadnought Hammerhead Katana (Revised/New)


Big Core MK II (New)
Big Core MK III (New)
Big Core MK IV (New)
Big Core Rev 1.2 (New)
Big Core Tetran (New)
Big Covered Core MK II (New)
Death MK III (New)
Big Rolling Core II (New)
Blaster Cannon Core (New)


Arachnid Spore (New)
Arachnid Hive (New)
Arachnid Colony (New)
Fleet Corvette Carrier (New)
Fleet Dropship (New)
Fleet F-76 Thunderbolt (New)
Fleet Spacering (New)


Infected Ship 1 (New)
Infected Ship 2 (New)
The Thing (Revised)


(Elite ships ignores enemy shields and armor in this version)
Arwing Elite (Revised)
R-Type Blue Force (Same)
R-Type Red Force (Same)
R-Type Yellow Force (Revised)
R-Type Green Force (Same)
Vic Viper Type 1 (New)
Vic Viper Type 2 (New)
Vic Viper Type 3 (New)


Lexx (New)
Starcraft Battlecruiser (New)
Space Cruiser Yamato II (New)

TOTAL: 64 Ships

This will be my final version. I will no longer continue with this mod. Recommend GSB 1.59. But it should still run with previous versions. Please BACKUP your original copy of GSB just in case.

You also need to read "README FIRST" text file because it will instruct you how to install the pre-saved ships into your documents directory (don't worry, it won't override anything).

Also and always, please back up your original version before installing this mod.

Yes, there is a FANTASY FLEET 1 mod, but I am not the creator of that mod. It's not on MODDB either. You can try finding that mod on Google. The creator of that mod is HOPEFAST. His mod includes Startrek, Starwars, Babylon, SCY EDF.

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Fantasy Fleet 2.01 (Patch)

Fantasy Fleet 2.01 (Patch)

Patch 6 comments

This is a fix to some scenarios and module balances. Thanks for those who pointed it out for me. Needs Fantasy Fleet 2 mod first

Fantasy Fleet 2 (Mass Effect) NEW

Fantasy Fleet 2 (Mass Effect) NEW

Full Version 11 comments

FANTASY FLEET 2 Includes 6 universe factions: Mass Effect Soullion Federation Fleet Federation Gradius Cores The Thing Other things Includes over 100...

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Can you make this mod work with the steam version of GSB?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

does it work 4 the demo

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
vinhdao Creator

Hi, sorry for late reply. I do not think it will work. The requirements is listed in the description.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can you tell us what's the name of the music used in battle plz ? Great Mod Btw

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
vinhdao Creator

Hi. Thank you!~

Sorry for delay. I do not remember what music is used. But I remember one I used which is globus preliator and a techno music called Universe. The beginning music is from Teknoman English Version. Hope this help.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Does this work with 1.63?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vinhdao Creator

Hi, it should work for at least 1.5. I haven't tried with higher versions as I don't have those versions. Always make a backup just in case. It's been a while since I played mod. Been uber busy :(

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Got this great mod to work. However, after playing it for hours. I can't help but notice I can't place the Mass effect Gates nor the Moon defense platform from Starship troopers. Any ideas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vinhdao Creator

The only map I can think of is "battle of the cores" that you can put those monoliths in. thanks and hope you enjoyed my mod :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
vinhdao Creator

Ah, yeah those golianths lol. I forgot about how big they are and take a huge space to deploy. I made it so they were never intended to use for deployment only in AI scenarios. You can try to deploy them somewhere in survival scenarios. But it's been a while so don't know which ones.

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