Tiberium Dusk is a re-imagining of the Kane's Wrath universe in a way I feel better fits canon, as EA did a pretty poor job with the C&C franchise continuity from Tiberium Wars onwards. This mod doesn't change anything with regards to the story but helps add elements to the gameplay that "fill the gaps" and provide a more Tiberian Sun esque experience (including all its flaws and unbalances) and departs away from the Kane's Wrath RTS formula. Still a work in progress, I've made changes to the AI (buffed turtle AI and made brutals harder), made changes to "Militant Squads" which make them work with the timeline of the franchise, changed the "Nod" faction entirely with a new name, as Kane's Wrath "Nod" works more of a splinter faction rather than a true "Brotherhood"; with Marked of Kane being the new face of the faction. There are also numerous changes to GDI and Scrin, especially Reaper 17 and Steel Talons, which make them play significantly differently.

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Tiberium Dusk 1.24 - Brutal KW Release

Tiberium Dusk 1.24 - Brutal KW Release

Full Version 39 comments

Tiberium Dusk 1.24 - Brutal KW contains a new gore system, a new map, new units, large (existing) unit changes, a few new music tracks, new artwork ...

Tiberium Dusk 1.23 Release

Tiberium Dusk 1.23 Release

Full Version 14 comments

Release of Tiberium Dusk 1.23! Released earlier than I wanted, but still relatively complete; this is version 1.23 of the mod which contains many new...

Tiberium Dusk 1.22 Release

Tiberium Dusk 1.22 Release

Full Version 20 comments

The first actual release of Tiberium Dusk, a mod that's been in the work for almost a year now, which continues from an unreleased mod I made for Tiberium...

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