Amateur Modder, changes games around for fun and as a hobby.

Looking into developing my own simple games engine at some point to release games on Steam, probably raycasted 3D games or BSP (assuming I can get that working).

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Hi man, I really liked your mod, but I do have some feedback for marked of kane.
The new phantom artillery don't seem to be able to work with the shadow squads drop beacon ability. In addition, the phantom artillery is so inaccurate that it is a bad idea to use for base defences. I have lost structures due to the friendly fire from my own phantom artillery. When deployed, the phantom artillery also cannot be mass selected. I humbly request the return of the specter to marked of kane faction. If the accuracy problem could be fixed, a deploy mode + old fashioned specter rolled into one would be amazing.

Second, on squad numbers. The shadows and the cyborg infantry tend to lose units, with no way to recoup their numbers. GDI can heal their squads unit numbers with the armoury, but nod has no such option. It would be nice if the squad count for both of these units could be reduced to one. It would mean the healing from max rank can restore these units to top health.

Third on shadow tanks. The shadow tanks feel squishier than before against both the reaper 17 and the steel talons basic tank units. I am not sure if its the higher damage from those units, or lowered armor on the shadow tanks, but it would be nice if the shadow tanks fired fewer rockets per salvo with higher damage per rocket so as to reduce the response time window and maybe have fewer retaliatory shots hit them. 3 rockets would be great because its still a salvo.

Fourth on the cyborg commando. His rocket looks goofy, it deals low damage, and he takes way too much damage from tanks. Also, he is missing his advertized emp ability. Giving him back his beam is aesthetically nice, but remember the original cyborg commando fired a blob of green plasma. Oh well. Lowering his fire rate but increasing the damage would be a good way to make him weak against large groups, but strong in 1v1 battles. Also, is the cyborg commando supposed to be marked of kane's answer to ultimate walkers? Because right now, they don't have a definitive counter to an eradicator marv, or redeemer.

Fifth on marked of kane. Can we get that suicide truck? :D

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Burakkuhāto Creator

Hi mate, I'm looking to make some of the changes (already have some of them) you suggested in your other comment on the mod download. :3

With the squad numbers part, I figure all factions could use their infantry structure as a "healing" structure. I'll see about implementing that.

The Stealth Tanks are the unit that I've yet to change. I want to give them (like the other factions) a "classic" feel. The Tiberian Dawn / Tiberian Sun Stealth tanks were both pretty good. I'll get around to this when I can, and see what I can work up. :)

Cyborg Commando is an absolute monster now. Go to the latest video / news article and go to the timestamp 7:34... you can see how he works now there. xP

PS. if you like the Tiberian Sun era of games, I'm currently implementing the Nod Banshee for Marked of Kane too. Its gonna be different to the Vertigo, fast, non-stealthed; with a plasma cannon that fires 3 shots. ^^

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