Geralt lands on the island of convicts in search for Jaskier. Jaskier has been sentenced to serve a week on the prison island as ordered by Count Jagna, after he cheated on her the day after having professed his love. It has been nearly a month since Jaskier was supposed to return to the mainland after serving the week in the Island’s prison, thus Geralt decides to go and look for Jaskier. The Player learns about the points of interest on the island, and decides to speak to people in the town located in the northern part of the island where he finds clues of Jaskier’s whereabouts and learns about the story of the island and its inhabitants.
You can download the mod at:

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You can download the mod at

Hey, I’ve finished it again and must say you made the story fantastic with a great setting. That island was fun to explore. Most of the people were either scared by the guards, trying to leave, or plain drunk to not care/notice which would be their choosing seeing that it used to be a prison. Although it looks great, the atmosphere to live there would drive people crazy, seeing there is little chance of getting off. 2 years he said, soup lady must be patient, but she kind of has the best view in the island. The end was unexpected, I was oiling up my blade when the drunken fool comes a knocking. Great ending, “hic”. The story has Gerald releasing these burden people from the guards, while finding his lost friend. Some funny moments you included were great, the fat joke in particular, then the guard at the beginning, he was fun.
by: Vela4331

More details available on my personal site!!

unknownproject - - 3 comments


A direct download link from the old redkit website:

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Hazzardevil - - 44 comments

Is there somewhere else to download this from now that the forum post is gone?

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LithTechGuru - - 418 comments

Unfortunately this mod is now lost media due to CDPR's Redkit website going down.

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