Kingdoms of Arda

is a Singleplayer & Multiplayer total conversion of Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, that brings the world of Tolkien into the game. This includes: characters, locations, weapons etc. from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Silmarillion and other works by Tolkien and media made for his universe.

Planned Features:

  • Middle Earth Campaign Map
  • Multiplayer
  • Story Mode: Play as your favourite characters in scenes from the books and films
  • Many New Factions 35+
  • Custom Map Icons & Custom Scenes
  • Known Lords and Characters from LOTR, The Hobbit and other works of Tolkien
  • New playable races: Elves, Dwarves, Dúnedain, Orcs, Hobbits, Goblins, Uruks
  • New creatures: Trolls, Ents, Mumakils, Wargs and many more
  • New Music and Audio
  • Many New Troop Trees and Mercenaries
  • New Weapons, Armours and Mounts
  • LOTR related Banners
  • New Companions
  • New Quests
  • Custom LOTR locations
  • New siege equipment
  • Many new features not seen in the native game

As the game is not out yet we have no way to exactly know how moddable the game will be. Therefore this list is subject to change.


For a more detailed look at the map take a look at the Factions article.

Support Luke Martins on @patreon.

Kind Regards - The Kingdoms of Arda Team

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Despite the relative silence over the past months, we are quite active.


The musicians are making plenty of progress. Here is a few samples of their work:

The main theme of Kingdoms of Arda, made by Arktos.

Under the Banner of the White Tree, by Martin Renner.

The Men of the West, also made by Arktos.

Thanks to Martin and Arktos, Kingdoms of Arda will have a soundtrack worthy of Mordor! Without it the mod would not have the proper feeling of a LotR mod.


In Kingdoms of Arda we plan on expanding Bannerlord's Clan features to represent the fiefdoms in GRIM(Gondor, Rohan, Isengard, Mordor).


Here are the planned fiefdoms for the GRIM factions. Icons and map courtesy of SimonJW

Each fiefdom will have a leader, which all of the parties of the fiefdom will follow. The military leader of the faction might call on fiefdoms to follow them in a larger campaign. For example Boromir the Captain-General of Gondor can call upon fiefdoms like Lossarnach to bolster the main army's numbers. Fiefdoms will also get a unique troop to bolster their armies. Armies are made up of the faction's milita and elite troop trees, along with the relevant fiefdom troop. Erkenbrand as the Lord of Westfold, would use troops from the Peasant, Noble, and Westfold troop trees(seen below). Isengard's fiefdoms will be unique, as its legions are all out of Isengard instead of their own land.



Anorien - The royal demesne of Gondor, led by Boromir its unique are the Tower Guard, made up of some of the best infantry in Gondor.

Ithilien - Overrun by orcs, Faramir and his captains lead elite rangers in guerrilla warfare against Mordor and its allies.

Lossarnach - The Lord of Lossarnach Forlong brings heavy shock infantry with axes to the battlefield.

Lebennin - Orodreth's fiefdom specializes in naval warfare with the Pelargir Marines. The Lebennin troops from the mainland bring a skirmishing aspect to Gondor's heavy infantry.

Belfalas - Home of the Swan Knights and Prince Imrahil. Featuring some of the heaviest and effective cavalry in Middle Earth.

Lamedon - Angbor of Calembel leads foot knights specialized in dueling with great swords.

Morthond - Duinhir and the soldiers of Mornan are adept with the bow, with archers and heavier infantry both effective at range.

Pinnath Gelin - Hirluin's fiefdom is one of the least wealthy, but their troops are hardy and quickly trained into effective soldiers.

Anfalas - This coastal fiefdom will have unique naval troops and ships because of constant threat of corsairs. Its lord, Golasgil, has no specialized land troops available.


Folde - Ruling from the Golden Hall, Theoden brings the Royal Guard, Rohan's best cavalry.

Westfold - From the Hornburg Erkenbrand brings lancers and Helmingas, a troop specialized in foot combat, skilled in both archery and melee combat.

Eastfold - From the Eastfold Rohan draws their best horse archers, well armoured and equipped, they can devastate armies from afar.

West-March - Having a strict focus on infantry, the sturdy troops of the West-March will be the first wall to stop the tide of the Orcs of Isengard.

The Wold - The Riders of the Wold are light skirmishing cavalry. Their training, steeds, and light equipment makes them some of the fastest riders in Middle Earth.


Storm Legion - The first legion has the standard Uruk-Hai soldiers and berserkers.

Orthanc Legion - The second legion has Orthanc Guard, elite Dunlendings, alongside their heavy Uruk-Hai.

Pavise Legion - The last legion(in dire need of a new name), has Uruk-Hai drilled in formations with their broad pavise shields, becoming impervious to straight on missile fire.

Scouts - Lurtz and the Uruk-Hai scouts have lighter equipped soldiers better suited to skirmishing.

Warg Riders - The orcs of the White Hand make up the entirety of Isengard's cavalry force, focused entirely on riding their wargs into battle, letting the Uruk-Hai make up a more formidable mainline.


Gorgoroth - In Barad-Dur are the orcs fiercest, the Black Uruks. Sauron also commands more fearsome servants from the Dark Tower, the Black Numenoreans are Sauron's most effective troops,

Morgul Vale - The Witch King brings forth foul Morgul Orcs and his own retinue of Black Numenoreans.

Morgai - Orcs from the western mountains of Mordor. They are equipped with large armour piercing javelins, capable of unleash great damage into ranks if they are left unchecked.

Udun - Uruks of Udun are tasked with the defence of the Morannon, so are trained to be long ranged and accurate archers.

Nurn - Being the only somewhat fertile place of Mordor, wargs are available, providing some much needed cavalry to Mordor's legions.

Gaer Durlith - The smiths of Gaer Durlith equip Olog-Hai with heavier armour and shields, giving trolls a new dynamic with a defence against their biggest weakness: projectiles.

Unit Concepts

Thanks to our 2D artists we get to design our units before they are put to 3D, here is some of their recent work:



Assorted Dol Amroth designs from Roman. Swan Knights will be receiving updated graphics based on what is seen here. And other assets are to be made, such as Imrahil, foot knights and mid/low tier Amrothian troops.

egg y mm

A Black Numenorean design, also designed by Roman. The Black Numenoreans have been a work in progress design for a long time, but this concept will help finalize them.

The Wold Rider

Riders of the Wold, a concept done by BLBoca. Finally some more work done on everyone's favourite horselords! We will be seeing more from Rohan this year, as they are our least developed faction.

Kingdoms of Arda Blackroot Vale

Concept for warriors of the Blackroot Vale by JoshuaF. This is the first work being done on the fiefdom, so it isn't entirely set in stone, but is definitely the theme we are aiming for.

Lossanrarch redesign 02

A Lossarnach redesign by SimonJW. We felt the previous design ( ) while being a great design in itself, did not fulfill the aesthetics of a Gondorian unit. Now they belong in Gondor's battleline!

KoA Isengard Orthanc Guard 02 sm

The Orthanc Guard by SimonJW. Equipped with modified Uruk-Hai equipment, these Dunlendings are the ones Saruman trusts to protect the Orthanc.

Troop Trees

You will have to view in a new tab:






isengard 1


mordor 1

These troops trees are still work in progress and likely still much different to what we will finally implement into Bannerlord, changes are still being made, so suggestions are welcome.

If you have any comments feel free to leave them down below, or come join the community in the discord:

KoA's Music Devblog 5 - Orchestral Instruments

KoA's Music Devblog 5 - Orchestral Instruments


Taking a look at the virtual orchestra and instruments featured in Kingdoms of Arda's soundtrack.

KoA's Music Dev Blog 4

KoA's Music Dev Blog 4

News 3 comments

Part 2 of Blog Nr.3 was cancelled. To make up for this misery I publish two mainthemes in full length.

Story Mode

Story Mode

News 21 comments

Over the last year we have brainstormed a new gamemode for KoA - Story Mode. After much delay we have managed to put together an informational article...

KoA's Music Dev Blog 3

KoA's Music Dev Blog 3

News 2 comments

Welcome to the third blog about the music of Kingdoms Of Arda, this time with a video showing what I promised to do. The general approach software wise...

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Will the Shire and Breeland have a serious army that can actually defend or even attack the orcs, and if so will they have a hobbit troop tree that includes some decently elite units? It would be awesome to conquer Eriador with an army of hobbits at my back, since most mods and games don't bother to add any hobbit troops.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nicrlaitheking Creator

As far as I know the Shire & Breeland will be very defensive and no elite hobbit units. However you can reforge Arnor, which surely would unlock some elite units.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

If this mod was an official DLC I would pay any price for it. This will be a legendary mod and the work you are doing is unmatched. I thank you for your efforts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
John.M Creator

Thanks for the support!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Awesome work! The concept art looks gorgeous, the music sounds amazing and the troop trees look very ambitious. Are there any plans for architecture development? I can imagine maybe some vanilla assets can be re purposed/adapted for some of the human settlements, especially the villages but for the cities I imagine you'll need a lot of custom assets and planning ahead of time. Are there also enough villages and cities described/mentioned in lore to fill up the map or are you making some up as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
John.M Creator

We do have plans for architecture, and some things are in development right now.
As you say we will need a lot of new props. We want to have a lot of scene assets ready when the game releases so our sceners can start working on settlements right away.
We are making some settlements up/using other fictions for inspiration, like MERP, which has an expansive map we use.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well this is just excellent to see! Also do you think Steeljaw legion would work as each shield would be a tooth in the hungry jaws of the uruks? Eh. Otherwise I love the troop tree's which capture each factions idea behind warfare perfectly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
John.M Creator

I feel like steeljaw doesn't really capture the special unit's focus. The pavise uruks will be more of a defensive unit, steel jaw sounds aggressive :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

What will the recruitment system be like? Would it be similar to TLD, or to Native, I saw on the Factions Revamped News that they're villages in Mordor, but do you know how that would work if Gondor took it over?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
John.M Creator

Kinda similar to both, but with our own touches. Bannerlord's recruitment:

We will use the system already in place, the main difference is what troops are available. All factions will have a militia troop, which is the weakest but most abundant and cheapest. They will be available everywhere. Then all factions will have an elite unit, they will be available in every castle and city. They will start off locked, like Salea from that image. You will have to build relation to unlock these troops. Lastly are the fiefdom units, they will be restricted to only the settlements inside their fiefdom. Some fiefdom troops will require a city, some only need villages. Swan Knights will only come from Dol Amroth itself, but a Pinnath Gelin recruit can come from their villages. The fiefdom troops are also locked like the elite units.
Not entirely concrete on what happens when a faction takes over a foreign settlement, but I think that faction will have the ability of building infrastructure that allows recruitment. So if Mordor conquers Gondorian settlements, they can build orc pits or something to start getting recruits.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Are there going there going to be household troop for certain towns only available for the lords of town, for example Barad-dur?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
John.M Creator

I don't think the troops unique to single towns will be restricted to the lords owning said town.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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