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PROJECT ROADMAP (Click on the image to open it in the full size)

The modification will include:
- 11 unique factions with variative gameplay
- many new heroes and spells from different Eras
- new maps that reproduce familiar locations from the TES universe
- Single-player campaign telling about the events of the Great War

Playable factions:
- Empire
- Aldmeri Dominion
- Nords
- Morrowind
- Daedra
- Redguards
- The Undead
- Bretons
- Argonians
- Orcs
- Reachmen


Q: What is TES: the Battle for Tamriel?

A: This is a mod for The Battle for Middle-Earth II: The Rise of the Witch-King.

Q: What version of the game is the mod for?
А: For version 2.02 v. 8.3.0 (English).

Q: Why 2.02 and not 2.01?
2.02 is most convenient way to play the game so far. It is also the most popular version of ROTWK for now.

Q: How many playable factions will be in the mod?
A: We plan to add 11 factions. As far as we know, it is the game's restricted limit.

Q: What factions will appear in the mod?
A: Empire, Dominion, Nords, Morrowind, Daedra, Undead, Redguards, Bretons, Argonians, Orcs, Reachmen. Right in this order.

Q: Why are there no Khajiit and Bosmer?
A: The Khajiit and Bosmer will be part of the Dominion. We will explain everything in detail about this faction soon.

Q: What about the release date?
A: It is TBD, but development is going very well. We want to start with beta which will include two factions (Empire and Dominion), and then version 1.0, where Nords and Morrowind will be added. Further we plan to release one faction per version.

Q: How can I help the mod?
A: We are used to working together in pair. Also, BFME engine is very user-friendly, especially in terms of testing changes. In the future, however, the help of mappers, as well as the help of translators into other languages, may be very useful to us. But if you like our mods, you can support us via Patreon

Q: Once again, what language is the mod developing in?
A: The development of the mod is carried out entirely in English (okay, we still speak Russian between each other).

Q: Will the single-player campaign be introduced?
A: We want to add a campaign telling about the events of the Great War, but we cannot say for sure in which version it will appear.

Q: What about the War of the Ring counterpart and Custom Heroes?
A: We don't know yet.

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RSS Articles

Hey everyone!
Today we are eager to finally announce that first beta of The Elder Scrolls: The Battle for Tamriel will be released in 27th June 2021!

This first beta will include:
- Two playable factions: Aldmeri Dominion and Cyrodiil Empire with roughly 30 new units and 20 heroes from TES Lore
- Around 20 new custom maps, presenting the lands of Cyrodiil, Summerset, Valenwood and Elsweyr
-Reworked UI, FX and Sounds to fit The Elder Scrolls style

Both factions will be fully playable, with all units, heroes, buildings and abilities working as it was intended. However, as this is not the full release, some things may still be WIP, such as unit and heroes balance, effects and sounds, but the playability is 100% guaranteed by lots of our internal tests.

We hope that you will enjoy our mod and looking forward for upcoming release. You can join our Discord server to discuss both Battle for Tamriel and our first mod - The Elder Scrolls: Total War. You can also support us on Patreon, to get early access to some features of the mods and sneak peeks to development process.

Here are some gameplay screenshots:

game 2021 06 02 18 00 51 05

Empire: Might of Cyrodiil

Empire: Might of Cyrodiil


Some insights on Imperial spellbook in upcoming beta version of the mod.

Battle for Tamriel: Introducing Empire

Battle for Tamriel: Introducing Empire

News 8 comments

Our first big article about one of the factions appearing in mod's first beta - Cyrodiil Empire...

Aldmeri Dominion: Magic of Aurbis

Aldmeri Dominion: Magic of Aurbis


In this article we will cover everything about Aldmeri Dominion's spellbook

Battle for Tamriel: Introducing Dominion

Battle for Tamriel: Introducing Dominion

Feature 6 comments

Our second big article, telling about army, structures and heroes of Empire's great nemesis - Aldmeri Dominion.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 49)

I see this mods coming along nicely. Great to see! Though, I express some surprise at an Elder Scrolls mod for BfME; what inspired you to create this? An RPG game series converted into a RTS mod, its very intriguing.

Will Giants and Mammoth somehow appear in the Nord faction by any chance?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LoRdNazgu1 Creator

What inspired us?
Well... we love TES and we love LOTR (and Battle for Middle-Earth). We made our first mod The Elder Scrolls: Total War for same reason.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
DaedraWarrior Creator

You will laugh, but both giants and mammoth will appear in Skyrim faction

Reply Good karma+3 votes

And the Dwemer? Will they just be creeps, or be a full fledged faction?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DaedraWarrior Creator

Where will be some Dwemer creeps, plus Numidium will be summonable in Empire spellbook, but Dwemer by no means will be standalone faction. You can have only 11 factions in BFME and we don't plan to waste it on Dwemer

Reply Good karma+3 votes

А как скачать мод

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DaedraWarrior Creator

он еще не готов

Reply Good karma+1 vote

release it and iiiiiiiiiieeeeee will alwayyyyys loooooveeeee youuuuu....
yes, baby.. you .. my darling you ..
I love you all team

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will Heroe Creation still be a thing in this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DaedraWarrior Creator

Depends. Our priority is skirmish\multiplayer -> campaign -> WOTR analog -> custom heroes. It's because of upgrade limits and CAH's rely on upgrades heavily

Reply Good karma+3 votes

That's the right way to do it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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