• Extensive class system, with a standard starting class, and an upgrade class to match
  • 540 custom items. Guns, armors, tools, foods, medicines, resources, and so much more
  • 130+ Custom Blocks
  • 550+ Custom Recipes, including new ones and different variations to old ones, for better variety
  • Special weapon types, equipped with things like poison, stun, bleeding, burning, and more
  • Working appliances, like Ovens and Sinks, used to cook without heatmaps or acquire water straight from a tap
  • Machines used to harvest raw materials and metals, like feathers, meats, hides, ores, and more
  • Custom workstations that expand the variety in smelting and crafting
  • Exotic, one of a kind weapons, tools, armors, and items
  • Extended farming. Use bonepowder to enhance your plants and harvest more crops
  • Over a dozen new plants and seeds for expanded farming
  • Drugs and a new wellness system. Use drugs for a boost, but suffer addiction if you abuse!
  • New traps, like paralyzing and damage blocks, as well as breakaway nets for deadly pits
  • Various metal types that range below and beyond Tungsten for end-game goals
  • Tougher, faster, and stronger zombies, including a rare, mutated runner unaffected by the sun
  • 3 Terrifying Zombie Boss types, each equipped with loot worth taking a risk for
  • Completely redistributed loot table, tailored to fit the experience for SteelMod
  • Custom icons for added immersion

Here’s a look at the Primary Jobs available for SteelMod:

  • Gunsmith – Responsible for assembly of the gun parts and bullets, as well as able to craft some weapons exclusively
  • Craftsman – Smelts metals needed to make tools, armor, and more
  • Doctor – Creates the medicines needed to survive comfortably
  • Farmer – Able to reproduce crops and assemble rifles
  • Cook – Prepares exquisite meals for boosts, better aid, and fullness
  • Carpenter – Builds extra strong blocks capable of withstanding hordes
  • Mercenary – The gun for hire. Able to craft exclusive, custom weapons, armors, and tools for an upper hand
  • Technician – Capable of producing technologies and machines to make life easier, and make farming while away from base possible
  • Survivalist – Ideal for the nomad. Can create items mainly from raw, natural resources in order to survive
  • Merchant – The general trader. A miscellaneous class that can craft both very essential and non-essential items, such as drinks, smell-free foods, home decor, and more

The Secondary Jobs are used in correspondence with the Primary Jobs. They are basically upgraded versions of the previous recipes, with new, more advanced recipes added.

And if you thought we were through, we at Steel Marauders have also tailored our experience to fit perfectly with the mod itself. If you choose to play on Steel Marauders RPG Server, you get:

  • A friendly, adult community with engaging players, longtime fans of both digital and tabletop RPG’s.
  • A center city hub to meet with people, partake in events, trade, shop, and more
  • Changelog notes of what’s to come to SteelMod updated frequently
  • Dedicated TeamSpeak3 server with private rooms for your groups
  • Custom events and quests, with rewards and possible branch off to campaigns
  • Clan giveaways!
  • Huge database of extensive knowledge on the universe created by Steel Marauders, like Factions, Locations, Events, Player Colonies, Rivalries, War Periods, and all sorts of neat stuff to add to the roleplaying experience
  • Community discussions on what we can add to make it better, providing critical feedback that changes and shapes this mod into an even better creation each build.

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SteelMod The RPG Overhaul Mod

Updated For Alpha 15!

Whats New


Class Questing

We have added a questing system to the classes now. What this means is when you spawn into your world, you will start with a main class book. From there, you will craft it into one of the ten classes, then read the class quest sheet to begin your journey to mastery.

the block of text from Noah upon first spawn has been altered to guide you on your first steps through SteelMod, so please read it as to not miss out on what to do.


The custom items have been added to the economy with the new addition of vending machines and traders. Now, any player without a certain class can buy class specific items at the seller's discretion. Build, or break, your server economy!

Mod Merger

With the release of SteelMod v6, we no longer have to rely on the "Single Player" and "Co/op Server" versions. Questing for your jobs makes it single player and co/op friendly! Host it on a server, or play it with your best bud, it will run just as it should.

SteelMod v6: Class Overhaul Update


Here are the official notes to summarize all changes for SteelMod v6:

  • Old system of classes has been changed : Player can choose any class starting at level 1, then choose a 2nd and 3rd class at level 50 and 100 for a total of 3 class over the 10 available.
  • You can choose the same class 2 times, But don't do that! Classes do not change depending on the level you choose it from.
  • The names of the 10 class that are available are (in order) : Craftsman, Gunsmith, Mercenary, Chef, Engineer, Survivalist, Doctor, Carpenter, Merchant, Farmer.
  • Similar classes that follow each other in previous mod versions (Gunsmith => Arms dealer, Craftsman => blacksmith ...) are now merged.
  • Added Bolt, Wire, & Electronic Scrap to small & large TV, as well as fallen TV's
  • Increased Bolt & Wire count in Control Panels
  • Added Bolt & Spring to Oven
  • Added Steel Filter to Granite Sink Harvest
  • Added Fire AK47 & Bullet
  • Added 4 new arrow types: Poison Arrow, Exploding Arrow, Crippling Arrow, & Serrated Arrow
  • Added Taser Gun & Cartridge

Fireak47 BasicHydroponicStation BasicSlotMachine

  • Added Bullet Press workstation
  • Fixed Shock Baton
  • Added Recipes for Fire AK47 & Bullet
  • Added Gas Cartridge to Junk & Working Stiffs loot
  • Changed Jet Injector recipe to require Gas Cartridge
  • Added Tungsten Machete & Bat
  • Increased Feral Spider health to 1000
  • Increased Screamer Boss Health to 800
  • Removed Stealth & Ninja gear set
  • Slightly decreased spawn rate of all bosses
  • Adjusted loot for zombie bosses
  • Decreased zombie runner boss entity damage to 15
  • Fixed Hunting Bow not firing correctly
  • Increased Joint wellness gain to 0.7
  • Added food scraps to Cooler & Rotten Food loot
  • Decreased zombie cop & zombie dog spawn rate
  • Added Hybrid Weapon System requirement for elemental firearms
  • Added Hybrid Weapon System to Munitions Box loot
  • Adjusted Supply Crate loot for better output
  • Reduced degradation rate for all gun parts

BulletPress WeaponBench BasicLootCache

  • Removed Anaconda
  • Added Weapon Bench workstation for part and gun assembly
  • Added voucher recipe for ElectronicScrap, Wire, and Bolt
  • Added Hydroponic Station for indoor Marijuana Growth (use Marijuana Sprout to begin growing)
  • Added Casino Coin to Voucher recipe (2:1 ratio)
  • Integrated SMX UI to SteelMod with requested permission from Sirillion
  • Added Hydroponic Station lootgroup to loot.xml
  • Added Steel Calipers, Powder Measure, and Priming Tool as required items to build Bullet Press
  • Added Grow Tubes, Water Pump, and PVC Pipe as required items to build Hydroponic Station
  • Modified Gunsmith Class Quests
  • Modified Mercenary Class Quests
  • Modified Doctor Class Quests
  • Modified Survivalist Class Quests
  • Removed all Colonist and Marauder Armor
  • Finished all localization.txt for custom items and blocks
  • Added Slot Machine. Place 25 Casino Coins in for a random amount back
  • Added Loot Cache. Use Decryption Key to open for random high value loot
  • Added Hydroponic Book. Loot to learn how to craft Hydroponic Stations
  • Reduced zombie cop spawning
  • Added fishing (Thanks Carlzilla!)

  • Slightly increased exp required to level miscellaneous crafting
  • Added 2 new perks: Money Smith and Mephisto
  • Even more loot balancing
  • Added Steel Calipers, Priming Tool, and Powder Measure to Shotgun Messiah loot group
  • Moved all tools, armors, and melee weapons made by the Craftsman to the Workbench. This will
  • reduce lag and make the Workbench useful again. If the next version of the game is more stable,
  • more recipes will go into the table, making it universal.
  • Added Steel Calipers, Priming Tool, and Powder Measure localization descriptions
  • Removed Electronic Scrap since it has been added as a vanilla item
  • Removed Hops and Hop Seed since it has been added as a vanilla item
  • Adjusted Recipes that required Electronic Scrap

SteelMod v6: Class Overhaul Update


*The economy for custom items is an early implementation, and we are already working on 6.1 to make any necessary adjustments to prices. Please feel free to leave any odd pricing finds on our forums in the Bug Section.

- The merchants will be able to sell the custom items in v6.1, as we work on adjustments to economy and add to the trader.xml.

- Please report any issues or bugs on here, or message redwolf directly.

- It is known that you receive a "NullRefException" error upon exiting servers. everyone must have the XUI folder and xui.xml, along with the localization.txt and localization-quests.txt installed on their end, otherwise the mod won't work the way you want it. Unfortunately at this time, there is no fix for this, it is just how the game is.

SteelMod v5.4 Is Live!

SteelMod v5.4 Is Live!

News 2 comments

A patch that addresses some issues with craftable items, as well as getting around to something special...

SteelMod v5.3 Hotfix Is Live

SteelMod v5.3 Hotfix Is Live


A small but essential fix to correct spelling errors in the class books and add the remaining icons

SteelMod v5.1 Out Now

SteelMod v5.1 Out Now


An essential patch that fixes various missing items, balances boss loot and strength, and adds a few additional goods

SteelMod v5 Released

SteelMod v5 Released


Packed with tons of exciting new items, weapons, zombies and recipes, v5 hits the streets!

RSS Files
SteelMod v6: Class Overhaul Update

SteelMod v6: Class Overhaul Update

Full Version 6 comments

New: Quest for your recipes in order to master your trade! New workstations, weapons, balances, and more!

SteelMod v5.4 Is Live!

SteelMod v5.4 Is Live!

Patch 2 comments

A patch that fixes a handful of issues with crafting items, as well as adding better balance to loot on special items, and something special for the medics...

SteelMod v5.3 Hotfix

SteelMod v5.3 Hotfix


(Comptaible with A14.7) A hotfix addressing some spelling errors in the loot books and added the remaining missing custom icons.

SteelMod v5.1

SteelMod v5.1

Patch 2 comments

(UPDATED FOR A14.6) A patch containing various fixes to animal harvesting, loot boss balance, added recipes, and more.

SteelMod v5

SteelMod v5

Full Version

Packed with tons of exciting new items, weapons, zombies and recipes, v5 hits the streets!

SteelMod v4.1

SteelMod v4.1

Patch 2 comments

This version is a major balance update that focuses primarily on fixing exp distribution in progression.xml, and adds the first set of working machines.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 97)

does this work on A16.4 or will there be a update please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i have a problem i cant seem to craft water from snow.
and there is another problem where if i eat any type of meat it wont do anything but the meat disappears.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I got an error when i complete tutorial my mouse just disappears i dont know if this has to do anything with mod but i cant play without it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Liking the mod a lot so far but is there a list or something anywhere of what classes get what recipes? the class list in the summary has an ok description that we can kind of guess what class certain recipes fall under but we'd like to know for sure. For instance, i'm construction and my buddy is carpentry yet neither of us can make nails, we're guessing nails are part of the technician job but thats all we can do is guess right now. that's just one example of many that we've come across and aren't sure about. Being that we only like to play with eachother, max people we have playing is three of us, we'd like to be smart about class choices so we can actually do the things we want to do without waiting till all 3 of us hit 100 to snap up almost all the classes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedW0lf Creator

Feel free to add me on Steam, I can help you out with what ever issue you may be having.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi, so I threw all the files in, loaded the game, loaded a save game, and all the UI is big ****** question marks. So I loaded a new game, figured **** maybe it'll fix it maybe not. It did not. I checked and the SMX folder is there and I previewed all the pics, they are there, just not loading in. Any idea why?

Edit: running the game from steam and not SDTD Editor seems to have loaded the UI.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedW0lf Creator

Yeah the UI is EAC compatible so it's best to run it from the steam.exe instead. Sorry for the late reply

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looking at all the pics, even if the mod is working I don<t get the nice new interface and inventory and i dont know why....

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
RedW0lf Creator

The screenshots above? Sorry, those are screens from alpha 8 or 9, very old. You'll need the XUI folder and xui.xml on your end (if on a server) to see our HUD made by Sirillion

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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