SteelMod is a 7 Days To Die RPG mod that aims to bring communities together for some RPG fun! A lot of servers want to run RP servers, but lack the necessary .xml modifications to really feel like they are playing a role in a world scattered with rag tag groups of people, all fighting to survive and control whatever seems to be viable left in the wasteland. We achieved this goal simply by restricting specific recipes to custom books, that, when read, will unlock a unique set of recipes that relates to the title of the "Job". This allows the server to balance so that there is no single power player in the world. You must come together, and build your civilizations, to reclaim the world that is owned by the undead. With a massive feature list, as well as continued development throughout the process of 7 Days To Die's creation. Below is what we currently have to offer

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A patch that addresses some issues with craftable items, as well as getting around to something special...

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SteelMod v5.4 is a general patch that addresses some issues found by players from the previous version, as well as some new changes to loot balance, Voucher recipes & use, and a special new weapon just for the medics...

syringe antibioSyringe SulfuricAcidJetInjector syringe healSyringe Adrenaline

SteelMod v5.4 Patch Notes

  • Fixed remaining missing icons
  • Fixed invisible C4 not appearing when placed
  • Fixed an issue with the FAL not showing up to craft. Build all pieces to assemble the gun
  • Fixed Hunting bow to be crafted instead of "assembled" like firearms
  • Changed repair item for Steel Bow to "Forged Steel"
  • Removed Advanced Auger & Admin Auger
  • Balanced a few loose recipes back into classes
  • Increased skill XP multiplier to 1.01x
  • Added more Bolts and Springs to the loot, as well as being harvested from AC Units & Control Panels with a wrench
  • Added more "Vouchers" to the loot table
  • Slightly altered RWGMixer.xml for town variety and map appeal
  • Minor reduction to all boss health
  • Changed "Voucher" recipes from forged metal to tools. You can now make up to Mag Alloy tools with Vouchers
  • Changed food to seed ratio from 1:1 ratio to 1:2
  • Sorted all gun parts into their proper crafting skills. All Parts are now listed in the "Gun Smithing" category, including all vanilla guns

  • *NEW* Working Jet Injector for the Surgeon class! Heal, cure, splint, and poison your friends and foes on the move! A Gun that allows you to do all the aforementioned from afar using a special Nail Gun. Perfect for grouping up in the city and taking on bigger prizes with ease.

SteelMod v5.4 Is Live!

syringe antibioSyringe SulfuricAcidJetInjector syringe healSyringe Adrenaline


So we put this mod on our server, is there anyway to change class / learn new classes? We're a limited amount of players and wish to have multi roles? Thanks

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RedW0lf Author

If you are playing amongst your friends on a private server, I'd suggest using the sp/co-op version. The books are distributed into the loot table :)

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