~ Role Play as an Immigrant, Colonist Governor, Soldier, Native or even a Highwayman in the early to mid-18th century.

~ Play in a vast map with very dense forestry perfect for ambushing.

~ Experience a player - run economy where every faction must depend on Colonists to make weaponry.

~ Our map will include 2 Soldier Forts, 2 Native Camps, 1 Colonial Settlement and 1 Bandit Camp

~ Choose from a variety of clothing and weaponry from mods such as: 1755 Mod, 1776 Mod, Secession and Age of False Innocence

~ Compete over resource areas with other factions or try your luck at resource rich sacred native land, though that might not go well with the natives!

~ Enjoy custom made soundtracks for different areas by our Audio Engineer Davey.

~ Choose from a variety of different European flags for your faction, you are not limited to just France & Britain.

~ Experience a dangerous society where there are no limits on how much you can rob from someone. Tread carefully, and stick in groups.

~ There will be no capturing forts / native camps in this mod, however factions must compete for resources throughout the map as a means to produce firearms.

~ There will be no names above players heads, rather, it will be like native team death match where you can only see faction members icons.

~ And much much more! More details further in the post.


~ The Development Team: For being the best dev team I have ever worked with, and even with our hardships, we all stuck through and never gave up :D

~ Vornne & The Contributors who helped make Persistent World possible: A Huge thanks to Vornne for making PW and everyone who helped him, you have made a wonderful mod, and we will hopefully make the work you have done more interesting to a variety of crowds!

~ GABRILDURO A Huge thanks to Gabby for letting us use the much needed resources from 1755 mod and 1776 mod

All resources from GABRILDURO'S mods are only for use for Persistent Frontier and they are in the Resources Folder called GABRILDURO.

They are NOT for OSP use. If you want to use his resources, you need his PERMISSION.

~ Secession Dev Team & Contributors: For letting us use various resources from Secession.

~ Vicnaire: For writing the introduction and his very helpful suggestions to the mod.

~ Splintert: For his technical assistance

~ Shredzorz: Shredzorz for his much needed Technical Assistance and his resources from Age Of False Innocence

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Hello PF community!

I would like to present for you an upcoming update. I've told in the past that I would take care of the update, so here is my promise. On the way of getting this update up, I have gotten help of a group of volunteers. They have made a make-over on the mod i regards of modelling, texturing and bringing a helping hand. As well they have brought new opportunities which Persistent Frontier didn't have before.

Few words from Vitallion, Manager(PR) of the PF production:
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Vitallion. I currently run the Democratic People's Republic of Breadistan [DPRB] clan on PF, and have been for the year or so. Having always been a consistent player in PF, and having been part of the lengthy forum discussions about updates, developing the next version of the mod has always been on my mind, which is what this post is about.

A few weeks ago, I contacted Rajiska to inquire about how the mod was coming in terms of development. Whilst work had been done in the past and at the time towards a new version, significant steps were still to come and progress had been slowing up significantly. Thats where myself and my small team stepped in to help, much to the delight of Aleksander. For those of you who played the mod March of Rome, you'll be familiar with our work and the speed at which we can produce good content, and so it is with great pleasure that I announce that Persistent Frontier is currently undergoing active development towards its next major version, PF 2.0!

User Posted Image

So, what is this new PF version? Whats going to change? Be removed? Be added? To start off with, i'd like to go into the big core change we're doing in regards to how game play will work. After that, i'll get into the new items and juicy bits we're adding, with alot of progress pictures to show you of our spoils.

In Persistent Frontier as of now, there is no direct influence on what clan/nation can take what fort. All forts have an almost random set of uniforms in them, with some scenes using the conquest coloured uniforms to try and get some sort of unity going in what a faction looks like. Along with this, the weapons in each fort are universal (yay generic infantry musket), and there's a lot of Freedom for a clan to pick and choose the clothes they wish to wear. However, many players have raised the idea of each fort having a specific colour scheme, or hosting a specific colonial nationality instead of catering to every nation and every clan. This is the idea we're going with in 2.0.


As is current, each (official) scene will contain four forts. North Point, West Point, East Point and Colonial. Each fort will contain 9 NEW UNIFORMS in the forts allocated Nation's colour (6 Infantry Uniforms, 1 Rifle Uniform, 1 Cavalry Uniform and 1 Officer Uniform) with the nations being Britain, France, Spain and the Thirteen Colonies (or Revolutionary United States).
Because of this addition of 36 new independent military uniforms (body and legs), all current military clothing will be removed from the mod to make things more linear and professional.

In terms of Civilian and Outlaw clothing, we'll be doing dozens of new clothing options with many variants for each for this release, so, like the old military clothes, the current clothing options are being removed to make way for new RP clothing.

British Infantry Uniform 1 and British Infantry Gaiters 1: Sketchfab.com

British Infantry Uniform 2 and British Infantry Gaiters 2: Sketchfab.com

British Infantry Uniform 3 and British Infantry Gaiters 3: Sketchfab.com

French Infantry Uniform 1 and French Infantry Gaiters 1: Sketchfab.com

French Infantry Uniform 2 and French Infantry Gaiters 2: Sketchfab.com

French Infantry Uniform 3 and French Infantry Gaiters 3: Sketchfab.com

Spanish Infantry Uniform 1 and Spanish Infantry Gaiters 1: Sketchfab.com

Spanish Infantry Uniform 2 and Spanish Infantry Gaiters 2: Sketchfab.com

Spanish Infantry Uniform 3 and Spanish Infantry Gaiters 3: Sketchfab.com

Colonial Infantry Uniform 1 and Colonial Infantry Gaiters 1: Sketchfab.com

Colonial Infantry Uniform 2 and Colonial Infantry Gaiters 2: Sketchfab.com

Colonial Infantry Uniform 3 and Colonial Infantry Gaiters 3: Sketchfab.com

In short, each fort will be allocated to a nation and each nation will have their own military clothes and, more importantly, weapons!


This leads on to the next big change, the weapon system. Currently, PF sports a universal weapon system with each fort having access to the basic Infantry Musket, Infantry Sword, a variety of pistols and a rifle. Along with uniforms, each nation will have their own Bayoneted Musket (with a non-bayoneted version as well), two swords, two pistols, one carbine and one rifle. The British for example will have the Brown Bess with bayonet, a normal Brown Bess for their musket choice, with the French having the Charleville and its bayoneted counterpart.
An important thing to note is that the crafting recipe for each variant (Brown Bess, Charleville, Spanish and Colonial counterpart) will be the same to balance the mod (Bayoneted Brown Bess/Charleville = Musket Stock, Short Iron Bar, Long Iron Bar) (Brown Bess/Charleville = Musket Stock, Long Iron Bar) e.c.t.

Because of this, like the clothing, the current weapons in game will be removed to make room for the new weapons.

Bayoneted Brown Bess Model

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image


As of now, hardly anything in PF requires direct crafting. All clothing has unlimited stocks and cannot be crafted, along with all swords and pistols. This, in 2.0 will change. All military clothing will have a crafting recipe (we'll get to that in abit) and all weapons will have to be crafted as well. This will open up a new avenue of income and make the Smithies job far more important. But someone needs to get those resources, the Laborer needs to harvest those materials, and, in the case of making uniforms, Laborers will need to get associated with all three new crops.


Along with the conventional farmable materials such as Wood, Iron and Wheat, we'll be adding in 3 NEW CROPS!
The most important crop, and the only one usable in crafting, will be the Cotton Crop. You'll be able to weave these down into Cotton Pieces or something similar, and one of these pieces will make a Uniform or Gaiters.
Sugar and Tobacco will also be added, albeit these will be added purely for money making and not for food or crafting recipes. You'll be able to export the Sugar and Tobacco you farm overseas for a nice tidy profit, great for a worker looking to do something different and an alternate to the generic wood cutting we're all so used to doing if we're strapped for cash.

Scene Props

As im typing this, Jordan, our Modeler/Texturer/Animator is working on the new static Cannon Props that will come in 2.0. These cannons and their related items will be just a part of the wide variety of small and large props we'll be adding to make scenes come alive. Expect too see Wooden and Brick Buildings (enterable), hunting huts, taverns, colonial wood walls, stone walls (star fort anyone?), Native Long Houses and an innumerable amount of smaller props such as fences, barrels and boxes.
Native props will be manually removed to make way for these new props, so you wont be going into scenes seeing a Swadian Castle with Muskets in it anymore! Progress!


The Native Boats are going. Actually, they're not just going, they're being blown apart by the new ships we're replacing them with. Say goodbye to the Long Ships and say hello to these beautiful b******s:

Gunboat Reference User Posted Image
Sloop Reference

User Posted Image

Brig Reference

User Posted Image

The introduction of new boats has been a long awaited feature and will offer players to engage in some renewed high seas escapades. Cannons (might be) included on deck if your lucky, but you'll have to wait for a Bannerlord version of PF with insanely large scenes before we give you high yield ordnance to play with.


Though classes are not a priority, a new class system WILL be put in place for 2.0. The new class system will be more streamlined than the old one, removing classes such as Frontiersmen and replacing them with more military focused classes such as Irregulars who will inherit their shooting skills. Here's a list of what we have planned:

- Laborer (Serf)
- Militia (Low Cost Infantry)
- Line Infantry (Infantry)
- Grenadier (High Cost Infantry)
- Irregular (Marksman)
- Cavalry (Cavalry)
- Officer (Officer)
- Governor (Leader)
- Smith (Smith/Engineer)

As you can see, the introduction of the Militia class and Grenadier class will flesh out the normal infantry play, along with the change up from Frontiersman to Irregular as stated earlier. A dedicated cavalry class will also be added (good one handed and riding skill) to encourage cavalry play. All in all, its not a MASSIVE change, but a more military theme with the fleshing out of military classes will add more to the long term dynamic of combat.


The current banners in PF need a change, and I myself have been working on that for the last week. The new banners are alot cleaner, actually look like banners (weird right?) and have already been tested in game. Here's some of the current assembly to show you how they add up:

Banners Preview
User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Development team

RaJiska - Coder/Owner of PF
AleksanderTheGreat - Coder, manager of PF Development, banner maker
Vitallion - Manager(PR) of the PF Production and Development, banner maker
Jordan - Modeler and texture
Pepe - Modeler
Estogamo - Scener


Vornne - PW module system

If you have ANY questions at all, dont be afraid to ask and myself or Aleksander will answer you as quickly as possible. We'll keep this thread updated with new blogs and images of our work until we release, so until then, happy hunting!

Best Regards
PF development team

*Updated* Crafting recipe list

*Updated* Crafting recipe list

News 2 comments

Here is the updated crafting recipe list. I hope you find it useful ;)



News 3 comments

Persistent Frontier is back and we're out of beta! Hop on again and enjoy Persistent Frontier!

PF_BETA3.1 Released!

PF_BETA3.1 Released!


Persistent Frontier Beta3.1 is now released! Simply put the 3.1 folder into your warband modules folder!

Persistent Frontier Release Date: Saturday, June 22nd, 3pmEST/8pmGMT,

Persistent Frontier Release Date: Saturday, June 22nd, 3pmEST/8pmGMT,

News 4 comments

The wait is nearly over! We've come a long way since our public tests, and we have added a lot more content and have fixed nearly all bugs. I hope people...

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Full Version 34 comments

Change Log for PF 1.0: - All crafting time has been reduced by 50%. - Camel mount has been added. - Strength requirement for long pistol reduced to 10...



Full Version 18 comments

Persistent Frontier Beta 3.2 Simply place the folder in your warband modules folder and delete and previous versions of Persistent Frontier. Changlog...

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If anyone want to host a server but need maps add me on steam: 5thWI Col. Tex the Veteran

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Guys there is a new PF server up and if you want to join it join this discord server Discord.gg

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I could host a 200 slot server for this problem is I know 1-2 map maker but I would need a lot of support for that to happen. I wouldn't even know if those people know how to make a persistent style map. I could host everything if I can get the people to make the maps.

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SpartanGamingLP… m8 i can give you maps i got tons but you dont answer anymore for **** sake

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Hey buddy, I don't know if you're still interested in doing this, but I'm interested in getting a community together. I would've done it already if a server was up, but I have a Discord and I'm hoping to get as many people interested as possible. Let me know if you're still interested in hosting something.

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man, have a discord or something like that? i think we can help each other :)

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Is this mod still alive? I know it will probably gain a bunch of players again when 2.0 comes out but is there a time when anyone still frequently plays?

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Amazing! I love being soldier, raiding settlements with others for tax money.
Only thing which ruins this is trolling players. But they tend to get banned quickly.

Jul 7 2013 by Caselius

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