From the moment I started playing 7 days to die I noticed that it's not really a survival horror game, but rather a survival action game. You've got running zombies that rip buildings apart rapidly, guns and ammo everywhere and it doesn't take long before you're armed to the teeth and mowing down hordes. I wanted a more survival horror experience like Night of the Living Dead, the original Dawn of the Dead, or the Resident Evil games. Zombies are a slow, shambling horde that will keep coming for you forever. They're not fast but they are relentless. The 7D2D Survival Horror mod makes the simple act of survival more difficult - more books for recipes are needed, guns and ammo are rarer, tools and weapons take more components to build and repair. There is a collection of many smaller changes, fixing or tweaking minor features.

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7D2D Survival Horror v0.1


Combined changelist version 0.1 (For 7D2D a11.4)


Zombies have 135 degree FoV rather than 180 (meaning you can avoid being spotted more easily)
Night zombie speeds are much lower, zombies will shamble slightly faster but will not run
Zombie dogs will run slower than before
Zombie respawn delay is 1 day in city biomes, but more zombies spawn
Feral zombies have substantially less health, but they still run at night
Regular zombies have more health

Weapons and tools

Melee weapons do double damage (except for hands, chainsaw and augur)
Guns generally do less damage
All guns and ammo are rarer
You need different bullets and shells for different calibres, there are now separate 9mm, 10mm, 7.62, .44 and 12-gauge shells. There are separate 9mm, 10mm, 7.62 and .44 bullet tips.
Different shells and bullets require different amounts of metal (eg a .44 bullet tip takes 2x as much lead as a 9mm, a .44 shell takes 3x as much brass)
Recipes for .44, 7.62 and 12 gauge ammo require more gunpowder
The sniper rifle fires 7.62 N (short for 7.62 NATO or 7.62x51mm) rather than regular 7.62 (which I consider to be something weak like .30-30)
7.62 N uses the same shell and bullet as 7.62 but takes drastically more gunpowder
Weapon repair kits now require gun parts too. Gun parts can be made from various weapon components.
Tool repair kits are now needed for advanced tools (eg fire axe, iron pick). It requires metal strips, oil, cloth and nails.
Nails are used in making advanced tools (fire axe, iron pick, iron shovel)
Basic weapon recipes tweaked somewhat (the spiked club now takes nails rather than ingots, the barbed club uses barbed wire)
Building a Blunderbuss or Crossbow requires gun parts (ie a trigger mechanism)
Dynamite does more damage to blocks
Pipebombs have a larger blast radius against creatures
All bladed or piercing weapons can cause bleeding (mostly only affects animal hunting and PvP)
Any substantial hit to the leg can cause a temporary speed hit (move at 80% speed)
Any heavy blunt weapon (reinforced club, sledgehammer) can break a leg
All new shell and bullet types will spawn randomly


More books have been added, more recipes are restricted until you find the right book, new books will spawn randomly
* Ammunition Nation book 2 - needed for crafting all types of 7.62 ammo
* Medical book - needed to craft first aid kits and medicinal bandages
* Chemistry book - needed to make antibiotics, grain alchohol and biofuel
* Explosives book - needed to make gunpowder, powder charges, dynamite and tnt blocks
* Anarchists cookbook - needed to make pipebombs and mines
* Construction book - needed to make cement and cement-based blocks


Sleeping bags, matresses and beds allow you to rest and recover health slowly while on them (they wont save you in combat)
Bleeding out does damage more slowly, but it also causes wellness to drop!
First aid kits increase wellness
Each dirt block has a small chance of dropping clay
You can cook a potato on a stick
You can make mashed potato in a pot with a potato and water
The fence is cheaper to build (each 9 planks give 2 fences, rather than 1)
Plants take 5x longer to grow (trees 10x!)
You get less usable material from ore
More stone tools require plant fibre (eg stone shovels)
Rabbits are more common, bigger animals are more rare
You can disassemble a shamwich to get mouldy bread
A bandage can be upgraded to a first aid bandage by adding aloe cream
Cloth can be used in place of feathers for arrows and bolts
Rotting flesh smells!

Minor/Superficial tweaks

Fat zombies weigh twice as much (they are harder to knock around)
Shotguns fire 9 pellets instead of 8 (this is just a minor tweak because that's how many pellets are actually in 00 buckshot)
The shotgun and sawed off shotgun spreads are reduced
The sniper rifle and hunting rifle are both louder
Ice now has it's own material distinct from snow (mostly just impact effects, also very slightly translucent

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7D2D Survival Horror v0.1

7D2D Survival Horror v0.1

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7 days to die: Survival horror mod (version 0.1) by The Cerberus From the moment I started playing 7 days to die I noticed that it's not really a survival...

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