Pack of brand new textures, grass and effects in high resolution for Call of Pripyat and Call of Chernobyl based mods

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Next update is in the work! I also put some screenshots in post so it dont look like boring wall of text :D

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Hello again!

Thanks to amazing flu that put me in bed for whole week(and annoying night in hospital because it hit me really hard), I spend literally 2 days watching movies non stop, one after another, until I got bored of it... And then something magical happen!
I remembered that I didnt really worked with Stalker Two-K after I finished my other projects!
So I filled my self with so many drugs that I could probably supply all Mexican cartels with them and I spend last few days trying to do as much as possible in this mod before I get tired of it...

ss paranoia 02 28 18 17 56 51 l ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 24 01 l

And for now I ended with almost 20 brand new textures, almost 30 new bump maps for existing textures that where crappy and no one told me about it, few replacements of textures that just pretend to be new, bunch of changes and fixes in thm files, and brand new compilation of "Tiny Little" version that now dont have so much changes in thm files and are almost the same as normal Stalker Two-K but with just resized textures(read: less compatibility problems). I decide to keep few more textures in 2k resolution compared to previous version. I know it will be not good for performances but some new textures just look like crap when they are in lower resolution...

Also with big help of EGZOdaw Im preparing new loading graphic and screens to fit new textures. It will be the same style as original CoP/CoC so dont worry, it will fit to the game without any problems no matter of what mod you have. It will just have nice and cool new screens to watch during loads :]

ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 28 22 l ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 04 27 l

In terms of overall progress and plans for mod...
Of course I had big plans to remake all textures beside weapons and npc. I had even plan to finish it before 2018! That was bold...

Now after all those tragic dreams, I have new plan! Amazing plan! I will do exactly the same thing that I did before! I have no idea what I was doing, but I will still gonna make it :D

Release date for next update will be probably in 2024, December I think...
But in reality I will release it after I make enough stuff, get suggestions and reports. I dont want to release too small update after such long time, and I dont want to leave too much bugs, especially when I cant release it as a patch, because I did lots of changes and you would still need to download big file, so better download whole pack and skip any future problems.

ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 03 02 p ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 02 06 p

ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 27 34 l ss paranoia 02 28 18 17 58 26 l

But right now I have big request for all of you!

I would be really grateful for any bug report or suggestion you have. You have weird glithes on some texture? Lack of bumpmap? Some specific mod dont show new textures?
Please report it in comment section. I would be happy if you would post name of mod and screenshot. It would really speed up work and help me fixing bugs before releasing mod.

But few tips before you report anything:
- Please dont report textures that are cut in weird way, like for example here: example. Its "feature" of Stalker in many places. Especially on some walls when you replace blurry texture with new one with more details those lines pop up more often. Its fault of stalker is self, this jus just how textures are putted on meshes...

-Dont ask about version for Shadow of Chernobyl... I seriously cant force my self to edit almost 1700 lines of text and manually change patches for bumpmaps and change specs of every texture to fit new ones, sorry :[ You can always just copy mod to game and pray that it will show new textures without bugs...

- If you cant post screenshoot, just try to write where bug occur and how texture look like.

- Dont be shy, if you think some texture look like crap, write it. If more than 2 people write that its crap, I will replace it, if its just you... well, life is hard you stick with what you have :P

- Some people will probably notice on screenshots in this post that some textures in the bacground are orange/yellow. This is how I prioritize texture making: If some texture show up often, I see it and put it in "to-do" folder. If its small or not visible often... there is no point of replacing it with HD version.
Now problem is that I use this method only on CoC. Other mods can use different textures in different places. And we can end with mod that use some specific texture often, and I didnt repalce it and it look bad on game when all other textures are new. So that why if you use other game than CoC/CoP and you think that some texture need new version, post screenshot or just write where it is and how it look.

ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 14 17 l ss paranoia 02 28 18 18 18 31 l

Last thing... Yet again I need to mention about people that encounter OOM crashes. As I said many times, it is something normal. Stalker was never made to work with such big files. But as far as you dont have 20 years old computer you should not be afraid to test this mod. I made that mod mostly on laptop with Radeon R5 and crappy i7 that barely reach 3.1GHz...
Trust me, most of crashes are not really because of new textures. Yes its obvious that they hit game performance hard, but I seriously putted few times 8-10GB of original 4k textures on CoC and CoP and game crashes maybe 2 time. In stalker world it is normal even in clean game without any mods.
Game will crash with "out of memory" error even if you install just script mods that have nothing to do with graphic. Stalker is a Stalker. It just cant handle too much addons if they mess with game too much(especially spawns and AI).
That is one of reason why I released "Tiny Little version" . Beside resized bumps and few changes in other textures/thm files it will work just default textures in the same time showing those new fresh textures, Dont be afraid to use it if you know that your computer is too weak for normal Stalker Two-K.

This mod is not perfect, I know that, but Im trying to keep all textures similar to default ones so people should not be afraid to lose atmosphere of Stalker when using it, and as far as they dont put 1000 random addons to it you should not be afraid of crashes.

That's it for now. I will hope to post new version as soon as possible!



Good news!

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2024 ahahah , okey lol fair enough xD
Good work both of ya ;)

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Thank you for your updates and continued work. You do great things for the game, and I'll happily report any issues to you so you can improve it. Cheers!

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Beautiful work! First thing that I'm wondering is will this be compatible with misery 2.2?

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paranoiia8 Author

Technically it should be compatible with any mod based on CoP and CoC.

Trick with Misery is that it have that grey/brown style. where Im trying to stick to original textures or keep some textures even more "colorful" because some objects dont lose colors over the time, or get that specific green/yellow/red color after some ears on sun/dark place. Its related to just few textures but still.

So overall if you dont mind loosing that massive grey/brown filter all over the Misery, you can try this mod without any problems.

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paranoiia8 Author

Just small reminder. Please dont send me/propose to use textures from other games.
Im using only free images and try to mix them if i need something that I cant find, so there will be no situation where some game developer send email demanding removing something from Mod.

Of course there is lots of free images and textures that are used in games, or even situation where one site post image for free and ******* site like istockphoto or shutterstock ask money for it when original author post it for free.
Trust me I have experience with sites that sell images and textures, because I was selling some of my own textures there and they rip you off and put your work for sell on other "sister-sites" without asking for permission.
Sometimes its hard to know if you can use it or not, but if im not sure about some textures its just a matter of 1-2min search to find original texture, and for 80% its free to use for non-commercial use/modification.

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good job !

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