The project "Letters of a Dead Man-Reunion", the new name "Echo of the past world" is an inspiration from the film "Letters of a dead man"

The implementation of the project is like a modification on the game "S. T. A. L. K. E. R.: The Call of Pripyat".
The whole essence of the project is the loss of people and their subsequent acquisition. The following problems of human nature will be considered: negligence, irresponsibility, callousness and indifference.
The plot takes place in a fictional country - "JUIS" (a Joint United United State), an analogue of the country "USSR".which carried out the launch of ballistic missiles that were thrown at the city of Atlantis, and buildings and structures were destroyed, the government sent the military to evacuate the survivors and children, some people stayed in a bunker, and some looted shops and food buildings.
The government began to recruit more military personnel to evacuate and clean up the wreckage of buildings and also from radiation.
People learned to process the leaves of trees, as well as the bark into fuel and gas, which was filled into cars, into cylinders, into generators that served as backup power for electricity supply, collected various garbage, waste paper from paper. Bottles and glass were processed into raw materials, collected with metal from abandoned Mines, Factories in Factories, also from old or non-working transport, such as cars, trolleybuses, trams and from high-speed ones. Leaves, waste paper, glass and metal were imported to a factory that processed and manufactured generators that worked on batteries and produced electricity, some craftsmen processed all this on the spot.

Eric is the main character who serves in the police and lives in the city of Kazatskaya, Which is located far from the epicenter of another city Atlantis. At this location, the main character has to perform and carry out service, such as investigating a murder, theft, everything else that a police officer has to do.

"Local residents". Ordinary people who work for the benefit of their camp and do not find a place in other factions.

"Marauder". The motto: "to rob everyone, to rob everything, to rob always".

"Stalkers" (not to be confused with the group for the game Stalker). The group consists of desperate guys who help each other and comb through the garbage in search of supplies.

"Volunteer". The group consists of volunteers who help everyone they see.

"Digger". The group consists of poor hermits who have captured an excess of radiation.

"Military". The group patrolling the area is a destroyed city, and also protect the area from the debris of the destruction of buildings, as well as protect from radiation.

About the development:

It is planned to make a lot of locations on the game map, perhaps you will have to cut something during the development.

- The city of Kazatsky, such an area is taken and is, houses and so on are modeled from the real city of Krivoy Rog. It is possible that there will be some inaccuracies, because the Google Map camera does not show all the houses where it will be made according to references, based on the implementation of buildings, structures, sights from Krivoy Rog.

- Atlantis: The building will be modeled and there is an inspiration from the KitBash 3d website for the Whale "Aftermath" "Warzone". Atlantis is an extremely dangerous area that is contaminated with radiation, and without proper protection in which you can capture a large dose of radiation. Most of the locals found shelter in a bunker, where some semblance of the former civilization has been preserved. In the dead city, in addition to radiation, there are mutants. Also, in addition to mutants, there are also looters who kill and rob not only local residents, but also the military.

- Laboratory" Anthill": located under the city of Atlantis, the location is classified.
Photos from the movie "Resident Evil" will be modeled in the laboratory "Anthill". Raccoon City.

- Port: contains abandoned ships that have also received a small portion of radiation.

- Nature reserve: Will be modeled on photos of houses and references. Nature reserve: a place that has become a paradise for desperate people. It is very difficult to get to it: as a rule, only volunteers (who are engaged in growing wheat and vegetables for local residents, as well as farming) know its exact location. They try to keep silent about the location.
There are also looters who also live in the reserve.

(c) KR Team, 2014

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Singleplayer Map

This theme is located as a demo level of Leadwerks Game Engine-The Zone

Fan Models S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

Fan Models S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

Model Pack 2 comments

Fan Models S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2. For Moddings Games. There are formats for the object for SDK X-Ray, 3ds max version 2016, fbx.

Pack 3d Models for STALKER

Pack 3d Models for STALKER

Model Pack

Archive of old developments on the project L.O.D.M.A - Reunion

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Navid5587 - - 174 comments

here's a question: what's going on with this mod?

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igorsavinskiy Creator
igorsavinskiy - - 5 comments

old developments were merged, at the moment it is being processed and developed sane locations for modifikation

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anomaly_together - - 57 comments

Го к нам в команду -

Делаем онлайн-мод для Англоязычной аудитории

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igorsavinskiy Creator
igorsavinskiy - - 5 comments

Slowly developed, while doing one

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SimonX45 - - 92 comments

Good luck for this mod ;)

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Ciceroo - - 63 comments

че как оно? двигается?

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igorsavinskiy Creator
igorsavinskiy - - 5 comments

Пока понемногу двигается, но так новостей почти мало. Сейчас взялся за скульпт, немного стараюсь делать свои текстуры, скорее новости будут ближе к декабрю этого года, пока порадовать нечем.

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Ciceroo - - 63 comments

Приятно слышать.
best of luck

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AnUnconvenientStalke - - 41 comments

this is really interesting, i will be following it

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monolithgod - - 47 comments

Good luck with this mod, its great to see innovative ideas.

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