An American Civil War mod focusing on realism that includes features such as artillery with choosable shell shot, shrapnel shot, and canister shot - breechloading rifles - repeating rifles - revolvers - shotguns - and much more!

*Fight as one of the two combatants - the Union or the Confederacy!
*Many differences between factions while remaining balanced!

*Cannons with an accurate loading process.
*Requires a 3-man crew to operate.
*Multiple ammunition types to use!
*Shell Shot
*Case/Shrapnel Shot
*Canister Shot
*Double Canister


*A large amount of high-quality, historically accurate uniforms for each side!
*Many uniforms of famous regiments and brigades! Fight with the maltese cross of the 20th Maine on your kepi, in the uniform of the iron brigade, and many more!
*Wear your rank! Wearable uniforms for privates, corporals, sergeants, first sergeants, sergeant majors, lieutenants, captains, and colonels.
*Mix and match! Choose your hat and uniform.


*A wide array of historically accurate weapons!
*Fight with smoothbore muskets, rifled muskets, shotguns, breechloaders, revolvers, and repeating rifles!
*Reloading while walking is possible!
*Bayonets can be fixed and unfixed with the B button!
*There's a good variety of swords to use as well!
*Smoothbores fire buck and ball, shotguns fire buckshot!


*Firearms with realistic accuracy and damage!
*Bleeding, with the ability to bandage your friends to stop the bleeding!
*Warcry with the V key!

Easy-to-use Installer

*Double click the installer and run the mod through the icon on your desktop once it's done!

Current Events:

Saturday Linebattle
Hosted by Azrooh and 5arge
5:30 pm EST
9:30 pm GMT/UTC
10:30 pm BST
Unpassworded and public, US_Secession Server

Friday Linebattle
Hosted by George A. Custer
2000 GMT
Passworded, Michigan_Brigade_Server or 15th_Alabama_Server

You can find our forum here: . The most updated clan stuff, previews, etc are posted there while they are being authorized on ModDB.

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RSS Articles

Morale System Preview

News 1 comment

Currently, there is no incentive for accurate formations. Everything is a single-rank skirmish line. There are no upsides to using anything else, and a huge lot of downsides. Not anymore.
The morale system provides those upsides. Here is how it works:

Your morale is in a percentage, from 0-100%. This is constantly displayed above your health bar. As morale goes down, so does your combat-effectiveness.
As a skirmish chain, you may find yourself harder to hit, but if you are hit then there will be problems for the rest of you. A tight two-rank line might find themselves hit more often, but they'll take little to no negative effects from it.

Do not let your morale drop too low! If your morale hits 0, you are so combat-ineffective that your only real option is running.

Managing your morale

  • Stay together! The tighter you are, the less you take in morale hits - and the larger morale hits you give to enemies.
  • Stand by your banner! Banners drastically reduce morale hits, and drastically increase morale gains.
  • Stand up straight! Crouching can have its uses, but it has a negative effect on morale - especially for standard bearers.
  • Officers, speak up! Officer commands have extremely useful benefits.

Effects of low Morale

  • Inaccuracy - as morale drops, you will begin missing shots that otherwise would have hit.
  • Glancing - as morale drops, you'll glance a hell of a lot more of your melee attacks.
  • Dropping your weapon - You can fumble and drop your weapon if your morale's low. Keep a lookout for it, not noticing it could be bad news.
  • No reloading on the move - You can't even reload while walking with low morale.

Officer commands:

    1 - Fire (1 second) - If you fire a shot during this order, you gain large amounts of morale.
    2 - Fire at Will (60 seconds) - This reduces low morale's effect on inaccuracy.
    3 - Form Line (10 seconds) - Removes the negative effects of being alone to give you time to form up with your line.
    4 - Forward (40 seconds) - You gain morale as you're moving forward.
    5 - Retreat (15 seconds) - You do not take morale hits if the cause of the hit is behind you.
    6 - Skirmishers (60 seconds) - Removes the negative effects of crouching.
    7 - Bayonets (3 seconds) - You gain a large amount of morale if you fix a bayonet during this order.
    8 - Charge (30 seconds) - You gain huge amounts of morale with this command, but if you fire off a shot it reverses and you begin losing morale for the rest of the duration. You can only use this command if you're less than 20 meters from an enemy.

Only one officer command may be active at a time. It is a minimum of 15 seconds between officer commands.
If you give out an officer command, the current command of everyone around you is overwritten by the new one.

The goal of this system is to make more styles of gameplay for regiments viable, if this is done correctly, then standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a two-rank line will be an exceedingly powerful way to fight.

This system is intended for linebattles only, and so it can be completely enabled or disabled at any time through the admin panel.
The system is a WIP, and will probably change from now until the release (with lots of balancing after the release).

Steam group back in action!

Steam group back in action!


Overhauled & ready to go. The Secession steam group is going back into active use, providing announcements for important events.

v0.44a Hotfix Released!

v0.44a Hotfix Released!

News 1 comment

Bugfixing patch - requires version 0.44 to be installed.

ModDB Page & Patch 0.44 Release!

ModDB Page & Patch 0.44 Release!


Many people have been asking for a ModDB page, and here it is. Hopefully this will help in our attempts to expand our community and inform others about...

RSS Files
Version 0.44 -> 0.44a Patch

Version 0.44 -> 0.44a Patch

Patch 7 comments

Bugfix patch in preparation of beginning work on 0.45.

Secession v0.44 Installer

Secession v0.44 Installer

Full Version 12 comments

This is an installer - double click it once you have downloaded it and install it like you would anything else. Once that is complete, check your desktop...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 37)
Grenadier97 - - 21 comments

I wish a good mod set in the American Civil War; any suggestion? Unfortunately it seems that ACW is quite forgotten, despite the excellent mods of 2016-17.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
barry898 - - 217 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Optimus50k - - 6 comments

If this is a good mod please tell me by leaving a comment(I wanna test this so please do,but I also don't want to download something that is bad without knowing(also not to insult the mod))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gissy - - 35 comments

This was the best acw mod out but is not active anymore and it was only mp. atm another great mod is n&s and Gabrilduro's 1860s old america which is also sp and was updated recently to a very good and stable version 1.1

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ObscuredWanderer - - 98 comments

Sadly... it's dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,354 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 693,354 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Kriegtooth - - 1,608 comments

Is this single player or just multiplayer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
afdie - - 20 comments

anyone know mods like this but can play in single player? *sorry bad english :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
UncleDelshawn - - 206 comments

Yeah I know the guy Gabridulo makes some great mods Check out 1860s old america mod it is so fun

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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