Ever wanted to play CS:S just like CS:GO but tired of simple model-changing mods? Then this mod is for you! This is a mod for Counter-Strike: Source, which brings a lot of gameplay features from CS:GO into CS:S, such as:

  • New cash award system (award for defusing/planting the bomb, different kill rewards for different weapons)
  • All weapons from CS:GO (really, all of them!)
  • All player factions from CS:GO
  • Even all agents from CS:GO! (you can switch them in-game whenever you want)
  • Loadout system (for example, you can use either HKP2000 or USP-S, depending on what you prefer!)
  • Gloves!
  • Complete CS:GO shooting mechanics (spray patterns, etc)
  • Molotov & Decoy grenades
  • Playing as bots when dead
  • CS:GO player animations (before September 15, 2015 update)
  • Iron sights
  • All CS:GO radio commands
  • CS:GO viewbob
  • Weapon inspection
  • New sounds from CS:GO (footsteps, hit sounds, etc)
  • Unique hands model for each faction
  • Unique voice for each faction (excluding bots)
  • Carrying hostages just like in CS:GO
  • Different grenade throw ranges
  • CS:GO C4 logic (radio message 4 seconds before explosion; it will explode 1 second after going off just like in CS:GO)
  • Unique voice lines for each grenade throw

and lots of small things or something I forgot...

Official mod discord server: Discord.gg

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FAQ for the mod

Feature 16 comments

Q: When are you gonna release a new version?
A: Whenever its ready

Q: How to install the mod?
A: Look at `installation.txt` file in .rar file you downloaded. Or check this video: Youtu.be

Q: Steam only or this mod will work on non-steam as well?
A: Yes it will work on non-steam. Check installation guide above

Q: What platforms does this mod work on?
A: Windows only

Q: Will this work on V34? Will this work on ClientMod?
A: No it won't at it will never be

Q: Can I play online with this mod?
A: Yeah, you can play online, but with this mod you can play only on servers which are running this mod as well. You can't play on original CS:S servers with this mod. This mod also has its own server (not 24/7): ``

Q: How to inspect my weapon?
A: Bind a key in controls settings

Q: The viewmodel (hands) is too big/close!
A: You can change it the same way as in CSGO, with `viewmodel_` commands (0.5 and up: or with mod options menu)

Q: How to select M4A1-S instead of M4A4? How to buy USP-S instead of P2000? How to select an agent? How to change my knife?
A: 0.5 and up: use mod options menu; 0.4 and below: type `loadout_slot_` in the console and you will see all the commands. Enter the command without any values and you will see all possible values for the command

Q: What about HUD? Will you change the HUD?
A: Maybe in the future, but definitely not soon

Q: Will I run this mod with blah blah blah PC specs?
A: If you can run original CS:S then you will be able to run this mod, just with a little less fps

Q: I'm having strange `#Cstrike_blahblahblah` lines!
A: Make sure you're playing on English or Russian localization and (important!) that you have installed the mod correctly

Q: How to host a server with this mod?
A: The same way as hosting a server for CS:S. P.S. this mod doesn't work on linux so use only windows hostings

Q: Why not add an ability to change weapon or gloves skins in-game?
A: It'll never be added because its an EXTREMELY HUGE amount of work (for a couple of months at least) for the cost of EXTREMELY HUGE mod size (around 15-20 gbs for sure) and low performance, also players will ask to add skin wears, stickers and that would be a huge pile of mess

Q: DispInfo_Load: nDisplacements (number) > MAX_MAP DISPINFO (2048) when loading a map or Can't load corrupted map or I can't even get to main menu!
A: Sigh read the `installation.txt` file and install `bin` folder properly

Q: How to install skins or change my gloves?
A: You either download them from "Community addons" section of the Discord server, make them yourself, or download them from the internet and install them while matching CS:SO file structure (if installing a skin for CS:S then install only `materials` folder!). In-game option to change the gloves was added in 0.6.

Q: Why not put CS:SO on Steam?
A: Pay $50k for Havok license, then god knows how much for Source Engine license and then end up in a jail for using illegal leaked source code? No, thanks

Q: I have a lot of missing textures (reflections)!
A: `mat_specular 0`

Q: Change or add this or this HUD element
A: I won't make any changes to CS:S HUD, I will only make a complete HUD overhaul

Q: Why not add Danger Zone?
A: It's not possible technically nor practically

Q: Why not add skill groups, ranks?
A: Simply no.

Common problems and solutions

Common problems and solutions

Feature 10 comments

A brief list of known problems with known solutions.

de_mirage showcase

de_mirage showcase

News 1 comment

Small video about de_mirage for CS:SO mod. Ported by PiMoN. Original map credits goes to Valve.

For people who use my skin pack and model pack but don't want stickers

For people who use my skin pack and model pack but don't want stickers


Check this put if you don't want stickers but want my full pack

RSS Files


Full Version 112 comments

A 1 year-anniversary update! Today's the day the v0.1 has been released! In this update you'll see overtimes, timeouts, Shadow Daggers, old Train and...

CS:SO OBT 0.8 Patch

CS:SO OBT 0.8 Patch

Patch 42 comments

DOWNLOAD THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE 0.7 INSTALLED!!! Votes, working StatTrak, tracers, Perfect World gloves - all of this and more in v0.8 update!

CS:SO OBT 0.8 Standalone

CS:SO OBT 0.8 Standalone

Full Version 82 comments

DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU DON'T HAVE 0.7 INSTALLED!!! Votes, working StatTrak, tracers, Perfect World gloves - all of this and more in v0.8 update!

CS:SO OBT 0.7 Standalone

CS:SO OBT 0.7 Standalone

Full Version 125 comments

DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU DON'T HAVE 0.6 INSTALLED!!! Team swaps, DM mode, bare hands as gloves and some code optimizations - all of this and more in v0.7...

CS:SO OBT 0.7 Patch

CS:SO OBT 0.7 Patch

Patch 30 comments

DOWNLOAD THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE 0.6 INSTALLED!!! Team swaps, DM mode, bare hands as gloves and some code optimizations - all of this and more in v0.7 update...

CS:SO OBT v0.61 Hotfix

CS:SO OBT v0.61 Hotfix

Patch 76 comments

Crucial hotfix for 0.6! Fixes for Dust II's long, Glock fire burst and molotov which wasn't dealing any damage

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Winrar says some of the files are corrupted how to fix?
I also have the latest winrar and repaired it then nothing happened

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
PiMoNFeeD Creator

thats because the rar file have files with chinese name inside, try doing what's stated here in post #13: Forum.lowyat.net

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I would like to know where I can install skins to be able to use them in the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PiMoNFeeD Creator

its the same as installing them on css, just create the custom folder

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello. I am the same but with an account on the page.
I have seen some skins but the problem is about arm t or ct or wrong sounds for the mod. There are no appropriate skins for your mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I dont have the (sourcemods) folder in my steamapps folder.....Why ??!
I have a steam version btw

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PiMoNFeeD Creator

because you must go to your steam folder and put it there even if your steam library folder is in a different place

Reply Good karma+2 votes

But another small question, how I can play split screen with simple console commands ??
I have xbox 1 controller and mouse/keyboard

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PiMoNFeeD Creator

there is no splitscreen lol

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you, it works now :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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