I used to play CaC ZH on LAN in ancients times, then i get bored and made semi-realistic semi-gameplay oriented mod inspired with Operation Flashpoint. I never played Original CaC ZH from that moment. This is the modification that completely overhauls the gameplay and maybe even RTS style, it does not add new content. I decided to upload it now, i still play it sometimes and it still, despite how old CaC ZH is fun. So what is this mod all about? It brings faster and more action oriented gameplay. For example: tanks are expensive and can shoot halfway across the map, but only slowly and inacurrately. Infantry is concealed while not moving or shooting, being spotted only from short range. Rocket infantry has short range AP rockets which destroy most tanks in 1 hit. MG fire deals almost no dmg to tanks, deals splash damage to infantry. Now taking cover behind buildings or terrain, using spotters, kiters, stealth was brought to new extent.

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New patch brings revamped air combat physics. Countermeasures, different AA rocket balancing and aircraft weapons. Also graphical effects added to smaller explosions, minor rebalancing (comanche long range rocket exploit is gone), and last but not least i played with subfactions a bit so in next patch Im planning to include them (yep, that means campaign and challenges too :D)

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Raptor (its now very close to vanilla :D) Universal attack aircraft, designated to remove specific targets.

Patch 1.3

Countermeasures for all combat airplanes (even chinese Migs) add
quite random and interesting effects.

Patch 1.3Patch 1.3

Aurora is now a bomber, bombers were designed to bomb quite large area and are quite different from ground attack aircraft. Aurora is no longer effective in killing only 1 target. And the supersonic attack got nerfed too. After supersonic attack, aurora get slow and sluggish and is vulnerable immediately, the difference is quite noticeable.

Patch 1.3Patch 1.3

The effect from last image was added for high explosive ammo but normally weaker than tank shells. Some other explosive effects were added. Artillery platform and strategy center weapon changed. Comanche range is no longer exploitable (reduced :-|). And i started work on subfactions so in next patch the campaign and challenges are in. (probably :D)

Also, if anyone play campaign please write feedback, i must know how much need to be changed to make it enjoyable. (and fit for this mod)

Realistic Combat Patch 1.31

Edit: Looked at the campaign and subfactions, I can now say (after more than 2 years) that this is not gonna be a thing. Moved to other projects since. I considered basic GLA, USA, China balanced and tried to make most of the tactics useful. So balancing (adding) of subfactions would be a nightmare, I mean I believed that adding subfactions would just cut the content and unbalance things, its not fitting for this mod.

TKAzA Staff

download link?

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CyberSpellX Author

good idea :D:D:D, should add in the next news

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