I used to play CaC ZH on LAN in ancients times, then i get bored and made semi-realistic semi-gameplay oriented mod inspired with Operation Flashpoint. I never played Original CaC ZH from that moment. This is the modification that completely overhauls the gameplay and maybe even RTS style, it does not add new content. I decided to upload it now, i still play it sometimes and it still, despite how old CaC ZH is fun. So what is this mod all about? It brings faster and more action oriented gameplay. For example: tanks are expensive and can shoot halfway across the map, but only slowly and inacurrately. Infantry is concealed while not moving or shooting, being spotted only from short range. Rocket infantry has short range AP rockets which destroy most tanks in 1 hit. MG fire deals almost no dmg to tanks, deals splash damage to infantry. Now taking cover behind buildings or terrain, using spotters, kiters, stealth was brought to new extent.

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weird one lol but looks like mod that i maded few months ago - you had similar idea :) (not telling that it's plagiat cuz i didn't uploaded my mod anywhere.)


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