Welcome to Quake 1.5

This is the mod edition of the weapons pack released a few years ago. It has been forked off of seven's SMC 5.30, bringing with it many new features - This mod requires darkplaces as it makes use of engine extensions specific to DP

What is it?

Quake 1.5 is firstly a weapons overhaul, the original weapon pack's goal was to redo the quake 1 weapons to give them more feedback. Changes in the mod version include things like shell ejection, seeing rockets slide into the tube, additional frames for nailguns and a spin up/down on the SNG like Q2's chaingun.

The mod is a gameplay mod second, and branches off of SMC to include many new features:


- new gore system

- additional weapons and items (hipnotic proximity grenades, ogre chainsaw)

- many new monsters (several SMC monsters have been changed to fit classic quake)

- new models from arcane dimensions and my own creations (thanks sock!)

- level changes and additional levels featuring breakables, ladders, and other features from AD

- brand new/revamped bosses

- bot support

And there are many more changes, most of which are configurable through the console so you can reduce it to be as classic quake as you like

This mod aims to stay in line with id software's original artstyle so HD textures will not be officially supported


Q: What darkplaces build do I need to run this?

A: A recommended windows 64 bit build is included in the zip in a folder but it was tested on the July and August 2017 builds of DP here - Icculus.org - get the one from the correct date that matches your OS and make sure to put the files in your root Quake folder (EX:: C:/Quake)

Q: Why is my screen black?

A: You are on the wrong DP build, see above

Q: Why do some textures have pink surrounding them?

A: Older builds of darkplaces did not support transparent textures built into the BSP, see above

Q: Why does the lighting look funky and super bright?

A: Realtime lights are not supported and unfinished on certain maps, the RT lights included are mostly for the fake volumetric lighting effects and light glows seen in some maps

Q: When I load this with X mod it doesn't work

A: Any Quake mods that come with a progs.dat will not work with this mod, Quake cannot merge code changes. You can copy the maps from a mod but unless it shares some features some things may be missing. You can use map packs and mods that replace cosmetic stuff though.

Q: Why does E2M8 run like garbage?

A: I have a user that helped me in testing this and it turns out Darkplaces does not play well with AMD cards, specifically it seems like AMD's OpenGL support is not very good, and DP is not super optimized in the first place. I have some upcoming optimizations to the map but for those who are on AMD cards on windows and have really bad performance will probably have to wait for the Quakespasm port

Q: I hate screenshake! Why is there so much

A: I didn't find it that bad but you can disable it with these console commands -

effects_explosion_shake 0
player_wounded_aiming 0

stick those in your autoexec.cfg since there is no menu option for them


The mod requires a 2017 build of darkplaces, and is not designed with RT world lighting in mind so performance in realtime mode may vary wildly


Seven - SMC 5.30 and useful QC info

Sock - Arcane Dimensions features and models

Capnbubs - Soldier enemy model

Bort - Swinging Hook

FrickaC - Frikbot X and tutorials on how to merge

RennyC - flashlight code

Machinegames - DOPA episode

If I missed you and something of yours is contained in the mod please let me know and I will provide credit or replace it if you prefer

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Quake 1.5 SP Beta!

News 42 comments

Development has been on and off on this mod for so long I wasn't sure I'd ever find a point where I felt I could release it, but here it is.

The first public beta of Quake 1.5 is available now, pick up your shotguns and blow away some lovecraftian horrors below:

Quake 1.5 Single-Player Beta 1

Be sure to let me know about any bugs, issues you find, enjoy!

Quake 1.5 - New info and trailer

Quake 1.5 - New info and trailer

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This update showcases a trailer for the mod as well as details for the beta.

Quake 1.5 - update

Quake 1.5 - update

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Hey guys, welcome to the first official media update for Quake 1.5.

This Week In Mods: January 27 2019

This Week In Mods: January 27 2019

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The biggest mod stories for the week of January 27 2019.

This Week In Mods: January 20 2019

This Week In Mods: January 20 2019


The biggest mod stories for the week of January 20 2019.

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Quake Sound Bulb - Remastered Sound Pack for Quake 1

Quake Sound Bulb - Remastered Sound Pack for Quake 1

Audio Pack 12 comments

This is Quake Sound Bulb; the successor to Sean's Better Quality Sounds for Quake. Enjoy fully remastered HIGH FIDELITY AUDIO for this legendary game...

Quake 1.5 Source files

Quake 1.5 Source files

Source Code 15 comments

Quake 1.5 source code, mapping FGD for trenchbroom and map sources

Quake 15 SP Beta patch 2

Quake 15 SP Beta patch 2

Patch 56 comments

This is another patch with various tweaks and optimizations PATCHES REQUIRE THE INITIAL RELEASE

Patch 1/hotfix 2

Patch 1/hotfix 2

Patch 22 comments

Update to fix some minor issues, see below for changelog

Quake 1.5 Single-Player Beta 1

Quake 1.5 Single-Player Beta 1

Full Version 141 comments

Here it is, the first SP beta release for Quake 1.5

Comments  (0 - 10 of 623)

So i have a bit of a problem with this mod, i enabled it on the mod browser on darkplaces and when i started a new game the screen goes black exept the UI, i think it might have to do with the Darkplaces version i have, and i can't open the one provided with the mod do to other issues, any recommendations would help, Thanks. P.S I'm trying to run this on MacOSX

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Здорова, братишки. Возможно, помогу таким же тугим юзерам, коим сам являюсь. Замечаю в комментах, что не все понимают, как всё это дело заставить работать.

В общем, поясняю:
1) Качаем сверху архив на кнопку Download
2) В архиве 2 папки и батник-запускатор
3) Создаем папку в любом месте на компе, туда скидываем содержимое папок "quake15" и "Darkplaces-Recommended-build" и сам батник-запускатор.
4) Запускаем батник. Всё должно заработать.

ПыСы: я все эти файлы скидывал в оригинальную папку игры, скачанную со стима. Но по сути должно работать и без неё.

Автору отдельный респект. Порадовал олда) годный мод.
Hi, guys. I can maybe help you, if you have same troubles with instal. You need to take a several steps:
1) Download archive on link in top site
2) Create any folder in your pc and extract all files from archive folders("quake15", "Darkplaces-Recommendend-Build", RunQuake 1.5.bat) in her
3) Use Run Quake 1.5.bat for start game :)

Have a nice day!

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Awesome mod!!! It works fine with Quake and Dopa but it doesn't work properly with mission pack 1 and mission pack 2. Weapons are invisible. Additions doesn't work. Some new effects lack. Please help.

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So i just ran the game with the steam version but the resolution is really low compared to the screenshots and i used the recommended darkplaces build, is there a setting i need to change?

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Hi Guys! How do you center weapons in the MACOS Darkplaces mod?
I've replaced the Quake15 folder to patch it with Patch2 but the feature doesn't come up in the menu... Anybody experienced the same issue?
Thanks and pardon my rusty english!

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Hi Bloodshot and the 1.5 team or anyone who can kindly help me.

I downloaded this mod two nights ago, and I am impressed with it so far but there is one thing that I'm having trouble with. The game has been stuck in CTF (capture the flag) mode in the single player campaign and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

I am using the recommended build of Darkplaces that came with the mod install, I even tried to use the hotfix and patch 2 but it affects the level layout blocking paths that were originally open, for example e1m2 has issues of paths unaccesible due to it being on CTF mode when you start a level it has a red flag and at the end of a level the blue flag...if you accidently touch the flag it overrides say the keys you need to get in a level to progress. its quite frustrating that I can't seem to find a way to get rid of it, cause on youtube vids I see there Quake 1.5 is running normally....

can anyone please help me with this? thanks everyone for your time

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i think you have to go into the map library (backspace i think) and in there there is difficulty and mode selector (home and end keys)

you could also try to reset config.cfg

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey Icereaper24 thanks for the advice on that, it actually help me discover that menu for the mode selector, which is cool. But unfortunetly no matter what I choose, it doesn't do anything and stays in CTF mode. Funny enough it was already on single player mode all this time but alas CTF...

So to be honest the copy of Quake was given to me, and maybe 1.5 isn't working for me because I never bought Quake and I'm thinking the person who gave me Quake probably downloaded it somewhere, cause I noticed in the ID1 folder I have, I cant see those PAK files in there. So maybe I just have to go on Steam and buy it for this to work. Maybe that would be better I don't know to fix this issue? Which is strange, Arcane Dimensions and the original Quake campaign works perfectly for me...oh well...how to reset config.cfg btw?

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This is a masterpiece.

Test it. You will understand.

Jan 18 2019 by zoonyarts

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