Paradigm Worlds begun life as an artistic experiment in form of Total Overhaul Mod for Mount&Blade: Warband. After years of fruitful and fun development it transferred into concept of open source project. Idea of this project is to provide / present free, open system covering world, geography, politics, history, various eras, and many more unique features originally developed in mod. System, that would not only provide entertainment for player, but also practical solution for creators. Ready-to-use flexible RPG System, set of tutorials, free assets and generally help for anyone from a modder to indie developer.

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Turbo Lanzer - Paradigm Space Worlds

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In science and philosophy, a paradigm /ˈpærədaɪm/ is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field. (Wikipedia)



psychedelic - role playing game - tactical - strategy - slasher - shooter - action - experience

Paradigm Worlds is a Total Overhaul mod for Mount and Blade: Warband.

Paradigm Worlds is a creation that lets experience new cultures, concepts, ideas. It allows to participate in world global politics or in individual life of creatures that inhabit world.

You can stand on side of good and fight for better future for everyone , or you can exploit creatures' weakness and get rich on their misery. You can start as complete no one, or begin your journey as prince, king, or secret agent, private detective, plotting vampire or a humble musketeer. As you will advance in ladder of power you will gain access to more advanced tools, like politics, diplomacy, administration. You will need them to deal with your citizens, your towns and your friends and enemies. You will conduct diplomatic missions, and if they fail, war expeditions. You will recruit Orders - powerful, but secretive organisations - or fight them if they turn against you. You will bribe, corrupt, intimidate, ask, beg, admire, scare and humiliate - yourself or others - to get what you want. You will command your divisions on the field of battle, and if that is not enough, you will take arms yourself and kill and destroy everyone and everything that stands on your way. Why? Because I know you will do anything to survive.

PARADIGM WORLDS by Timigi - Alternate Paradigm Worlds Site made by Timigi






Orders in Paradigm Worlds are semi-independent organizations. They do not 'have' own towns or castles, but they do conduct independent diplomacy, and conduct missions that may help or harm other factions, orders, towns or castles. Each new game 'character' for each faction is randomized.

Orders may be good or evil organisations, but they will usually put their own interest first. They like to meddle, interfere politics, they rule indirectly, by influence, avoiding any responsibility. They are powerful allies though, often eager to support ambitious ruler.

  • Longbeard Engineers:

    • Faction: Dwarves
    • Specialty: Close combat, Siege warfare
    • Weapons: Heavy armors
    • Tagline: "Mastering the art of siege warfare"
  • Fallen Legion:

    • Faction: A vampire-led military organization in Paradigm Worlds.
    • Specialty: Animalistic cunning
    • Tagline: "Unleash the Night"
  • Tao Dimension Order:

    • Faction: Taoist Monks
    • Specialty: Non-lethal combat, Capturing enemies
    • Weapons: Blunt weapons
    • Tagline: "Turning enemies into prisoners, not corpses"
  • Digital Legion:

    • Faction: High-tech predators
    • Specialty: Ranged and melee weapons
    • Weapons: Advanced ranged weapons that transform into axes
    • Tagline: "Combining technology and versatility"
  • Crimson Brothers:

    • Faction: Sea Aliens
    • Specialty: Taming water demons
    • Tagline: "Harnessing the power of the ocean"
  • Unknown Experiment Narvik:

    • Faction: Mutants
    • Specialty: Thrown weaponry, Agility
    • Tagline: "Proving that mutants can be civilized"




Paradigm Worlds assimilates new territories - TURBO LANZER

Paradigm Worlds assimilates new territories - TURBO LANZER

News 3 comments

Paradigm Worlds started as a Warband mod, but one of its many ambitions is to reach stars, and this is not just a metaphor and it is happening.



Design/Concepts Tutorial

This is main site listing all useful tutorials for Paradigm Worlds Open Project

Paradigm Worlds: HELP

Paradigm Worlds: HELP

Other Tutorial

This is virtual help-center for Paradigm Worlds. If you want to learn more or just looking for a specific answer here you will learn at least where answer...

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99.XX.ULTIMA_THULE - the new mod version

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99.XX.ULTIMA_THULE - the new mod version


It is out there! New version of the PARADIGM WORLDS mod. There are two major ideas coming with new version: Total Random and Absolute Freedom. New features...

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Paradigm Worlds - Ultima Thule - HOTFIX 01

Paradigm Worlds - Ultima Thule - HOTFIX 01

Patch 4 comments

This is a small update in code for PW - Ultima Thule. Read more...



Full Version 19 comments

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99.XX.Ultima_Thule - DOWNLOAD. This is DOWNLOAD page for most recent version of PARADIGM WORLDS.

PARADIGM WORLDS SOURCE CODE - most recent version 1.99.XX

PARADIGM WORLDS SOURCE CODE - most recent version 1.99.XX

Full Version 3 comments

This is Python/Warband source code of Paradigm Worlds Final Version Ultima Thule - Update 1 - work in progress. It is fully playable.

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99 - We, the creatures!

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99 - We, the creatures!

Full Version 29 comments

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99 - We, the Creatures! - installation files

World maps, graphical projects - Paradigm Worlds

World maps, graphical projects - Paradigm Worlds

Wallpaper 1 comment

These are maps of the Paradigm Worlds. This download contains png/jpg files, and single tiff file which is general map project, that can be used to produce...



Graphics Tool 1 comment

This is graphic library with assets used in making Paradigm Worlds. There are various projects, from banners to face designs. Also full access to artwork...

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Guest - - 693,200 comments

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Gleb_AA-Gun - - 1,002 comments

God, just remembered this mod, such a fun and crazy one this is.
Only wish something like this would come to Bannerlords

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Guest - - 693,200 comments

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gleamersoldier - - 21 comments

This game is amazingly bizarre, like a mashup of various high sci-fi concepts and styles.

My only gripe is that ranged weapons do almost no damage. I had an ammo type that adds 140 damage to a 60p damage rifle and it only works against zombies at most. For anything more than that, even a headshot does no damage.

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Guest - - 693,200 comments

All you have to do is increase Professional skill and other stats like grenadier/engineering for auto or weaponmastery for sniping.

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TheDukeofDead - - 35 comments

this mod is incredible, to be honest this what i wanted as a fan of Sci-fi and Fantasy and no other mod could do something like this, i have played it for months now, this is now vanilla warband for me. although i have found some problems that are probably a "me problem" but i will list them in case they are an error. first of all, the legionaries from the lost legion cause to much lag and fps drops and in very large battles with them the fps drop to 10 or 15 and this is a very annoying as my main character has atleast 120 legionaries in the army (this happens too with those chittin warriors). and second for some reason the banner of my party dont show up it its invisible but i can see other parties and factions banners, i only can see my banner when i own a castle or a village i dont know if this is designed this way or what but i dont like it. but for everything else this mod is just perfect. good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
karolgrodecki Creator
karolgrodecki - - 517 comments

Hi! Thanks for kind words. No, you shouldn't be depraved of your own banner, as long as you are a noble. Since You write that you owned castle, I think that you had to be one, so there is smth wrong.

You might try start a new game for test and with background choose noble and see if new character will have banner. You can try to change your Faction details in Faction Editor in camp menu. You can see this article (outdated a bit) for more info ->

As to your remarks with FPS issue, unfortunately it depends much on pc you are using. Funny thing is, that if you had a 10-15 year old PC you would probably could have a lot better performance, than with modern machines. 15 years ago I could play battles with 350-500 character comfortable, while now my pc can barely handle 1/2 of that.

Overall on hand I am fully aware of performance issues, but Paradigm Worlds cannot really be developed any longer on Warband engine because I came to moment where each patch was repairing one thing and breaking down other two.

This is why Paradigm Worlds are moving to a new engine, and whole project will be transferred to a new platform.

Around this November, but probably in last days of this month I will present in full all projects that will cover new idea. This is effect of last 3 years of dev, but just by a single person, so do not make yourself too much hopes.
I am joking, I think it is gonna be awesome :)

PS. Something came to my mnind, some players with P with lower RAM mentioned that some textures do not appear correctly in their games. As far I remember that was mostly - also by themselves - tagged as an more a hardware issue, but it may be as well my lack of competence in developing PW on Warband engine.
That's said you might experiment with options in Start Window of Warband. There ar some option to change how textures are loaded etc, so it may help.
The newer computer I had the more work I had to put to make Warband work as good as before. Personally I think it is a miracle that 15+ years old engine is still working in 2023, kudos to Talewords.

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Guest - - 693,200 comments

How does one reverse-engineer items for custom troops? and where can i find books to train them, i've found book merchants but they dont sell em.

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karolgrodecki Creator
karolgrodecki - - 517 comments

There are a lot of traders in taverns just talk to creatures.
I think that you should try to reverse engineer prisoners.

check reverse engineering section

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Perriry - - 186 comments

Hey karolgrodecki!
You said you're doing some new projects. Can you share something about it? I really want to follow your work, you're amazing!
Thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator
karolgrodecki - - 517 comments


I've been quite silent for the past 2-3 years, but I'm excited to announce that at the end of November, I'll be unveiling some playable projects. Paradigm Worlds has been hosted on moddb for years, and I can't think of a better platform to showcase 'new paradigm' projects than here. So, this is the site to watch. The games and projects will also be presented on a special site ->

However, for the time being, this site primarily features an exploration of AI graphic projects. I had to take a 5-month break this year to learn AI. I will address this issue in more detail shortly, but in brief, I can confirm the following:

At least one project will feature graphics that I created using AI, though it's far more complex than the usual stuff.
No one has lost their job; I can't afford 2D graphics because I've already spent my private funds on 3D models, etc., as I prefer to create this graphic content myself.
Currently, my English is far from perfect, so I use it for both writing and grammar correction. Soon, I will update the Paradigm Encyclopedia to make it easier to understand on this website.
Regarding the projects: I plan to introduce 5 (there are currently 3) projects. They are developed on a game engine that can handle both AAA games and indies with ease. This engine is evolving into its next version and will ensure the stable existence of Paradigm Worlds for years to come. The engine is almost free to use, but I need to review my legal obligations before revealing it publicly. Also, I want to express my gratitude to Blender and moddb for their support. I believe they deserve a more official acknowledgment, so apologies, soon you will know better.

If you'd like, you can check out/subscribe to my YouTube account. Any video materials promoting the new projects, including trailers, will be published there. I would like to caution you that, currently, you'll see more AI projects there than Paradigm -> (On the other hand, if you're a fan of Batman, you might enjoy it :))) ). I've uncovered a global conspiracy about his REAL identity, enough to say ->

On another note, for now, most projects are free from AI interference, as it's surprising that some people condemn its use. In my personal opinion, some very influential individuals are attempting to restrict or ban AI usage because it grants common people greater freedom and access to knowledge. I explore this subject here, by the way ->

Our aim is not to translate Paradigm Worlds mod 1:1, which came as a big surprise. Polls ->

People have expressed a desire for a more personal experience, akin to Skyrim. So, 'vox populi, vox dei,' the voice of the people is the voice of God. You spoke, and I'm acting on it. Also, we're not talking about full games; they are rather very early versions. PW has always been developed for people and with people, and the way PW was developed depended on what you wrote in the comments or messages.

Some projects will emphasize narration through the way the world is perceived. There is also (work in progress) one project with half-opened levels and a narrative. I would describe it as a surreal-military-sci-fi-thriller, as it takes place in PW 10000AD, where the boundaries between cyberspace and reality are beginning to blur.

There is also one total chill-out project that will allow you to relax without worrying about being a prisoner, cannibalized, or besieged. So, no terror (still some combat, but in a lightweight manner), some plants, some animals, a nice exotic island, and pirates... to start.

Come back at the end of November or the start of December, and there will be a lot more information. Right now, I need to focus entirely on finishing the 3rd project. In 7-10 days, I plan to start creating information pages and publish them around November/December.

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