In science and philosophy, a paradigm /ˈpærədaɪm/ is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field. (Wikipedia)

Genetics loads the gun, personality and psychology aim it, and your experiences pull the trigger.

- Jim Clemente, FBI profiler.


psychedelic - role playing game - tactical - strategy - slasher - shooter - action - experience



Paradigm Worlds is a total overhaul mod for Mount and Blade: Warband


Paradigm Worlds is a creation that lets experience new cultures, concepts, ideas. It allows to participate in world global politics or in individual life of creatures that inhabit world. You can stand on side of good and fight for better future for everyone , or you can exploit creatures' weakness and get rich on their misery. You can start as complete no one, or begin your journey as prince, king, or secret agent, private detective, plotting vampire or a humble musketeer. As you will advance in ladder of power you will gain access to more advanced tools, like politics, diplomacy, administration. You will need them to deal with your citizens, your towns and your friends and enemies. You will conduct diplomatic missions, and if they fail, war expeditions. You will recruit Orders - powerful, but secretive organisations - or fight them if they turn against you. You will bribe, corrupt, intimidate, ask, beg, admire, scare and humiliate - yourself or others - to get what you want. You will command your divisions on the field of battle, and if that is not enough, you will take arms yourself and kill and destroy everyone and everything that stands on your way. Why? Because I know you will do anything to survive.


How long? How long more our civilization will survive? Our world? Did Ceasar could foresee falling down of Roman Empire centuries later? Did ancient Egyptians prepared themselves for end of their times? We think we are eternal, yet history teaches us that nothing lasts forever. Existence of human kind is only a very short event compared to history of our planet. Movies, games, books - even when they picture world after apocalypse, usually they give us hope, yes, we are gone, but there is still small community (Fallout), there people somewhere.

Paradigm Worlds takes step further. World we knew is gone. Forever. We screwed. For thousands of years there is no sign of any sentient life comparable to us, people. And then... slow at beginning evolution starts race again. Like, trying to restore lost time, evolution is more violent and aggressive, than in our case. Species evolve from generation to generation, and around year 5066 AD we can deep dive into freshly constituted NEW WORLD order.

Inhabitants of a new world may look similar to us, humanoids. Physically a lot stronger than their long time dead ancestors, creatures developed various warfare doctrines, military armament and industry that are already superior to ours. Outside towns and castles, deep in forests and marshes same creatures live in most primitive conditions. Poverty, cannibalism, brutality that seem to be extreme cruelty to us, to these creatures are only conditions they know. This is wild world.

Races that inhabit Paradigm Worlds took their names from our world, an ancient dictionary in the 5066 year, but don't fool yourself: these are just old names that are used to call life, that will come after us.

Parts of our civilization, history affected new nations-factions in a way Europe had been affected by re-discovering Ancient Greek and Roman culture in Renaissance era.

But do not assume you understand everything. Creatures of Paradigm Worlds created their own morality, code of honor, fame and relations.

To understand their character, to feel their ambitions, to watch their emotions you have to be with them.

So come, lost soul. Experience and try to understand, world after our world, Paradigm Worlds.


  • human (male/female)
  • skeleton
  • orc
  • uruk
  • elf
  • dwarf
  • morlok
  • djinii
  • alien
  • halfgiant
  • vampire
  • mutant

additional NPC races: giant / boss / beast / demon / golem


PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF MORLOK – Totalitary system in victorian era

NECROCORP SYNDICATE – Undeads using future tech organised in corporate syndicates

ALIEN SHOGUNATE – Space aliens in Japan's shogunate opaque

FANTASY MAGIOUCRACY – Elves, orcs, uruks organised in theocracy where magic is the religion

UNITED STATES OF RENAISSANCE – Human faction resembling XVI-XVII era

SANITARIUM CONSPIRACY – Djiniis & humanity augmented by futuristic tech - organised as form of theocracy based on conspiracy theory

SUB-FACTIONS: (all playable)

  • Justice League (Pirate Hunters, Vampire Hunters) - In theory good faction, that tries to bring peace, it also presents very little tolerance to factions organised by races like mutants.

  • Scoiatael Commando (Elven Rebels) - Fighting for independence, but with the 'goal sacrifices means' attitude

  • Weimear Rebels (Medieval Knights) - Former lords of North, lost power due to Necrocorp manipulations. They try to remain neutral, also fight against Necrocorp.

  • Zoners (Radiated and sick Morloks) - Faction of outcast trying to survive in harsh conditions, in time due to technological advancement became formidable opponent to competition.

  • Undeads - (Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, Liches, Draugrs) - An informal in terms of political organisation, semi-tribal. Generally undeads act independently. However, powerful liches are able to gather Hordes consisting of several hundreds troops.

  • Doomsday Cultists (Evil Ketele Cultist) - A religious fanatics believing that by chaos and war as sacrifice, they would bring to this world horrible creature - demon-like goddess - Ketele

  • Alien Pirates (Space Pirates with blasters) - An anarchist band of outlaws and criminals. They distinct by using advanced energy weapons, that is believed come from space.

  • Star Gate Expedition - Military faction, organised in small cells. They use weapons resembling late XX century, probably thanks to access to storehouses from ancient times. Rumours suggest that they use kind of high-tech gate technology, nothing has been ever confirmed.

  • Techno Mages - their name proves saying that all kind of advanced technology can be seen as magic, to more primitive societies. Most probably, it just highly advanced in technology faction. Their citizens augment their bodies with mechanical parts, so they can use plasma energy weapons and armours.

  • Old Gods Crusaders (Classical Medieval Chivalry) - another theocratic faction. Members believe in 'Old Gods' - powers that kept previous world in shape, peace and happiness. They dislike technology, perceive it as a form of corruption. They respect factions that can be described as 'good'. Fierce enemies of Doomsday Cultists.

  • Lost Legion (Roman Empire Legionists) - members of this faction believe that their origins come from ancient past. They base their organisation on ancient texts, books and try to establish independent country. Similar to Crusaders, they despise advancements of technology, claiming that it corrupts soul of a true warrior.

  • Crazy Pikts - (Rotten, demoralised elves) - Tribal, anarchist faction. Pikts were indeed elves, years, centuries ago. Probably caused by kind of mutation, or just years of different ways of life in wildlife, they became outlaws. Religion (shamanism) is important to them, however most distinctive is form of organisation, based on raiding. One of the factions, that can gather War Party consisting of several hundreds of troops. Lately Pikts started to use primitve firearms, but they still closer to wildlife than civilized world.

  • Desert Abominations (Desert skeletons) - They are skeletal humanoids, but they act rather like wild animals. They are not organised, base their existence on raiding commoners, merchants. It is very probable, that long life on the desert caused form of insanity to bands of brigands. They progress very slowly, but most powerful troops exceed human beings in terms of strength or agility.

  • Angry Dwarves - (Rebel miners, chaos dwarves). Mines containing pyre, a kind of radioactive (pyreactive) mineral have been monopolised by the main factions. Nationalisation of mining industry by Morlok Democratic Republic and at some level Fantasy Magioucracy forced small dwarven companies to criminal activity. They become criminals to survive. life of a miner, even a former miner can be dangerous. Pyre material is highly dangerous and caused some dwarves to become insane.

  • Corsairs (Sea dwarven pirates) - These small, but brave sailors made sea their operational area. Considered as outlaws and criminals by civilised world. Skilled in raids and boarding, very rarely seen on land.

  • Escaped Mutants (deformed mutants) - Despite all denials of Sanitarium Conspiracy, mutants come from infamous experiment camps placed somewhere on Havi-Havi desert. Rumours suggest that town of Narvik is a centre of secret scientific research, however nothing was proven due to paranoidal information control. Escaped mutants turning against their oppressors organise in small bands. Most primitive are more like animals, however other individuals show signs of self-awareness.

  • Cannibal Holocaust - cruel poverty and hunger turn people to cannibalism. Forced to feed on flesh they often become mad. Sooner or later all of them catch unknown kind of disease, that causes madness followed by slow death. However it is not the end of their existence. They turn to creatures called zombies or ghouls, or mummies. That disease transforms them into the subjects of the undead world.

  • Vampire Horde - vampires exist in Paradigm World as a race, their existence is widely acknowledged, even in so-called civilised world. These creatures are something between humanoid and animal. They are not very intelligent, however their sense of instinct allows them to plan advanced plots, that can destabilise even kingdoms. As faction they act as criminals, raiders. They can turn prisoners into their own kind, and often use that ability to gather strength. Their form of political organisation can be described as a form of feudalism.

  • Mercenary Companions - dangerous times provoke need for military power. That can be ensured by paid troops - mercenaries. Mercenaries are professional soldiers, adventurers. As a faction they are organised in a semi-anarchist guild. In practice they form a guild that has ambitions of establishing a country of their own.


Orders are kind of elite mercenaries. They arrive on courts, but their order has to be established by a lord. They can be invited to towns or castles. In return, they offer substantial help in form of recruits. They are known as formidable warriors. Order can achieve advancement level, various in each town or city. The higher the level, the better help for a lord. At highest organisational level they offer services of Beasts, tamed demons. These very rare creatures are trained in all kinds of warfare, depending on order.

  • Longbeard Engineeers - Dwarves, close combat specialists, good at sieges. Heavy armours.

  • Fallen Legion - Vampires, Nosveratu. Their power comes from physical strength and agility.

  • Tao Dimension Order - They rather turn enemies into prisoners, then kill them. That's why they specialise in blunt weapons.

  • Digital Legion (high-tech predators) - They use advanced ranged weapons, that can transform into melee weapons like axes. That makes them very versatile force.

  • Crimson Brothers (sea aliens) - All-round troops, they gained knowledge of taming water demon.

  • Unknown Experiment Narvik (mutant order) - Best evidence, that mutants given some freedom can organise into a civilised form. Specialists in thrown weaponry, very agile.

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World Anno Domini Ten Thousand - Map

we the creatures mini LOGO

psychedelic - role playing game - tactical - strategy - slasher - shooter - action - experience

There are major changes in the Paradigm Worlds. They all do have one thing in common and it is to improve internal logic of the game. I created categories so everyone can easily understand, not only a single change separated from background, but also new connections they create, strengthening effect of synergy and dependency.

These categories are:


[DOWNLOAD] PARADIGM WORLDS: We, the Creatures! 1.99


Mod version for STEAM is READY [link]

This is main page of PARADIGM WORLDS: We, the Creatures v.1.99 features presentation and tutorial.

Heaven Kingdom Crusaders - new faction of Paradigm Worlds 1.99

Heaven Kingdom Crusaders - new faction of Paradigm Worlds 1.99

Feature 1 comment

This article presents details on newest addition to the PARADIGM WORLDS - new faction - Heaven Kingdom also known as Crusaders.



Feature 1 comment

This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: WORLD'S GLOBAL POLITICS

BIOTEC - New Race - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

BIOTEC - New Race - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

Feature 2 comments

This article presents details on newest addition to the PARADIGM WORLDS - new race - BIOTEC.



Feature 2 comments

PW is a huge, demanding mod. Warband engine is pushed to its limits, or even a bit further. Lots of textures, sounds, new music, 3d models, and race skeletons...

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Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! PATCH FILE  1.99.1

Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! PATCH FILE 1.99.1

Patch 7 comments

This is patch for Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures!



Full Version 26 comments

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.99 - We, the Creatures! - installation files

PARADIGM WORLDS -  patch1.20 + hotfix

PARADIGM WORLDS - patch1.20 + hotfix

Patch 23 comments

This is a patch upgrading PARADIGM WORLDS from 1.10 to 1.20 version. Please read instructions in the description.



Full Version 25 comments

PARADIGM WORLDS 1.10 FULL MOD installation file. Please read the description!

[PT-BR] Translation Patch PARADIGM WORLDS

[PT-BR] Translation Patch PARADIGM WORLDS

Patch 5 comments

This is a translation Patch for Brazilian Portuguese. It is basic and dialogues of the game have not been translated, only the UI, which will allow people...



Full Version 34 comments

This is, (so long time ago...) promised full, 1.00m version of the Paradigm Worlds, mod for Mount and Blade: Warband.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,094)
karolgrodecki Creator

All right, for over 2 months my warband-pc was in repair, but we're back in bussiness.

Reply Good karma+6 votes

Is there any way to protect my IG character from being hacked, and switching sides mid-battle?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator


If you want straight answer: there is not currently, in your version of mod. In future version there will be an item NOISE WAVE that is kind of shield blocking hacking.

There were many discussions here on that subject. Tip: it is good to have your own units with persuadraton. When you got hacked just run away to them, so they can hack you back.

I also pointed out that if you are truly an evil bastard, you can voluntary get hacked at the start of battle. That means that you can give orders to enemy troops. Now, you can order them to throw away weapons and go get slaughtered by your original troops.

Of course, there is a huge risk that you die during this action, but still it is an interesting challenge to tick ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Man your mod is simply awesome and I simply love the feeling that my char is fighting on an alien world. However a small suggestion if you will, about the combat engineers. You might want to nerf them a litte (or a f*cking lot): the first time I fought them in the siege of Polar Base (year 10k, no hell mode) they one shot my char so I modified his current armor in the itemkinds.txt file to have 250000 points of armor on head, torso and legs plus put the player health to 400% in the options but the next battle, they trashed him in like 3 strikes, with 250000 points of protection on each body parts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
karolgrodecki Creator

Each era is expected to be more violent and 'unbalanced'. So 5066 should be calm compared to 10K.

There are many ways to achieve victory, or just have fun. I encourage you to create your stats using - like editing txt, using morghs and tune world to Your like.

In introduction I tried to underline that I just give you all chasis, a skeleton, but it is up to you what happens next. You are creating this story as well, and I think that this is most exciting thing about computer games.
A horizon of events. Compared to tv where 'player' can only play role of receiver, computer games offer absolute breakthrough in history of narration. You can follow history of story, books, stories passed orally, painting, photography and cinema, and if you take into account just aspect of level of interaction you will see clearly that it is highest in the human history. I mean, that player / receiver has freedom of being a part of creation, so just create your story.

Stats/units that I give you, this is not a Bible, you are always welcome to create your worlds, creatures, etc.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yeah even some zombies can't be damaged by headshots sometimes. I like unbalanced games but those fights are just impossible sometimes even when in theory they shouldn't be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

karolgrodecki with story coming and new factions this mod misses just one thing in my opinion - expanded custom troop inventory. There are mostly elven and orcish things and strange weapons which don't really fit together with most eras and soldiers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

I understand that overloading - excuse my lexicology - over-iteming whole mod causes damage to consistency of the world.
Currently however, this mod, like many other productions is at this stage of advancement, there are so many dependencies, that it would be easier to create a new mod, that entirely clean that one.

You will probably hear that from many modders, btw. 3-4 years ago I knew absolutely nothing about coding, modding etc. and now I know just a little more.

I can't guarantee that I will do it (time, time!) but I have an idea to create clean code of warband with added only basic features from my mod: BattleSimulation and Faction Designer. With pobd and freelancer I think this would be open base for anyone who can handle Morghs editor, or would like to try it's own luck with modding warband.

Back to your statement, I completely agree with you. I almost stopped adding new textures, new models, etc. and currently I focus more on deleting or adjusting items and other game elements to improve CONSISTENCY.

Thanks for your interest, be assured that I will work on that.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

Ho ho ho. Upcoming update will be one of the coolest ever. I could never really get along with the fact that there are only six slots for major factions. So, I tried again.

I HAVE CRACKED FACTIONS, testing it right now with 9 major factions. Everything is working smoothly :D YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Reply Good karma+8 votes

Great news! Really looking forward to it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice to hear. Paradigm Worlds and Warsword Conquest are my favorite Warband mods ever!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Hi, I signed up just to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job and I love this mod wholeheartedly. It's so unique.

Just an fyi, this isn't game breaking, but I noticed a bug with the companion missions. For some reason they don't continue after the companion comes back and you beat the first pack of mobs. I tried easy missions, followed the guide, etc. I just don't send them on missions and it's more of a passive thing, but I wanted to bring your attention to it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
karolgrodecki Creator

Hi! x8ares8x Thanks for for info! So, please can you specify? Did you try other difficulty, is this same? I will get into it right now.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hey! Thanks for replying. I tried all of the difficulties with a number of companions and the same thing happens: I would send them in to do a quest, they return with the first part of the mission briefing and I enter battle mode, then I beat the npcs and a second dialogue pops up and that's it. Nothing happens.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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