World with mix of many different nations. Imagine Star Wars fighting with Sauron, Steampunk conspiring againt XV century Europe, Aliens fighting Djiniis, Orc fighting Morloks, Uruks fighting agains Alien Pirates! Swords, Axes, Lightsabers, Flintlock, Laser Cannons, Plasma Blasters, Arqebusiers, Blunderbuses, Antique Shields and Energy Fields, Crossbows, Magic Staves and Bows, Arrows, whatever you can imagine - now in one, huge mod with exceptional mechanics. What is it? This is Paradigm Worlds mod for Mount and Blade: Warband.

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XXachillesThEBEAstXx says

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This is that special kind of weird that propels a game or mod from a mess into an absolute ball of insanity and fun that is incredably hard to describe but very much worth playing. TOp kek to the dev


Love this, mod is made after some good acid trips

Fun and chaotic mod with tons of content but unfinish sadly :(

God tier mod <3

super fun
can't wait for more updates

how do i download it?

watch out when clearing files from modules on warband start box this little ****** is a ******* troll. A little dot shows up deleting it deletes all your modules


The best mod ever played on Mount & Blade Warband

All the creativity, story, and everything makes this mod one of the best mods out there.

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Jan 22 2017 by XXachillesThEBEAstXx