The IMPERIAL FISTS race mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm is upon us! Brought to you by Team Thudmeizer (you know us), the Fists is our next uber-quality race mod. New mechanics, tons of new models, all completely voiced from scratch, nasty AI and some options never before seen. If you love to play "turtle" games (that is, defensive gaming), you will be thrilled, to say the least.

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After a long time in development,the IF mod is finally released!

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After so much time in the pipeline(we could say,ate least two years),the Imperial Fists mod is finally released!


With completely custom models and mechanics(which focus on the defence,as it is the best offence),the Imperial Fists mod has nothing to be jealous of the other high quality mods!

Whenever you prefer to hold into your base and turn it into a truly mighty fortress or unleash Ancient warmachines upon your foe,we are sure you will not be left unsatisfied.

Using brother Gambit_1's Unification patch,you will be able to play to play the Fists alongside the other standalone race and of course,have them in a heroic defence in the extremely detailed Last Stand mode!

Or,you can have them participate in the Campaign strongholds,using brother Kasrkin84's Strongholds mod(which works in tandem with Unification).

And before I close,I would like to personally thank the following people,because without their help,we wouldn't have the mod here:

  • Gambit(as per usual),the master of coding who relentlessly (re-)coded the entire code and AI to optimize and finalize it.And ofc,for his Unification support.
  • Fuggles2k for being the reason the project was revived.
  • Joazzz for supporting the team with his talents(thank him for the great Fellblade warmachines).
  • Fedor_Russia for allowing free use of his mod assets(especially the Predator,which became the chosen style for the rest of the vehicles for this mod).
  • Fragjacker for providing essential technical support.
  • Dontask4470 for responding far and beyond the call with the sound design.
  • And lastly,to Hugh Tamlin/Piggo,whom alongside Thudmeizer,pretty much salvaged and saved the voice over project of this mod.

A more detailed credits list is included in the main page as well.

And we that out,we hope that Dorn's Children will be a very pleasing experience.
Have a good one!


It's fisting time!

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fuggles2k Creator

This article modestly does not mention the AMAZING models made by Kekoulis, for without him this mod would simply not be.

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thudo Creator

Absolute understatement! The IF (and MANY other) projects have moved many years ahead because of the Mighty K!

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Gambit_1 Creator

Kek is a MACHINE of perfection!

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Time to fortify some positions

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Just posted my review, this mod is fantastic! Every single member of the team deserves to clap themselves on the shoulder. Also Kekoulis is totally not a modding God at this point. :p

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Kekoulis Author

Khoran_Gutsplitter For real,I can't take credit for everything but I thank you for your detailed report and kind words brother. :)

BTW,the Void Generator is planned for a different race mod,hence why it was not added.

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Kekoulis Now you have caught my curiosity, is it a new race mod or is it a project that has been revealed? Won't ask for anything more than that.

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Kekoulis Author

A bit of both.

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