The IMPERIAL FISTS race mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm is upon us! Brought to you by Team Thudmeizer (you know us), the Fists is our next uber-quality race mod. New mechanics, tons of new models, all completely voiced from scratch, nasty AI and some options never before seen. If you love to play "turtle" games (that is, defensive gaming), you will be thrilled, to say the least.

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superfototechnicy says

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Great mod


Khoran_Gutsplitter says

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This is undoubtedly an excellent mod! Impressive voice acting, perfectly hand-crafted models and custom animations, lots of unit variety (you can pick from 7 different relic units!) and the ability to recruit the Praetorian of Terra himself!

The Imperial Fists are not my favorite chapter, that goes to the Iron hands, but this is definitely a mod that's worth checking out (unless you're a die hard Iron Warriors fan, you can bugger off.) I guarantee you won't regret the experience.

Now i do have a couple of suggestions for the team to consider which i feel would be welcome additions.

The Imperial Fists Librarian (apart from voice acting and one unique ability which acts like smite) isn't much different from vanilla. He could definitely use a few more abilities especially when you consider the fact that IF librarians has access to six unique psychic powers only available to them. Let's give the Salamanders librarian a run for his money! Take Stonebane for example which summons a literal etheric hammer in the user's grip which can crush just about anything or The Golden Son which transforms the librarian into a radiant figure infused with the power and nobility of Rogal Dorn! Sounds like pure awesomeness to me and would love to see these abilities in game. Not entirely necessary though. :p

There is one asset that's kind of missing from being able to fully fortify my base and that is a void shield generator. It would basically act the same as the Tau shield generator in UA, increasing ranged resistance and making units immune to knockback, but at the cost of making units more vulnerable to melee damage. It would definitely be a tier four structure.

Now i want to talk a little about balance.

I haven't played enough matches to state things with complete accuracy but it seems like at the moment there are very few factions that can stand toe to toe with the Imperial Fists, especially late-game. Only the Emperor's Children and Daemonhunters (from what i've played) feels like a solid challenge for me to play against. Also they can apparently field "three" relic units at once at the movement? That feels a bit excessive imo.

But apart from that, everything else is...perfection. Kekoulis you have blown it out of the park once again!


midhatnasser1984 says

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super A+ MOD visuals models new buildings new style .outstanding new voice acting for every model and building breaths a fresh new way to replay DOW .thudmizer team have done it before there is many mods in progress wait and see .10/10


Leeching says

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I try not to be overly dramatic with my reviews, and in the spirit of Dorn himself, I'll keep this short, practical, and punchy. This mod created by Team Thundermizer is a tour de force, utilizing truly unique faction mechanics that fit perfectly with the lore of the force they represent, everything from the art to the gameplay exudes a sense of purpose and high quality. You can really tell that this work represents a strong alliance of assets and cooperative people working across this modding scene to give us something we never really knew we needed. By the way, don't let the audio-work on voice acting, or Dawn of War's tendency to drown it out in other noises, or have units cut one anothers lines off. The Voice acting in this mod is some top notch stuff. Second only to the Castlevania impressions the Blood Angels mod pulls off, and my personal gold standard: the excellent Black Templars mod.

But, enough fluff. The Emperor's Fist loves construction, so why not some constructive criticism; after all, this isnt a 10/10. In no particular order:
-The whirlwind art asset bothers me somewhat, particularly its turret.
-The fists are probably a little too good, and you'll need some other equally beefy race like the Emperor's Children to really kill them once they get going.
-Paradoxically, one of their serious weaknesses is artillery, as the Fists lack much in the way of truly long range siege weaponry, preferring instead to utilize closer range options, which are not quite as reliable depending on the map and your foe.
-This goes with above statements about Fists becoming terrifying as the game goes on, but their capacity to field three 'super heavy' vehicles at once can easily bring enemies to their knees, and they are excellent at replacing casualties provided they have a secured base.
-Probably an engine issue, but the wall sections they can build have rudimentary destruction/damage art, and seem to lack shadows, which make them stick out next to gorgeous other defensive installations.
-The fist on the 'Fist of Dorn' barracks structure could probably use a better texture.

All that sounded quite nit-picky didn't it? It's because it was; this is a really fun modification to play, an absolute blast for both aggressive and defensive minded space marine players, and a flavor all its own. I applaud team Thudo, Kekoulis, and anyone else who made this possible.


X1Destroy says

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Polished, lots of content, centurion, primaris, heresy-era units. Dorn lives!

What else? Combiner work from day 0, so go ahead and kick some daemons or EC's ***.

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