Half-Life but maps are relit with modern RAD compiler, alongside updated weapons, NPCs and effects.

Weapon changes:

  • Glock/Beretta: Changed ammo from 18 to 15. The firing is not in semi-auto, and the rate of fire depends on how fast you click the mouse.
  • Python: Increased damage to combat Hgrunts and AControllers better
  • Added Weapon: Glock-18 + Silencer. Dropped by Human Assassin upon death, this is an alternative to there Beretta. Firing this weapon does not attract enemy and can be a good silent killer.
  • MP5/M4A1: Changed ammo from 50 to 30. Use a separate ammo than the Glock/Beretta (5.56mm). Increased damage to compensate the ammo.
  • Shotgun: The shell is not ejected when pumping the shotgun instead of when shooting. The buckshot spread is reduced from 10 Degrees to 5 Degrees.
  • Crossbow: Added trail effect to see the moving bolt. Has better navigation in water.
  • RPG: Switched place with Hivehand.
  • Gauss/Tau Cannon: Adjusted ray noise and emitting lights when firing/charging
  • Egon: Narrow beam on default (Use less ammo and deals lower damage). Has alternate fire that change to Wide Beam which deals higher damage but use more ammo. Added scorch mark effect.
  • Hivehand: Does not regenerate ammo anymore. Ammo can be picked up from a dead Agrunt
  • Hand Grenade: Can be thrown further. Press secondary fire to drop grenade for close combat
  • Satchel Charge: No changes
  • Tripmine: Added "placing" animation. Placed tripmines now emitting light blue lights.
  • Snarks: No changes
  • Player: Has red screen fade when receving damage


  • Agrunt: Drop Hivehands now on death
  • Barnacle: Can trap grenades now
  • Barney: Added Eject Brass code, can reload and can holster gun. Dead Barney auto spawn Beretta
  • Big Mom: Added sparks and tracer when shot by bullet on hard surfaces
  • Bullsquid: Adjusted the spit attack with different model and shoot 3 at once
  • Controller: Reenable cut alternate fire mode
  • Gargantuan: Added sparks and tracer effect when shot. Added dynamic lights when attacking
  • Grenades: Have trail effects
  • Human Assassin: Kicking you now when you are too near
  • Headcrab: No changes
  • Hgrunt: Ammo reduced to 30. Drop grenades now if they are set to throw grenades
  • Hornet: Spawn blood effect upon hitting enemies
  • Vortigaunt: Can revive dead comrades
  • Scientist: No changes
  • Sentry: Eject brass when shooting
  • All Turrets: Has red laser when targeting an enemy
  • Zombie: Retrieve cut content that absorbs 30% of bullet damage and has knockback
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Half-Life: Enlightened

In this version, there are numerous updates have been released for public use. Please watch the video below for the list of major updates:

Video: Youtu.be

vlcsnap 2023 07 31 11h21m43s458vlcsnap 2023 07 31 11h21m43s458

vlcsnap 2023 07 31 11h21m43s458Image 2

Half-Life: Enlightened v3


  • TWHL members (programming stuffs)
  • salsa/justSlick! (model/animation)
  • And those who's involved in giving feedbacks!
  • And everyone who's playing this mod!

For Opposing Force: Moddb.com

Half-Life: Enlightened New Update

Half-Life: Enlightened New Update

News 1 comment

New weapons and monsters features and effects! Replay Half-Life with the new changes!

Half-Life: Enlightened

Half-Life: Enlightened

Feature 2 comments

Half-Life but maps are relit with modern RAD compiler, alongside updated weapons, NPCs and effects.

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Half-Life: Enlightened v3

Half-Life: Enlightened v3

Full Version 11 comments

The third version of the mod. There are many improvements have been added.

Half-Life: Enlightened March 2023 Update

Half-Life: Enlightened March 2023 Update

Full Version

Half-Life: Enlightened March 2023 Update - New weapons and monsters features and effects



Full Version 2 comments

Half-Life: Enlightened files. Edited codes, models, sound and sprites. Use HD models.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 38)
tark-osama38743 - - 3 comments

hi your mod is really cool but i can't play it because this [could not load library cl_dlls\client.dll] can you fix it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
creepycat2001 - - 8 comments

can you do the same mod for hl2 ? i really like your work a lot and i wanna see it in more games <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Frenchfrise - - 3 comments

Alright so I gave it a try and it seems that the animation for getting the HEV suit plays every time I load to a new map. Did I install it wrong or is it a bug? For reference, all I did was paste the downloaded files into the "valve" directory.

Edit: Okay so it stops playing the animation when you have weapons. But please, could there be an option to use the original models instead of the HD models? I think they look gross.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dr.pper - - 269 comments

Here are a few more thoughts that I have about the mod:

- The revolver is really inaccurate, even with the laser sight on. Maybe make it more accurate at the cost of firing speed with the laser on like how it is in HL Multiplayer
- Where's the skill.cfg file?
- Add a feature where you can pick up items with the "Use" key. It's pretty annoying trying to get ammo sometimes, having to walk over it multiple times or crouch-jumping onto a shelf (Questionable Ethics comes to mind) to get ammo and batteries
- Please add ammo for the SAW and Sniper rifle in Xen.
- The Gluon Gun sounds effects are really grating. Also, I don't get why the weapon automatically switches back to primary fire mode after a while if you switch to the secondary fire mode

Here's a crazy idea and you don't have to do this: maybe add Race X aliens during the second day of the BM Incident?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
deanamx Creator
deanamx - - 250 comments

1. The current code is same as original, with 1 Degree offset. Probably I will make it 0 for 100% accuracy
2. No skill.cfg since it uses the original one directly
3. Yes, I will add that feature in a new patch.
4. Alright, I will probably add some.
5. I will reduce the sound effects and the animation.
6. Not sure about Race X since it requires heavy editing.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Dr.pper - - 269 comments

So I've just played a little bit of it today and I gotta say that it's a pretty good mod. Some minor complaints are that the M249 does way too little damage, considering that it's a light machine gun. Maybe buff the M249 damage but decrease the amount the SAW grunts that are encountered in the campaign?

I like how you added Otis into this mod but he uses the Glock just like Barney. Maybe consider adding the Desert Eagle into the game or at least have Otis use a revolver?

Finally, I have a suggestion; could you somehow implement Gonomes into the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
deanamx Creator
deanamx - - 250 comments

Sure, I can add them.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Dr.pper - - 269 comments

Thank you so much!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
world_spawn - - 7 comments

you can try decreasing the smoke particle from the gun, its a bit too big

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
deanamx Creator
deanamx - - 250 comments

How about now?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Dr.pper - - 269 comments

it's a bit too much*

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