At a point in time when mankind has developed a technology that allows him to travel through the galaxy in the blink of an eye, and inhabits hundreds of new solar systems, he still asks the burning question that has plagued him since he first looked up at the stars and wondered, "Is there other intelligent life out there?" A new discovery will turn man's theories about God and the universe on its head, while an interstellar war between two vast alien empires threatens to upset the balance of the entire galaxy.


What is FTL?
FTL is a Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space total conversion modification that pits you in an epic war across the galaxy as one of four space faring species waging war throughout the dark abyss of space as well as on extraordinary alien worlds. FTL seeks to contribute to the success of Weird Worlds and other total conversion modifications. What began as an idea for a total conversion mod for Battlefield 1942 has since then grown and become its own entity, spawning its own text RPG, various fiction, and several minor species. This universe revolves around the conflicts between 4 main species: the Raath, the Nemesis, the Tachor, and humans.

Where does the game take place?
FTL sets you in a galaxy at war. As one of four unique species, you must bring conquest and glory to your empire and crush your foes underfoot. Battles between epic fleets take place in orbit around enemy controlled planets.

What do I control?
Command capital ships and obliterate your enemy's forces from space. Fly in a squadron of fightercraft and intercept all who would oppose your armies. Use powerful engines of war to steamroll your way through infantry. Lead a squad of soldiers into battle and secure key strategic points to bring glorious victory to your empire! In FTL you control everything, everywhere. From the deck of a mighty orbital destroyer to the lone infantryman, FTL places you in control of anything you want.

What do I control?
In FTL you have the ability to control one of the armadas of four unique species: the Raath, the Nemesis, Humans, and the Tachor. Each species has its own unique attributes that will assist you in battle. Enlist in the armies of the species that fits your gameplay style.

What is the main focus?
Your objective is to aid your empire in achieving domination over your foes. Campaigns will focus on progressing throughout enemy space, subjugating all planets in your wake. Along the way you will encounter allies, enemies and other assets that can either help or hinder your progress.
In FTL you will have the experience of being an alien species and all the attributes that it conveys. As the Nemesis your fighters and missile swarms will overwhelm the enemy with offensive force. As the Raath, your technology is your asset, with high powered pulse cannons, beam lasers and, of course, the ultimate devastator, the charge cannon. If you are Tachor, then you are like a god on the battlefield. Push back entire armadas you resist all but the most powerful of weapons fire.

Why create FTL?
Weird Worlds is a fun and exciting game and, most importantly, accessible to the casual gamer. It is inexpensive, simple to play, and the average game is less than 30 minutes. FTL seeks to build upon the success of the Weird Worlds design and expland upon it, bringing you a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

The time is also right to expand the realm of sci-fi gaming. With the recent success of sci-fi shooters such as Halo, and the success of science fiction in the entertainment industry as exemplified by the recent Battlestar Galactica TV series, and movies such as Star Wars: Episode III, War of the Worlds, and Serenity; science fiction has never been more hip.

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FTL is getting Weird!

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FTL is getting weirder with our recent move to "Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space" by Digital Eel.

We are scaling back our project to focus on finishing concepts and fleshing out the visuals of our universe before moving back into a 3-D game that supports the features we want.

I believe that Weird Worlds is a fun and addictive little game that will help get you interested in FTL!

Here's a teaser shot of the Raath destroyer annihilating a Klakar fleet!

User Posted Image

Ships that are in-game so far:
Raath Destroyer
Nemesis Scythe
Tachor Banshee
Tachor Corvette
Corporate Protectorate Bluejay (Human)


so death.

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Somebody know were can download this mod?

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Hi there im new here

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Yes Were?

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Were can I download the mod?

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