This mod was a collection of various updates i made myself for different FreeSpace 2 (Open) campaigns to make them compatible with current FSO Builds and MediaVPs and to fix bugs, so that these campaigns are also solveable.

However, as this was a companion mod to "FreiRaum - FreeSpace auf Deutsch" it also got a further development and is now the Main Mod for my own developed NTP, what is a Mod that have the goal to translate FreeSpace 2 Mods and Campaigns into several languages. As there are also planned translations for older campaigns, they would get the exact treatment like before, only with additional translation stuff.

The mentioned previously companion mod is in fact only the german speaking site of NTP, now. All releases will be available on both sites for better understanding.

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NTP 0.6 Released!


NTP version 0.6 is the first version, which I definitely feel is a version that comes closest to the original purpose of this project. Because with this version all languages were brought together for the first time, for which a FreeSpace 2 translation was created in the past 20 years.
This milestone should therefore be honored with the first article of the NTP: A Multi-Language Translation Library Interface project.

Version 0.6 of this multi language translation library offers support for seven languages in which FreeSpace 2 can be played.
The game can be played in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish now.

One of the two new languages that were added to FreeSpace 2 through NTP 0.6: Italian

An Installer has now also been created on the NTP project page, with which this modification can be easily installed and launched. However there is also a NTP release for the Knossos Mod Manager.

This installation program offers beside the basic version of NTP also a language selector as well as the NTP development package with make it easy as possible to create new translations or to expand existing ones.
For example, the Japanese translation is incomplete and does not include all menus and missions, and some other languages received isolated translations specially created by me, although I am not a native speaker and therefore resorted to dictionaries and translation programs.

JPN CSJapanese only translates the FreeSpace 2 Main Campaign with all Cutscenes.
With the developer package there are possibilites to complete it, however.

NTP offers in version 0.6 a total of 48 translateable and playable single player missions from three campaigns, FreeSpace 2, FreeSpace 2: Demo and as a new campaign in version 0.6 FreeSpace 2: Operation Templar.
Since version 0.5 a Polish and Italian translation were also added as available languages.

In the background there were also various other improvements with version 0.6. The most important is certainly the fact that an exclusive font was created based on the standard Bank Gothic Md font. This font provides support for various letters that are used exclusively in the new translations.
Thus, the new font offers support for letters such as Ā, Ł, Ṣ or Ż.

New to NTP 0.6: A newly exclusively created font that supports new letters.
For example letters from the polish language.

NTP, which is actually an akronym for Novachen's Translation Project and does not have any official name yet, is based on FreeSpace 2 Open and therefore requires a current FS2Open build, MediaVPs and HD main halls.
Appropriately, there is also an installer on the project page with the FreeSpace 2 Open Installer which includes these requirements, or you use the already mentioned Knossos mod manager.

Screenshot 2022 05 06 205324
The FreeSpace 2 Open Installer contains always everything that is necessary for the current NTP.

More information about this project in general can be found in the NTP Development Thread in the Translations Board on
Feedback is welcome, because most translations are done by one person at a time and so spelling errors are there only natural.

Happy flyin'


RSS Files
NTP Installer (0.6)

NTP Installer (0.6)

Full Version

This is the All-in-One Installer for NTP. It contains NTP in Version 0.6, the Developer Package and the Language Selector in Version 1.2.2. NTP 0.6 offers...

FreeSpace 2 Open Installer (22.0.0-4.5.1 - V1-2022)

FreeSpace 2 Open Installer (22.0.0-4.5.1 - V1-2022)

Full Version 3 comments

This is the All-in-One Installer for FreeSpace 2 Open. It contains the 22.0.0 build from 01st April 2022 with TrackIR, the wxLauncher 0.12.0 RC3 and the...

FreeSpace 2 Language Selector 1.2.2

FreeSpace 2 Language Selector 1.2.2

Installer Tool

With this small program, you can change the global game language of FreeSpace 2.

Nova Upgrade: FreeSpace Port Complementary Installer (1.0.0)

Nova Upgrade: FreeSpace Port Complementary Installer (1.0.0)

Full Version

This is the All-in-One Installer for the FreeSpace Port Complementary Package. It contains Nova Upgrade: The Destiny of Peace in version 1.2.1 and Nova...

Nova Upgrade: FreeSpace Port Installer (2.0.8)

Nova Upgrade: FreeSpace Port Installer (2.0.8)

Full Version

This is the All-in-One Installer for Nova Upgrade: FreeSpace Port. It contains the whole FreeSpace Port Version 3.5 with the FreeSpace Port MediaVPs 2014...

Nova Upgrade: Silent Threat: Reborn Story Arc Installer (0.2.2)

Nova Upgrade: Silent Threat: Reborn Story Arc Installer (0.2.2)

Full Version

This is the All-in-One Installer for the Silent Threat: Reborn Stoy Arc. It contains Nova Upgrade: Silent Threat: Reborn in version 1.1.3 and Nova Upgrade...

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