Into the Night: Exposition


The year is 2312. Total war has erupted over the dwindling resources of the Sol system. Two clear sides have emerged from the warring petty factions-the Earth Alliance and the Colonial Confederacy. Join the 158th Banshees, a newly formed Earth superiority squadron, and fly the most advanced, state-of-the-art atmospheric combat craft in the world.

2126, April 10
The first colony on Mars is established in a joint venture by 21 countries, notably the countries of Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

2142, May 18
Five mining colonies are simultaneously erected on Mars as part of another joint venture, each of which joint owned by 3-10 different countries.

Existing Mars colonies begin expansion and mining is bumped down to be the second largest industry on Mars; the first being tourism. Additional small-scale colonies are established throughout the less hazardous regions of the planet.

The first mining colony in the asteroid belt is established and large-scale mining begins. Plasma based weaponry research shows promise and studies continued.

Mars becomes the base of many shipbuilding corporations and mining throughout the solar system increases to an all-time high.

Russia’s economy skyrockets and a new line of exploration vessels is conceived; the massive Kiev-class deep space explorers at 1680 meters in length dwarf all previous space faring vessels. Only two such vessels were ever commissioned, the Somov and the Senko.

Environmental awareness gains popularity as the shortage of natural resources in the near future becomes apparent. Ironically, expensive plasma burst weaponry becomes the standard for militaries around the globe.

Numerous conservation laws are passed in an attempt to ration corporate over-spending.

Larger corporations resort to theft and sabotage as corporate crime reaches a new high. The Avalon Prototype Cannon, the result of years of further research into plasma weaponry, pioneers particle cannon technology.

2304, November 15
Earth erupts into chaos as country after country is drawn into undeclared war over dwindling resources. The Avalon II and similar weapons based off of Avalon technology become conventional small craft armaments.

2305, September
Colonies on Mars and the asteroids secede in rapid succession, led by the New Russia colony on Mars; all ties with Earth are cut. Banding together, the colonies form the Colonial Confederacy.

2310, March 15
The war on Earth ends with the Treaty of Edinburgh of 2310, the heads of all nations swear to an oath of mutual defense and equal distribution of resources, forming the Earth Alliance. Rebuilding of countries devastated by war follows.

2310, June 9
The EA declares open war on the Colonial Confederacy.

2310, July
Both the EA and Colonial Confederacy press a massive arms race, with the Colonial Confederacy modifying the original Kiev design to carry 6 twin-barrel 8-meter gun turrets.

The largest fleet of warships every witnessed by human-kind sets sail for Mars in the first naval offensive of the Sol Civil War, the offensive fails and New Russia leads a counter-offensive that pushes EA forces back to Earth.

2312, February
A fleet of 12 Kievs and numerous supporting carriers descend upon the Aleutian islands, overwhelming defending forces and setting up a menacing stronghold.

2312, December 15
The 158th Banshee Squadron is formed along with the 773rd Griffin Squadron and the 8063rd Black Rhino Squadron. All three are assigned to Strongpoint Obsidian, the command outpost of the West Coast Region.

2312, December 23
Ensign Andre "Homie" Greene is assigned to the 158th Banshee Squadron as Alpha 2. Exposition begins.

No shields, no jumpdrives, no way out, and only two inches of steel between you...and them.

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Treelor - - 87 comments

I'm digging the planetary scene you got going there.

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TopAce - - 125 comments

What's a "squrdon"?

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