This mod was also known as Nova Upgrade. During further development most of the Tasks of Nova Upgrade were integrated into NTP, which is however mostly a translation project that translates Freespace campaigns into several languages. Right now, NTP gives translations for FreeSpace 2 from English into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish. The old Nova Upgrade releases can also still be found here which are bugfixes, so that the campaign can be played through with then-current builds and mediavps.


This is the All-in-One Installer for FreeSpace 2 Open. It contains the 22.0.0 build from 01st April 2022 with TrackIR, the wxLauncher 0.12.0 RC3 and the MediaVPs 4.6.4. With this Installer you can install and play FreeSpace2 Open without any further downloads.

FreeSpace 2 Open Installer (22.0.0-4.6.4 - V2-2022)

well i see after over a decade of being away this process is still completely user unfriendly and a pain in the butt

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Novachen Author

I do not think so. There are four installation methods now. Manually, FSOInstaller, this one here which only have to be extracted and to executed as the rest is setup properly or Knossos.

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well a bit of logic usage and a bit of attention and your all up and ready.
guys and girls if any invest a lot of their LIFE time for everyone to enjoy and thats why they dont deserve this kind of attitude.
programmers that develop games make it easy as pushing a button but they charge you for it. this is free and friendly. this level of ease of use is not something you can take for granted.

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