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Cyberpunk 2177 is updated on the community forum named,, a place where everybody is welcome to join.

For more information please follow ''Cyberpunk 2177 (ZDL Edition)'' on the forum.

Cyberpunk 2177 (ZDL Edition) v2.0 (

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Cyberpunk 2177 updates are available over at the forum.

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guitardz - - 6 comments

Heya, I'm VanaheimRanger, just wondering what graphics of mine are being credited in this?

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ZDL Creator
ZDL - - 166 comments

Hello, sent you over a DM with the details, hope you are well.

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Guest - - 699,752 comments


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ZDL Creator
ZDL - - 166 comments


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patrickthelegendary - - 43 comments

did you design the weapons for auger zenith in mind

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ZDL Creator
ZDL - - 166 comments

Yes indeed

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Neon4eva - - 52 comments

My review

First and foremost, I really like your mod. I like the weapons and the enemies; they are very classic, and some of them are difficult to defeat. I like it because it challenges me.I wish there were more weapons and a reload animation, but if you don't do it, it's fine with me.I like how some enemies have two or three stages in combat because it makes the battle more interesting I like that. Now the music is what makes it feel like 2177 for me I like the futuristic music šŸŽµ, sometimes I just stay in one position and admire the music it's really really good.
Alright but to end it here I seen potential in this mod and I can't wait
For the next update šŸ”„
My review score is 7/10

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ZDL Creator
ZDL - - 166 comments

Hello Neon4eva and thanks for the review.

That's great indeed, I appreciate the time you have taken to write this, hope you enjoyed the challenge of Cyberpunk 2177.

I've noted the requests regarding some more extra weapons and reload sequence, Let's see what we can do here for the next main update.

Really glad you like the music, always good to turn up the music volume in the options for that extra kick.

Thanks again for your time.

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ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,202 comments

The mod itself isn't really bad .
It has pretty well made effects and the sprites
Of weapons look OK too.
Realm assets afaik .

The enemies are just color swapped terminator and other realm assetsĀ  .
Sure .they have all new effects ,sounds and patterns .

There was definitely some work involvedĀ  .

BUT ... calling it CYBERPUNK is a joke . There is nothing ..absolutely NOTHING what represents cyberpunk in that mod .the only.thing why you could call it like that are the map and music . Not ONE enemy or weapon is from cyberpunk.Ā  If you had changed the map textures to resemble something from the game THEN id call it cyberpunkinspired maybe .. But no .

I wouldn't give it a 1 star rating .. but a 2.5 out of 5.
It's nothing originalĀ  . Only an asset swap and existing map + synth doom music mod .Dont get me wrong .I dont want to offend you .this is constructive criticism . Nothing here was offensive or mean .

But calling this mod cyberpunk is imo little bit clickbaity .

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ZDL Creator
ZDL - - 166 comments

Hello and thanks for the reply.

Firstly please calm down kid it's only version 1, no need for the barking caplocks.

We haven't downloaded any assets from Realm, mostly from Zdoom and modified them.

Yes much work indeed, around 6 months, has around 150 variants of enemies not including the random custom bosses which can spawn in and out of maps.

Also the clue is in the name, this is not CDPR Cyberpunk 2077, this is Cyberpunk 2177, which is 100 years after the events of Night City.

Now that we have permission to edit the Zenith MegaWAD, we can now start allocating the lore. I already have the story, now to implement some more custom scripts and spriteworks.

No the weapons are not from Cyberpunk 2077, it's again 100 years, a century later, would you use a gun from 1922? No you would not.

With all due respect constructive criticism requires logic.

Thanks again. No offence taken.

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ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,202 comments

That's a point I would argue about (The weapons and you won't use a gun 100 years old , especially if it's a quad or octa smart shotgun or power sniper .those are really timeless)

Working on the map .You mean implementing textures from the game or some cyberpunk inspired ones ? That would be amazing .

The enemies don't look right .Not for a Cyberpunk game . Cyberpunk no matter which time ,has its distinctive Gangs and enemies .Those aren't here .you're fighting terminators and chaingunners recolored. Hence my "that's not cyberpunk"

Regarding the enemies again .It's not important where they come from .but those you used are also available in the REALM asset pack .Maybe not exactly .But definitely some similar looking variants .

As long there is nothing what even closely resembles cyberpunk I'd still stay at my opinion that this is clickbait .

Which is sad cause it seems you definitely have the experience to make a real cyberpunk mod . Rip the original weapons (which are insanely awesome ) or at least build sprites which look similar.
Use Human enemies and some big robots like the ones from Deus ex in RAMPANCY .

But this here is just another generic weapon mod with a few special mechanics . And for that it's really ok .
But it's not cyberpunk .

I hope you change the sprites . That would be amazing .

But thing interests me ..

You say you don't feel offended yet in the same comment offend me . Which states the exact opposite imo .

And regarding logic ..
Please explain to me what you mean with the logic part .that interests me extremely

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ZDL Creator
ZDL - - 166 comments


There's no point to argue about, first why are you arguing in the first place?

Yes we can now work on the MegaWAD implementing the lore, the continuation of 2077, I'm not writing any spoilers.

Judging by this last post, have you allocated the correct mod order? If you don't, then you won't have the customized weapons and the enemies will bug out, sounds to me like you have not seen all of the enemies or weapons, you see human enemies every few minutes so again not sure what you talking about here.

I suggest you look at the screen shots, make sure you see those weapons and enemies, you can see on screenshot 8 that isn't just a terminator and chaingunner. Some enemies are similar to terminators if any alloy based automaton is classed by you that is, most are modified spriteworks and not just a recolor again stated by you.

When I mentioned logic I am referring to you barking at users in caplocks without testing the mod correctly. Also this latest post from you quote ''Use Human enemies and some big robots'' you haven't even tested this mod correctly otherwise you would have not stated this, wrong again.

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ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,202 comments

I am sorry . That would be emberrasing . I'll check .and yes sorry for the caps . I am sometimes a bit agressive . Please don't be offended

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