Into the Halls of Valhalla is played several years after the incident of Capella and casts Commander Wesley McCrae, a veteran to the Second Shivan Incursion, now an exiled pilot to a remote world: Tania Australis. That place is a mess, everything barely works, GTVA regulations and control are distant, out of reach. You become a member of an exiled fewtwho are no longer welcome in the core worlds. Your task is to oversee that the newest manufacturer of GTCv Deimos corvettes does everything as licensed, and provide support to them whenever they need it.

Pirate strikes are common place. Not all cargo transfer reach their destination. As the ex-leader of the 70th Blue Lions elite fighter squadron, it seems you are the only one who can put things in order. Under your leadership, a group of outcast elite pilots form the 77th Blades squadron and start their tour of duty at Tania Australis.

Into the Halls of Valhalla focuses on character and plot development as opposed to actual thrilling combat. For a more intense, more warlike campaign, see Renegade Resurgence.

WARNING! FreeSpace Open 3.6.11 is known to cause difficulty issues! Play on a lower difficulty level, or simply avoid 3.6.11 until a new patch is released.

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This is the third version of Into the Halls of Valhalla, a FreeSpace 2 campaign.

The mod requires FreeSpace Open 3.6.12 Release Candidate 1 or up to play.

The third release was a less radical upgrade than the second one. All I did was basically a) replace the vanilla starfield with the SCP one, polish 2-07End.fs2 ("The End of Tania Australis") a bit more and include the hi-poly Raynor (credit goes to Dragon). I also made the Sekhmet and the Bakha compatible with the Naginata.

Detailed instructions on how to install ITHOV can be found in the archive. If you are a veteran FreeSpace 2 player that installed a lot of user-made mods already, you may not find anything useful in the readme.

Note Regarding MediaVPs 3.6.12

Note Regarding MediaVPs 3.6.12


The release of MediaVPs 3.6.12 has brought about an important change that affects every mod released before the 6th of August. Read this for more info.

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Into the Halls of Valhalla - Third Release

Into the Halls of Valhalla - Third Release

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Third Release on 25 March 2010. This is a full download, so you don't need anything else to play ITHOV. Installation instructions are included in the...


Not a bad campaign. Defiantly tacks place after Derelict. Compelling plot but few spelling errors and bugs(half the Valhalla was missingish). really enjoyed the characters but killing the Valhalla in a cut seen was disappointing and the ending with Aldiss was horribly lackluster and vague. Cool to see the Lonewolf in a mission even if it got vaporized by friendly fire. Over all a mostly well balance campaign with some compelling moments. I'd say 7.8/10

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Can anyone help me with this?

Error: 2-07End.fs2(line 579:
Error: Required token = [#Wings] or [$Name:], found [+Use Table Score:] .

File:J: \ src \ cvs \ \ code \ Parse \ PARSELO.CPP
Line: 659
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this executable]

Call stack:

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TopAce Creator

Try a more recent build. Looks like +Use Table Score is unknown to 3.6.9.

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