- A brand new, made from scratch galaxy map with a high degree of accuracy;
- 23 new planets ranging from Duro to Roche;
- Lore Accurate trade routes such as the Corellian run;
- Over 20 new or unlocked units;
- Over 10 new or unlocked buildings;
- A huge graphical overhaul covering massive amounts of models and textures;
- An overhaul of the space building system;
- An overhaul of the ground building system;
- New projectiles for lasers and many space particles;
- Planets generate less income and mines are limited, making mines and traderoutes more important;
- Balancing Tweaks;
- And much more!

Current Team:

- Silverjoe190 - Me! Mod Leader, Code;
- Seamus9999 - Code;
- Mitthrawnuruodo - Image Editing, Mapping;
- Packy21 - Beta Testing;

Always looking for more people to help with code, maps, gfx, testing!

FOC Enhancements

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Hello everybody.

I won't lie, not as much has been done as I'd have liked since I finished my exams but I've gotten a good chunk done recently. I've been focusing a lot on restructuring the internal file system of the mod to make it about 20x easier for me to code things, isolate problems and add new files.

As I'm sure many have noticed, I've popped in a few units here and there, and have been redoing models from the content pack I showed last progress report. Reaction has been mixed, people seem to like the models but not so much the textures.

In response to this, I'm going to reiterate what I've said before because it's bugging me a bit. I DON'T texture. I have no desire to learn and unless we get a semi-decent one on the team I'm not going to do anything besides basic saturation/contrast edits. Secondly the pack is huge and provided as a free resource to the community from the very generous Nomada_Firefox and EvilleJedi, so to those who have complained frequently I'd recommend redoing the texture and sending it to me before insulting someone else's work.

Anyway off the negative side, my main three things left to do before 0.5.5 will be released are tweaking the zann consortium to be more pirate consortium, bug and balance fixes, and adding another Galactic Conquest map. I'd like user feedback on what area of space you'd like the new map to focus on!

So far with regards to galactic conquest I have:
- Renamed "A galaxy far far away" to "Total Conquest"
- Made a "Total Conquest" variant with the Pirate faction
- Added a new conquest called "Hydian Sieges"
- Added a variant with the Pirate faction

The Hydian Sieges Map is loosely based off this source. Check it out at Media.moddb.com

As for other changes I will repost the changelog from the other news log plus new changes.

- Added the Quasar Fire Carrier
- Added the Munificent Frigate
- Added the Eidolon Strike Cruiser
- Added the Providence Cruiser
- Added the Recusant Frigate
- Added the Lucrehulk Command Ship

New Models for:
- Corellian CR90 Corvette
- Corellian Gunship
- Y-wing Bomber
- Nebulon-B frigate
- Acclamator frigate
- MC40 frigate
- MC90 battleship
- MC80 Liberty cruiser

- Fixed buildable TIE Interceptor in GC mode (they have no hyperdrive)
- Fixed some bombers and fighters not having squads of 12
- Fixed some hardpoints still being invisible/broken
- Fixed the GC mode radar minimap not working
- Fixed broken MC40 deathclone
- Fixed always-buildable Tartan corvette
- Fixed OP victory unlimited ability
- Fixed broken commercial dock, had hardpoints and is weaker now - THANKS MAKROPONY!
- Fixed broken kamino ground/space map - THANKS MAKROPONY!
- Fixed bombers, corvettes not firing
- Fixed proton torpedoes not hitting Nebulon-B - THANKS MAKROPONY!

Other Changes
- Merged Nebulon-B and Nebulon-B Support frigate into one unit
- Added two new GC maps
- Re-enabled pirates
- Lowered starbase shield refresh rate
- Resized fighters/bombers
- Infantry squads are now 12 man
- Made all planets slightly smaller
- Removed pelleaon and TIE predator as they didnt fit with the Era

I may have missed a few minor things but i'm steaming on progress-wise. Tentative release date around early July time for 0.5.5.

As always looking for people to help in any way possible. Please email or PM me on here, or even drop a comment if you think you can help.

Many thanks for continued support.


FOC Enhancements Weekly Progress #3

FOC Enhancements Weekly Progress #3

News 3 comments

Not quite weekly, I seem to have missed out a couple!

0.6.0 Hardpoints Poll

0.6.0 Hardpoints Poll

News 7 comments

Hello again, one more poll for now on another major matter.

0.6.0 Pirate Poll

0.6.0 Pirate Poll

News 5 comments

Hello again, my next mode of progress will be adding Pirates back into the game.

FOC Enhancements 0.5.0 Released

FOC Enhancements 0.5.0 Released


In progress of uploading so may take a day or two to appear!

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FOC Enhancements 0.5.0

FOC Enhancements 0.5.0

Full Version 40 comments

Next Latest and greatest version. Now uses an installer. Remade all maps to be larger and include more build pads. Added Escort Carrier for Empire. Fixed...

FOC Enhancements Optional Returned Hardpoints

FOC Enhancements Optional Returned Hardpoints

Patch 2 comments

This version is to add onto 0.5.0 for people who prefer the original visible/destructable hardpoints.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 103)

I hope this mod is still in the works. We need a proper balancing mod that also expands the Empire and Rebels while bringing the Consortium in line.

If you're still working on this, good luck! Can't wait to see the full version!

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

oh and do they work for steam gold and what this joeman ask does this support multiplayer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

unresponsive GC AI and skirmish AI, mod looks pretty good though if they fought back. Any ideas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

uninstall republic at war or any thing like that

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Part VI.
My last comments with Empire.

1. Something wrong with Corellian ships. Could build their Destroyer, but now only can build Battlecruiser (something with addon to shipyard).
Battlecruiser eats less population than their Destroyer though.
2. Dreadnought eats 6 population point vs. 8 of ISD1, but is od little use. Not an option with those 6 points.
3. Credits in galaxy are scarce, I like it. Anyway with some 40-50+ planets in my control, I have enough.
4. Rebel AI attacks sporadically. A few times they attacked planets with raids. Two-three times they attacked with fleet (Home One and co). Many times they used bounty hunters.
5. Necessity to capture planet by planet limits AI ability (hyperspace jump radius is low, so no posibility to omit any planet)

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So when will there gonna be new version? Mod has potential to be great anyway.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

OP told me he'd have an AI working release by july of last year... sigh, hope your not dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I need a manual install. The auto installer doesn't like steam

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

just install it into ...steamapps/common/starwars empireatwar/corruption/mods/foce and move the data so theres no folder between foce and data, you should be fine

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