A Large overhaul mod for Forces of Corruption. Aimed Primarily to improve the base game while adding new features and keeping it lore-consistent. Makes use of resources with permission from popular modders such as Warb_Null, The_Farseer and Nomada Firefox. Please take note of two very important aspects of the mod. Firstly, I am not going to do anything or post concepts of anything I am not going to do, or will be extremely difficult to accomplish in the game engine. Secondly, the mod is primarily for Galactic Conquest in Hard mode starting from TECH 1. Other modes of play will imbalance and ruin the experience as they are not fully functional.

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Excellent mod with a lot of variety and improvements. There are still some things that need to be fixed or added but when they are this easily becomes a 10.


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Loved it.

This mod is awesome! I like the blaster fire, ships, models, and much more. But it does have one problem on galactic conquest. The enemy sometimes spams ships at one planet. But expect that, its a really good mod.

I like it. Taking the vanilla expansion, and adding the better detailing.

Really good mod, love the new texture and details.
Even the changes on the GC are nice. However it is very annoying to have only 1 GC map and that it so huge.

Also I didnt like the fact you cant play Skirmish correctly. And that there is no Pirates or ZC in the Mod to play. Also, to consider removing the ability of corruption seems odd and offensive to the game in some point. If you really take off their abilty they will just be a normal, boring, faction.

Besides that it is a really good mod, and I hope to see improvements soon. Cant wait to use the pirates again. >:3

A great mod!

amazing work


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