Mod, made on the patterns of desktop Warhammer, the current edition (8th). At the moment it is ready for you to try it. Forget everything you knew about Dawn of war before. This mod, using statistics directly from the desktop Warhammer, changes the boring and exploited over and over again gameplay, demonstrating the war of the distant future in all its cruelty and ruthlessness.

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We have a Discord


We have a Discord Server, dedicated to our project. There is still a long way to go in front of us, but now that we have a talking name and at least some audience, with a platform for feedback, we will be able to move on!

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Exactly on Codex mod 0.86

Exactly on Codex mod 0.86

Full Version

Unzip to the root folder with the game, and enjoy epic battles. (Does not break oregenal and does not conflict with other mods)

Guest - - 689,290 comments

Played as Chaos vs SM on Hellfire Canyon.
Didn't notice how cheap the units were at first and got instantly rushed by hordes of Scouts. It's hilarious. Everyone dies in seconds and all units have weird 0-1 damage stats.

The CSM squad with a Champion goes up to 21 instead of 20, but the Cultists are limited at 10 (while in the 8th edition you can make a 30 man squad).

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ILFERIN_WALAR - - 1 comments

Thanks for pointing out the flaws. I do the mod alone, and therefore can sometimes make similar mistakes.
I will fix it in the next version.

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