Bronze Age Empires is at its core a conversion of Bronze Age TW mod campaign for Rome TW, takes advantage of the better Medieval II TW engine for more advanced gameplay mechanics and scripts and adds a lot of new content. As of now THERE ARE NO REAL TIME BATTLES, on encounter battles are auto-resolved automatically by script.


- Campaign set at 1290 BC
- Improved AI
- Scripts to help AI in finances and military
- New ancillaries to give the flavor of the era
- Complex recruitment with a government system
- Immersive strat models of the era
- Complete overhaul to all interface stuff and audio for an immersive gameplay
- 4 Turns per Year
- Overhaul to almost everything
- Functional Hot-Seat campaign

FACTIONS (playable):

(Mesopotamian Culture/Religion)

- Babylonia
- Assyria

(Egyptian Culture/Religion)

- Egypt
- Libyans

(Aegean Culture/Religion)

- Mycenae
- Thebes
- Troy

(Anatolian Culture/Religion)

- Hittites
- Arzawa
- Kaskians

(Hurrian Culture/Religion)

- Mitanni
- Nairi

(Zagro-Elamitic Culture/Religion)

- Elam
- Gutians

(West Semitic Culture/Religion)

- Phoenicia
- Amurru
- Arameans (horde invasion)

(non playable horde invasions by script during campaign):

(Aegean Culture/Religion)

- Dorians
- Mysians
- Sea Peoples


- Bronze Age Total War for Rome TW (base mod, general and captain strat models are battle models from the mod)
- Quintillius Interface Submod for Roma Surrectum II (used as the base for the interface in this mod)
- Europa Barbarorum II (wagon and trade ship strat models, mouse cursor, scripts)
- De Bello Mundi (campaign map terrain textures, settlements, ships and diplomat strat models)
- PiterAI (AI)
- z3n (Pathfinding)
- Brandon & Derek Fiechter (Music)


1- Extract to your Medieval II Total War\mods.
2- Go to the new folder BAE_v08 in your Medieval II Total War\mods.
3- Use the "Executable" batch file to launch the mod.
4- Play and have fun.

If the game is opened in a small window do this:

Open Configuration.cfg with a text editor (preferably Notepad++) and you see this part:

movies = 0
windowed = 1 ## Windowed mode (windowed = 1) is usually more stable
borderless_window = 1
no_background_fmv = 1
show_banners = true
# widescreen = 1
# unit_detail = high
# grass_distance = 9000

Change windowed = 1 to windowed = 0

Then in game options chose the native resolution of your monitor, after that you can change to windowed = 1 again and you'll still have full screen.

How to create a shortcut to launch the mod from your desktop:

- Go to BAE_v08 folder, right click on the Executable file and chose "Create shortcut" and move the shortcut to the desktop.
- Copy/paste the icon that is also in BAE_v08 folder to the desktop.
- Right click on the shortcut you created, chose properties and "Change icon...", then chose "Browse..." and then chose Desktop, you should have the icon there, just chose the icon.
- Rename your shortcut to whatever you want, for example: Bronze Age Empires
- You can now lauch the mod always from your desktop.

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Bronze Age Empires


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Bronze Age Empires v0.8

Bronze Age Empires v0.8

Full Version 2 comments

Interface improvements, fixed diplomacy text, fixed hate/fear traits that refered to wrong factions, corrected a few event images, replaced executable...

Bronze Age Empires v0.7

Bronze Age Empires v0.7

Full Version 17 comments

OUTDATED - Big update as all known bugs and issues were fixed. Complete overhaul to economy and other game mechanics, the game shall be much more challenging...

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I've problem, I download the mod few minutes ago, I started the campaign with mycenae and when I attack Indipendentent's army the game auto resolve the battle without give me any options. How can I resolve?

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this mod and others from the same modder doesn't have battles
only campaign play, that's why it autoresolve automatically

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Why don't you create battles in real time like in other mods?

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thewanderingknight Creator

I've made several mods all on my own, the campaign part of the game takes a lot of time already, and I care mostly about the campaign part of the game anyway.

The gameplay it's completely different from vanilla, much more immersive in my opinion.

In this mod in particular there is also the chariot issue as you can't really make proper chariots in Medieval II. The best ones I know are from EBII but even those have issues, in that mod it's fine because they were an outdated thing and there are only a few, but here they are a key unit, an elite.

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That requires allot of work I imagine.

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i've been waiting for a long time for someone to creat a mod of this era
great mod and looking forward to play it
well done and goodluck to you

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So I'm sure this has been asked already, but are there battles in this mod?

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when i start the v08,then crushed

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Me too

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