Diadochi is a mod set at 272 BC during the Hellenistic period. As of now THERE ARE NO REAL TIME BATTLES, on encounter battles are auto-resolved automatically by script.


- Campaign set at 272 BC
- Improved AI
- Scripts for immersion and to help AI in finances and military
- New traits and ancillaries to give the flavor of the era
- Complex recruitment with a government system
- Immersive strat models of the era
- Complete overhaul to all interface stuff and audio for an immersive gameplay
- 4 Turns per Year
- Overhaul to almost everything
- Functional Hot-Seat campaign


- Makedonia
- Epeiros
- Ptolemaioi
- Arche Seleukeia
- Baktria
- Pontos
- Pergamon
- Koinon Hellenon
- Syrakousai
- Kimmerios Bosporos
- Roma
- Maurya Samrajya
- Hayastan
- Pahlava
- Sauromatae
- Saka Rauka
- Getai
- Odrusai
- Ardiaei
- Malkuta Nabatu
- Saba
- Kush


- Western Greek
- Eastern Greek
- Roman
- Indian
- Eastern Imperial
- Scythian
- Western Tribal
- Arabian
- African


- Rise of Persia for Rome TW (original campaign map)
- De Bello Mundi (strat models, terrain textures)
- Paeninsula Italica II (base interface)
- Normal's Rome II Unit Icons (unit cards)
- Mobjay's Rome II Golden Emblems (strat banner symbol)
- Europa Barbarorum II (successor trait, wagon and trade ship strat models, mouse cursor, scripts)
- PiterAI (AI)
- z3n (Pathfinding)
- Gigantus (Recruitment Limitation Script, other scripts)


1- Extract to your Medieval II Total War\mods.
2- Go to the new folder Diadochi_v09 in your Medieval II Total War\mods.
3- Use the "Executable" batch file to launch the mod.
4- Play and have fun.

If the game is opened in a small window do this:

Open Configuration.cfg with a text editor (preferably Notepad++) and you see this part:

movies = 1
windowed = 1 ## Windowed mode (windowed = 1) is usually more stable
borderless_window = 1
no_background_fmv = 1
show_banners = true
# widescreen = 1
# unit_detail = high
# grass_distance = 9000

Change windowed = 1 to windowed = 0

Then in game options chose the native resolution of your monitor, after that you can change to windowed = 1 again and you'll still have full screen.

How to create a shortcut to launch the mod from your desktop:

- Go to Diadochi_v09 folder, right click on the Executable file and chose "Create shortcut" and move the shortcut to the desktop.
- Copy/paste the icon that is also in Diadochi_v09 folder to the desktop.
- Right click on the shortcut you created, chose properties and "Change icon...", then chose "Browse..." and then chose Desktop, you should have the icon there, just chose the icon.
- Rename your shortcut to whatever you want, for example: Diadochi
- You can now launch the mod always from your desktop.

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Diadochi v0.9

Diadochi v0.9

Full Version 2 comments

Reversed some scripts as the game would eventually crash, bug fixes.

Diadochi v0.7

Diadochi v0.7

Full Version 2 comments

This is a really big update with a lot of new stuff and a ton of fixes and corrections. New ancillaries, traits, building trees, gameplay improvements...

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thewanderingknight Creator

Diadochi v0.9 RELEASED

Reversed some scripts as the game would eventually crash, bug fixes.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Real time battles ? just seen this promoted on YouTube and it's an awesome map and Strat models. Thanks for your work 👍

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Every mod works for me except yours. There's always a crash (start campaign and loading) I really like your mods but I can't play them.:/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
thewanderingknight Creator

Can you play mods like EBII? Do you have the for 4Gb patch? I don't think it's needed as the end turns are pretyy fast, but I do have it installed. And I see modders recommend it when the game crashes when loading. Also try delete map.rwm in data/world/maps/base I don't think that's the problem but who knows.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi, I launch the game, start campaign and when loading is complete, game crash

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thewanderingknight Creator

Diadochi v0.8 RELEASED

Fixed lightning, new scripts, events and traits.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This mod looks amazing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi do have any plans for a full world map to include france,Spain, England etc etc

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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