Diadochi is a mod set at 272 BC during the Hellenistic period. As of now THERE ARE NO REAL TIME BATTLES, on encounter battles are auto-resolved automatically by script.


- Campaign set at 272 BC
- Improved AI
- Scripts to help AI in finances and military
- New traits to give the flavor of the era
- Complex recruitment with a government system
- Immersive strat models of the era
- Complete overhaul to all interface stuff and audio for an immersive gameplay
- 4 Turns per Year
- Overhaul to almost everything
- Functional Hot-Seat campaign


- Makedonia
- Epeiros
- Ptolemaioi
- Arche Seleukeia
- Baktria
- Pontos
- Pergamon
- Koinon Hellenon
- Syrakousai
- Kimmerios Bosporos
- Roma
- Maurya Samrajya
- Hayastan
- Pahlava
- Sauromatae
- Saka Rauka
- Getai
- Odrusai
- Ardiaei
- Malkuta Nabatu
- Saba
- Kush


- Western Greek
- Eastern Greek
- Roman
- Indian
- Eastern Imperial
- Scythian
- Western Tribal
- Arabian
- African


- Rise of Persia for Rome TW (original campaign map)
- De Bello Mundi (strat models, terrain textures)
- Paeninsula Italica II (base interface)
- Normal's Rome II Unit Icons (unit cards)
- Mobjay's Rome II Golden Emblems (strat banner symbol)
- Europa Barbarorum II (successor trait, wagon and trade ship strat models, mouse cursor, scripts)
- PiterAI (AI)
- z3n (Pathfinding)
- Gigantus (Recruitment Limitation Script, other scripts)


1- Extract to your Medieval II Total War\mods.
2- Go to the new folder Diadochi in your Medieval II Total War\mods.
3- Use the "Executable" batch file to launch the mod.
4- Play and have fun.

If the game is opened in a small window do this:

Open Configuration.cfg with a text editor (preferably Notepad++) and you see this part:

movies = 1
windowed = 1 ## Windowed mode (windowed = 1) is usually more stable
borderless_window = 1
no_background_fmv = 1
show_banners = true
# widescreen = 1
# unit_detail = high
# grass_distance = 9000

Change windowed = 1 to windowed = 0

Then in game options chose the native resolution of your monitor, after that you can change to windowed = 1 again and you'll still have full screen.

How to create a shortcut to launch the mod from your desktop:

- Go to Diadochi folder, right click on the Executable file and chose "Create shortcut" and move the shortcut to the desktop.
- Copy/paste the icon that is also in Diadochi folder to the desktop.
- Right click on the shortcut you created, chose properties and "Change icon...", then chose "Browse..." and then chose Desktop, you should have the icon there, just chose the icon.
- Rename your shortcut to whatever you want, for example: Diadochi
- You can now launch the mod always from your desktop.

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Diadochi v0.7

Diadochi v0.7

Full Version 2 comments

This is a really big update with a lot of new stuff and a ton of fixes and corrections. New ancillaries, traits, building trees, gameplay improvements...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 69)

Hi do have any plans for a full world map to include france,Spain, England etc etc

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I want a Diadochi mod so much, soo much, but for some reason this is another Diadochi mod that isn't set during the Diadochi wars, but again we get 280BC ish, after the dust has settled, and we get the successors of successors... The period that many TW mods cover.

Another thing I don't understand is, if the mod wants to have Rome so bad, then why don't you expand the map more west? Is it really necessary to have so much large and distant Indian provinces, when the Mediterranean is so comically cramped(an army can attack 4-5 settlements on Italy!).

I'm sure this mod is good, and if it had any other name I would not be complaining, but dang it I want my Cassandros, my Antigonos, my Lysimachus, my Eumenes...

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thewanderingknight Creator

The original idea of this mod was exactly that, and I actually worked on it a couple years ago and have put the project here in this site. And more, it was going to have real time battles, the map was a heavily edited map from my Bronze Age Empires mod. But people barely shown any interest in it so I've cancelled it and removed it from this site. I think it's just a Diaodchi Wars focused mod is really limited in terms of factions and time frame (it was going to be a 12 turns per year mod) so not much people have interest in that and might be the reason no one do it (same reason for lack of an Alexander campaign mod).

So I've ended up more recently making this mod. This mod is heavily focused on the Hellenistic World and I wanted a complete map of it. As this mod covers a lenghty time frame, Rome obviously need to be there.

All AI factions have several cities covered with a garrison script, so it's not so easy to conquer cities. Also the economy shall be well balanced with a heavily focus on trade and cities have fixed sizes which makes for a very unique gameplay. Also the AI behaviour in this mod I believe to be as good as it can be in this game. Then there is the recruitment where is not so easy to have many top tier units, with a unique government and aor recruitment system.

There is also a lot of unique historical buildings with historical descriptions bringing a lot of flavour to the mod, custom traits and ancillaries for immersion, and also a lot of attention to detail in events, info images, models, interface, etc. There is a lot of stuff in this mod that makes it very unique and different from other mods in the same era.

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Damn man this mods are amazing, have you ever considered making a mod set in the world of Conan, the Hyborian age?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thewanderingknight Creator

Thanks, I've actually thought about a Hyborian mod but to Bannerlord when I was thinking to mod that game, but for this game no.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Are you ever going to resume work on Regnum Caelorum?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thewanderingknight Creator

As stated in the description that mod has been canceled. The reason is people didn't show much interest in it. The idea was to make kind of a Sands of Faith version to Med II TW with alot of detail and immersive stuff. And unlike these antiquity mods it was going to have actual battles as shown in the screenshots. However when the really heavy work was going to start, it had like 16-18 watchers which was kind of demoralizing when considering the amount of time that would be needed to make it. So I've decided to just release the work that have been done already so that other modders could use it in their own works.

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Awesome mod! Love the time period, I hope you have the time to update it more often.
But one question tho. Why are you creating so much mods for med 2 Lol :P

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thewanderingknight Creator

Thanks. Well I had many different ideas for different antiquity eras so ended up making 4 different mods lol. Medieval II TW lets you modify almost everything, have great game mechanics and allows to take the most of your imagination and creativity. It really is by far the best TW game for modding, unfortunatelly newer TW games are really limited both for modding and game mechanics. They're much more focused on the battles which obviously is not the reason I play them for.

Regarding updates, this mod in particular is already very close to what I've idealize, so a new version depends on feedback, interest, etc. I've been working on a new version for Bronze Age Empires as it's the most popular of my Med II mods and then I'll look into make a new version for Aurei Imperii and Hellenika.

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