Anyone that's been paying attention to my desires for modding Supreme Commander, you'll know this mod wasn't on the list of mods I had in mind. I wanted to start smaller since modding turned out to not be as easy as I thought it'd be. Regardless, I'm proud to announce this as my first ever mod for Supreme Commander - let alone for any video game I play.

Tech One Plus - A Minor Overhaul of the Little Guys of the Future Battlefield

  • Tech 1 Units and Structures have their stats changed, including (but not limited to) costs, HP, movement speed, and attack speed.

  • Intends to buff all T1 units to make them worth adding to your late game armies (good stats, better costs, etc.).

  • As I get better at modding, I intend to further improve upon Tech 1 units and structures by giving them new weapons, adding new units, and more.


Version 1 - Beta Release (June 2020)

  • By the end of June 2020, all T1 units and structures will be altered in some way, as promised.
  • No current plans are made for the Nomads' units, but I'm considering pursuing the Nomads too in the future.

Version 2 - (July 2020) "The Adjacent Update"

  • Planning on reducing the destructive volatility of T1 Storages and adding new Adjacency Bonuses (should be relatively easy by taking a look at the code from some mods I have).
  • New Adjacency Bonuses may change depending on my success or ideas.

Energy Storages

  • Stationary Artillery - Increases damage, but increases Energy consumption per shot.
  • Radar - Increases range, but increases passive Energy consumption.
  • Shield Dome Generators - Increases Shield HP, but increases passive Energy consumption.


  • Stationary Artillery - Increases damage.

Version 3 - (August 2020) "The Customizable Update"

  • Planning on adding the ability to Customize Land, Air, and Naval factories (a feature I greatly liked about Supreme Commander 2).
  • More about this later on as I develop the mod.
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Devblog 2 Cover

I'm happy to announce that I've been making good progress on my mod lately, but I'm concerned I may not have enough time to edit all the models of the Tech 1 Units in time for tomorrow. I firmly believe that changing up the stats of the Tech 1 units will matter more than the models, so I'm going to withhold on editing the models of the Tech 1 units I've not been able to get ahold of until after its beta release tomorrow. I'm gonna make sure I get everything ready for tomorrow's beta release of Tech One Plus. I hope to get proper feedback on my mod once it's available for download, so I need to make sure all the important stuff is out of the way.

Devblog 1 - The Purpose of Tech One Plus (6.28.2020)

Devblog 1 - The Purpose of Tech One Plus (6.28.2020)


It was just yesterday when I published this mod onto ModDB (even if you couldn't download the mod yet since it's not finished), and it's already around...


Loud and FAF supported? Good luck!

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MediaMix1 Creator

To anyone that's concerned about my current whereabouts: I'm sorry for the delay. Other responsibilities have kept me busy, and I often don't get a lot of time to work on my mods. I admit that I almost burned myself out at some point last month and I was afraid of possible backlash for announcing a delay. Luckily, I've gotten plenty of support thanks to the people I talk to on Discord. I'm still working on Tech One Plus and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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