Note 1: Requires BF2 1.5 and BF2: SF 1.5 (aka, xpack)
Note 2: Geometries and Textures MUST be set to High!


This modification aims to add a new experience to Battlefield 2. By balancing arcade and realism, we hope to create a new semi-arcadish and semi-realistic gameplay.


Development ceased indefinitely

Current State: Pre-Alpha

Current Version: 0.44 (0.44 was released on the 21th May, 2015)

Features & Changes:

New maps, /

New map lighting, /

New Sun Flares, /

Lots of Weapons, /

Heavy machine guns now have limited ammunition, 1 magazine has 50 rounds and all heavy machine guns will have 20 magazines (1000 rounds), X

New weapon attachments, /

Weapon customization, /

New vehicles, /

Realistic muzzle velocity on tanks and APCs (1100 - 1750 m/s it used to be 150 - 400 m/s), X

Realistic muzzle velocity on weapons, X

Realistic Fire Rate, X

Bullet Penetration, X

Bullet Drop, /

Suppression, /

New HUD, /

New HD Ground Textures, / (Going through Re-evaluation)

New Normals for the Ground Textures,

New HD Static Object Textures, / (Going through Re-evaluation)

Outdoor and Indoor Gun Sounds, X

Prone animations on some weapons, /

Water damage level increased to 1.8 on tanks (you need to cover the top hatchet before you start taking any water damage) (except for the T72, T90 and the Leopard 2, they have 5.1 as water damage level. This feature can be very useful when taking heavy anti tank fire and for crossing "deep" rivers like on Midnight sun), X

Different types of Tank Ammunition, X

Different types of APC Ammunition, X

New Kit Geometries for each team, /



United States Army, /
United States Marine Corps, /
United States Special Operations Command, /
British Army, /
British Special Air Service, /


Russian Airborne Troops/Ground Forces, /
People's Liberation Army, /
People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces

X = Finished
/ = Being worked on.
- = Likely to be dropped.

Credits: Separate credits per release.

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Hello soldiers!

As of the 29th October 2015, Ussuri Studios is no more, it has instead been renamed to KB International (as of June 10th, 2016, KB International is now Enryuu Studios) to signify that we are cutting our roots as a subsidiary with our parent company, the CAT Mod Development Studios.

Kasōzō Bungei International is the new Ussuri Studios

In other news, after a long unannounced cease of development, BF2: Final War is finally back on track, or at least partly. As you may have read the header of this article, BF2: Final War is changing it's development plan. This is mostly because of the fact that the original plan is no longer sustainable nor plausible since it had too many elements to be incorporated for 1.0 release. For example, to have 28+ factions for release 1.0 is hardly realistic. Instead we have cut down the amount of factions for the 1.0 release to 9+ factions. However, after 1.0 release there might be a number of updates, hotfixes and 'DLCs' as they are called. These DLCs can contain what ranges from new maps & map packs to whole new factions. Anyway, this will also mean that development will be temporarily set back to Pre-Alpha as the mod has to be rebuilt & restructured.

Beside those news we have an announcement to make, Enryuu Studios has entered an collaboration with the BF2 Unlimited Action Development Team, this will be noticeable by how we'll for instance will share some content with each other, so some features & content seen in for example BF2: Final War may also be seen in BF2 Unlimited Action and vice-versa.

And lastly, Enryuu Studios is currently recruiting more members for the modification development team, we are mainly looking for animators, 3D artist, 2D artist, level artists & programmers though we will also accept others if our certain criteria is meet.

That is all for now, stay tuned for more news regarding Battlefield 2: Final War and Enryuu Studios in the future.

EDIT (08/03/2019): As of 2017, development has been ceased indefinitely. we apologise for the delay in relaying this information.

Battlefield 2: Final War Alpha Released and upcoming patch

Battlefield 2: Final War Alpha Released and upcoming patch

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Hello soldiers! As you may know, the Battlefield 2: Final War Public Alpha was released on the 18th May this year. Some of the current features are, new...

Closed Testing

Closed Testing

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After waiting for a long time it's finally here, THE BATTLEFIELD 2: FINAL WAR CLOSED ALPHA! Since the Alpha is closed for the public, not much information...

Mod and Indie News

Mod and Indie News

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Missed some highlights from last week? Here's a bite sized wrap up.

How to make custom weapon selection icons for your favourite BF2 weapons

How to make custom weapon selection icons for your favourite BF2 weapons

UI/HUD Tutorial 5 comments

This tutorial is only the basics of weapon selection icon making ( My first tutorial ) :)

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Battlefield 2: Final War 0.44 Alpha

Battlefield 2: Final War 0.44 Alpha

Full Version 34 comments

Note 1: Requires BF2 1.5 and BF2: SF 1.5 (aka, xpack) Note 2: Don't download with Desura! Note 3: Geometries and Textures MUST be set to High! Note 4...

Battlefield 2: Final War 0.27k (Obsolete)

Battlefield 2: Final War 0.27k (Obsolete)

Full Version 71 comments

The long awaited Public Alpha has finally arrived. This Alpha will have tons of features, new map lighting, new Sun flares, new weapons, a basic weapon...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,044)
SlickWhiteRabbit - - 591 comments

Yeah agree with the ones who said it wa a shame. Though bet it took many hours of work every day to get to the state it is in. Life always get sin the way. We don't know what changes the devs went through. i'm sure they hated giving it up.

I would like to say thanks for what work you did give us. Very much appreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
ChrisT|GamingZone - - 170 comments

Not a wonder seeing this mod ceasing development. Last update related to it was about 3 years ago. Overall, it was a stale experiment with lot's of weirdness.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
NeuPreußen* - - 438 comments

Ikr, I do love the fact that it introduces Factions that are rarely put into a FPS game like Sweden,Norway,Iran,Kazakhstan and CSTO which is a counter-part of NATO. A shame really that it stopped development, the Mod had many potentials if not for the glitches and bugs that plagued it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
zukov - - 100 comments

a couple of weapons are good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wędrowiec - - 340 comments

Is the mod dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
Bucky38 - - 102 comments

when i play the mod there is black shaders around the map

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bucky38 - - 102 comments

Why there are black shaders when shooting in the maps like CP_ABADAN

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NeuPreußen* - - 438 comments

Shame that this Mod died although there are alot of Weapons you can rip for your Personal/Private Mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
SteveButters97 - - 13 comments

Terrible FPS, screen tearing, and crashing.
Shame, because this has a ton of potential.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RaTeedus - - 8 comments

This mod's dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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