Alpha Project is a Battlefield 2 modification which goals are to recreate all features that were left out of the retail game, beside that the mod is about innovation and new ideas that add to the sandbox experience! The gameplay stlyle of the mod is a mixture of arcade and realism.

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Greetings, Alpha Project Community!

Thanks for showing interest in this project by either reading this and/or for commenting on last month's post. The feedback was a little beyond what I expected. Please stay tuned and continue reading to get an idea of the road ahead.

- Let's rewind a bit

So it's been about 5 years since we officially stopped development on this mod. I had been around for about a year leading up to the conclusion of the development and was really sad to see the mod ending. I was mostly helping JONES out with general things such as getting weapon model variations prepped for the customisation amongst other things. When we stopped development I had immediately started my own project, because I had no motivation to fix and optimise the sheer amount of content that we included in the final release. By that time only JONES and I were left in the team, so the task was not realistic with him leaving as well.

- So what has happened since then?

Looking back at the final release I still think it's next to impossible to fix all the issues, so what I have been doing is to rebuilt the mod from scratch with a strict quality assurance policy. Consistency is also one of the biggest things I stand by. So what does the rebuild entails? In essence it means that I am slowly re-implement current Alpha Project features into the unreleased BF2: Unlimited Action mod that I have been working on for 5 years. The BF2: Unlimited Action mod will be put on hold for now until I can decide its fate, but in all honesty both mods have a lot of common and it's safe to expect all the advertised content in that mod to make its way into the next release of Alpha Project. What you can assume from reading that is that there is about 5 years worth of content that hasn't really been seen a lot.

- Going forward and the mod direction

Due to the mod having BF2: Unlimited Action as its foundation now, the gameplay will be a bit more akin to vanilla BF2. So I am definitely going back to not only the roots of BF2 but of AP as well. The first and second releases of AP were distinctly different than the last release because the mod veered more into the direction of adding experimental features and innovative content than making cut-inspired content. So with the next release you can expect a similar release than the very first version of Alpha Project, but with the customisation system added and a lot better graphics that have never been seen in BF2. It will be a very, very small build with not a lot of content, but that is due to the fact that this mod is also an HD mod now and most of my time went in making it HD and also to guarantee gameplay stability with no crashes. Below you will see the alpha inspired Gulf of Oman map with the new, updated graphics. Making this game HD is very time consuming, but it's a trade-off that I am willing to make than having a lot of maps, guns and vehicles. As time goes on, I will be releasing more and more content from the previous releases, but in a more polished state. JONES made incredible maps for this game, however some will have to be modified due to stuttering performance issues amongst other things, so therefore I will leave his maps for the next release.

- So what will be in the first release?

Like stated above, this will be a very small build insofar as the amount of new content is concerned. However the content that will be there will be very refined and polished. The whole mod's weapon arsenal has seen remade animations and the weapon models have also been changed to accurately show the new direction of AP. A big thanks goes to Develop013 that has remade the animations! He's literally reanimated not only all of the original BF2 weapons, but also all of the BF:Play4Free weapons and other miscellaneous weapons from other games such as BF3 and BF4, so expect a lot of weapon surprises to pop up!

So to summarise, expect a whole new first person gameplay experience in terms of the visuals and sounds. The mod will unfortunately not include a lot of maps at first, however that will change as the development progresses. The map list is as follows:

  • Divided City (Alpha version Mashtuur City)
  • Gulf of Oman (Alpha version)
  • Strike at Karkand (Slightly altered to resemble BF:P4F's version)
  • Fall of Basra (A popular BF:P4F map merged with Warlord from BF2: Special Forces)
  • Zatar Wetlands (Alpha version, but the time of day is the only difference)
  • Kubra Dam (Alpha version)

The other middle eastern maps will be included with the subsequent release. The third release will then include the Chinese faction and European Union faction. Luckily most of their content has already been completed, however their customisation system and maps haven't been started with. So technically the first release is the one that will take the most time, and all of the following releases will follow up quicker.

- When will the mod release?

This is something I cannot answer. Being the only guy working on a large undertaking such as this is very time consuming and difficult. I urge and plead any available 3D modeller to contact me since this will help to speed up development significantly. If all goes well, I should be done by the 3rd quarter of 2021.

- Behold the information dump!

New soldier head variations!

New hands and arms meshes!

New gun models!

New HD water!

New HD ground textures along with HD shadow lightmaps!

New sunflare!

Vegetation now casts shadows on objects!

Many more details have been added to maps in the form of added props. Below you will see the recreated alpha version of Gulf of Oman. Please note that these screenshots show footage taken from the BF2 Editor, hence why there might be graphical anomalies like missing shadows on some objects, and other heads-up display elements.

Alpha Project Support & Continuation Ends

Alpha Project Support & Continuation Ends

News 17 comments

The time has come to officialy say, what have to be said...

Alpha Project 0.31 Final Release

Alpha Project 0.31 Final Release

News 78 comments

After a long time we finaly decided to release our final version of Alpha Project, this version includes lots of fixes and also new features which we...

Alpha Project Online Support !

Alpha Project Online Support !

News 22 comments

... be sure to check this news out if you want to have a multiplayer experience you will never forget!

Alpha Project 0.3 Beta Release!

Alpha Project 0.3 Beta Release!

News 66 comments

You were naughty or nice this year? No matter what, we decided to give you a nice christmas present this year and i am sure you gona like it ;)

RSS Files
Alpha Project V0.31 Final Part1

Alpha Project V0.31 Final Part1

Full Version 114 comments

This are the Alpha Project 0.31 Core Files (Part1) in order to play the mod you will also need the Level Files (Part2) within our download section which...

Alpha Project V0.31 Final Part2

Alpha Project V0.31 Final Part2

Full Version 33 comments

This are the Alpha Project 0.31 Level Files (Part2) in order to play the mod you will also need the Core Files (Part1) within our download section which...

Alpha Project BF2 Mod Launcher

Alpha Project BF2 Mod Launcher

Installer Tool 33 comments

This little tool will allow you to play Alpha Project aswell several other mods online and let you setup account and other settings already before starting...

Alpha Project V0.21 Patch

Alpha Project V0.21 Patch

Patch 86 comments

After all the waiting, its finaly here, this patch should fix the most problems and add some more new content for you guys to enjoy!

Alpha Project V0.2 Serverfiles

Alpha Project V0.2 Serverfiles

Server 7 comments

Linux/Windows Serverfiles for Dedicated Server Administrators

Alpha Project V0.2

Alpha Project V0.2

Full Version 107 comments

Again the long wait is over, after a long waiting period we are finaly back in action, our second installment is ready for a release!

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Just changing the weapon system? Will character animation be redesigned? Just like (battlefield: play4free), the animation of running and walking looks so harmonious!

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Hi, i need know how i can put more bots in the game, because a 8vs8 is very boring, i copy the contents of the IADefault of vanilla and put in the AP, but dont work, someone can help me please?
Sorry for my English

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Copying it just going to make the bots the same as vanilla. Open the mods folder and go for ai folder, there open aidefault and change "aiSettings.setMaxNBots __" and change it to numbers you're liking, the limits if I remember correctly was 128

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Found some old maps i was working on in the past.

Maybe you wanna use one of these.
Dropped some screens of my fav one in my Profile.


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MariusMaximus Creator

Wow man, that map you have shown there on your profile is really something spectacular. It seems you have new static objects scattered all over the place! I have sent you a PM with regards to the map. If you also have any other map, whether it's finished or not, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it! :)

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Hello my friend. I have been playing alpha project for about 3 years. We play coop with my brother and we love it very much. thanks for everything. When will the new version be released? I'm still using v0.31.

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Can you make when this release as standalone?

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MariusMaximus Creator

Yes, the next version will most definitely be standalone. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I've no words to describe how amazing this mod is. I revisited battlefield 2 because of my nostalgia, but the game didn't felt the same, it was quite bland and not at all like how I remembered, until I stumbled across this! It was like playing battlefield for the first time, thank you very much!!

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This mod is a perfect little thing - it changes the game so that it is far more playable and enjoyable than vanilla BF2. Proper damage and accuracy in this mod are nicely balanced so that you actually can kill things if you aim and shoot - in vanilla BF2, you're lucky if you can get 2 shots on an enemy with a rifle when prone, sometimes even the first flies off elsewhere; and when it takes 5-6 shots to bring an enemy down, it's horrific. This mod fixes this nicely; not so realistic that everyone…

Aug 16 2011 by Theta.Sigma


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