This modification aims to add a new experience to Battlefield 2. By balancing arcade and realism, we hope to create a new semi-arcadish and semi-realistic gameplay. Note 1: Requires BF2: SF and BF2 1.5 Note 2: Don't download with Desura! Note 3: Geometries and Textures MUST be set to High!

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AlvaG6 says

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good mod!!!


SpetsnazVDV says

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A great mod with tons of potential, it just needs some tweaks and more content.


NeuPreu├čen* says

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Pros: Interesting Weapons, Great Effects Has bullet Drop like in bf3 and bf4 Great Map details Good Vehicle Combat,Great Soldier Skins.
Cons:Has few maps, Crashes sometimes in the middle of the game,maps that have uncapturable bases will cause the game not to end because the tickets will always comeback again and again.
Overall:This mod is great because it balances arcade and realism


Sulieman says

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Hi awesome game i hope ppl will play multiplayer !


Frederick930 says

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Apart from the obvious fact it is not released yet, it looks very solid, don't know why it has such low rating so i'll give it a boost


OpaqueMistress says

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Its good.


Betamaxx says

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A pile of garbage packed into a so called "mod"


ChrisT|GamingZone says

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Good Parts:

+ Teams
Many teams are available in this modification.Ive never seen Iran or Kazahstan being featured in a Battlefield 2 Modification.So this is a good adition to gameplay

+ Weapons
Cool models are available in the modification,most of them do remind Battlefield 4,some not.

+ Vehicles
Again we see improved vanilla vehicles,also interface and of course the damage given by the rounds and heavy shells

Bad Parts:

Well,not all of them,but some are broken,either not present.The Sniper reload of US Faction isn't even realistic as vanilla.The models are nice,but having mediocre animations is not the best idea

-Retarded AI
This is my 3rd encounted with Retarted AI in a Battlefield 2 modification. Again,God-like soldiers rape everything that moves or not.Even selecting "Easy" you cant see the difference at all.Operation Clusterfuck still continues

Are those sounds? Nope,its earrape.The sounds in the modification are so loud,that after the gameplay your ears start to hurt (no joke,they started to hurt after Site 31/6 and Port Valdez playthrough).Although,dont forget about Kazahstan map

Here we go again with uninspired maps legacy.Some maps are broken and won't even start,others just crash in front of you.Even worse,some buildings become black and you can't understand what the hell is going on around you.

-Dark Objects
Yes,Dark ******* objects.Maps like Port Valdez are unplayable because of dark buildings.Death is Alive had this issue,but only in 1 map.Not on all of them.
I cant see the starts,the doors.Only lights and flags.I dont have an ecolocator integrated in the game to actually find the place i need

-------------------------------- Final Verdict -------------------------------

Alive,sort of...

I dont understand,why i managed to give it a 5/10.Its like a 2nd Russian Insurgency,but with different weapons and teams.With these bad parts,it barely manages to be a fun modification.Why everyone is praising such broken content beats me off.Maps are awful,Full or Partially with dark objects and buildings.
AI is retarded,and ear rape barely manages making me stick with this modification.There are even more bad parts which i didn't mention here

More complex review:


Riechertman says

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Looks pretty nice!


Joshua21 says

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Awesome textures, weapons, anims... One word: Fantastic!

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good mod!!!

Jul 18 2013 by AlvaG6