This modification aims to add a new experience to Battlefield 2. By balancing arcade and realism, we hope to create a new semi-arcadish and semi-realistic gameplay. Note 1: Requires BF2: SF and BF2 1.5 Note 2: Don't download with Desura! Note 3: Geometries and Textures MUST be set to High!

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Ussuri Studios is no more, instead we now call ourselves KB International (Enryuu Studios as of June 10th, 2016. In other news, BF2: FW is changing it's development plan since the original plan is no longer sustainable nor plausible. Beside those news, Enryuu Studios has entered an collaboration with the BF2 Unlimited Action Development Team. And lastly, Enryuu Studios is currently recruiting. EDIT (08/03/2019): As of 2017, development has been ceased indefinitely.

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Hello soldiers!

As of the 29th October 2015, Ussuri Studios is no more, it has instead been renamed to KB International (as of June 10th, 2016, KB International is now Enryuu Studios) to signify that we are cutting our roots as a subsidiary with our parent company, the CAT Mod Development Studios.

Kasōzō Bungei International is the new Ussuri Studios

In other news, after a long unannounced cease of development, BF2: Final War is finally back on track, or at least partly. As you may have read the header of this article, BF2: Final War is changing it's development plan. This is mostly because of the fact that the original plan is no longer sustainable nor plausible since it had too many elements to be incorporated for 1.0 release. For example, to have 28+ factions for release 1.0 is hardly realistic. Instead we have cut down the amount of factions for the 1.0 release to 9+ factions. However, after 1.0 release there might be a number of updates, hotfixes and 'DLCs' as they are called. These DLCs can contain what ranges from new maps & map packs to whole new factions. Anyway, this will also mean that development will be temporarily set back to Pre-Alpha as the mod has to be rebuilt & restructured.

Beside those news we have an announcement to make, Enryuu Studios has entered an collaboration with the BF2 Unlimited Action Development Team, this will be noticeable by how we'll for instance will share some content with each other, so some features & content seen in for example BF2: Final War may also be seen in BF2 Unlimited Action and vice-versa.

And lastly, Enryuu Studios is currently recruiting more members for the modification development team, we are mainly looking for animators, 3D artist, 2D artist, level artists & programmers though we will also accept others if our certain criteria is meet.

That is all for now, stay tuned for more news regarding Battlefield 2: Final War and Enryuu Studios in the future.

EDIT (08/03/2019): As of 2017, development has been ceased indefinitely. we apologise for the delay in relaying this information.


May I just add that it seems pretty likely that CAT Mod Studios has now disbanded. This is mainly due to the fact Magnús hasn't been online for almost a year and there is no progress on any of his mods. As I have no way of contacting him, I can't confirm this as a certainty but let's face it, it was bound to happen. I myself have departed the group and as the only active "TheCat" member, it's fair to say it has disbanded

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Sorry that was me forgot to sign in

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ACE-san Author

Indeed, it was bound to happen eventually, I think the development plans and the change of leadership are two major factors to why it is now pretty much disbanded.

By the way, if you want, you may join KB.

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Yes, I agree, whilst Gordon and Magnús had great ambitions and are good guys, I think they may have overstretched and overestimated the resources available to them. A shame nonetheless.

And thank you for the offer, much appreciated, but at the moment I think I will stay independent and focus on my own mod The District. If anything my time with CAT Studios has taught me, it's not to overstretch myself. Thank you again for the offer :)

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Since I installed BF2Hub I had been suffering crashes to desktop for this mod... Is there anyway to fix it that doesn't involve unistalling BF2Hub?

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ACE-san Author

I don't know, try using window mode or the debugger to find out why it is crashing, then I might be able to help you.

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What's up with the downvotes? It's a legit issue that I have only been having since I installed said application, wouldn't it be more usefull to just say that they aren't compatible?

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Holy shmokes. I thought this mod was done-for a LONG time ago. Guess I should check for updates more often! XD
I wish you guys luck!

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