-Complex 13.4 [HW Remastered], July 20 2018,
-Complex 9.1 [HW Classic], December 13 2013,

-Complex 13 dev. build 39 [HW Remastered], July 20 2018,

Developed by Homeworld Remastered core team members, Complex is scripted from scratch, recovers the original ships maneuverability and the battle behavior before the Gearbox patch 2.1, fixes all critical bugs, like the disappearing debris and the sticking ships during the docking maneuvers.
Improves the complexity of the original Homeworld gameplay to extent, where player has to take into account a lot of variables during space battle in order to prevail. This version of Complex works on the updated Homeworld Remastered engine and has a lot of new improvements: new ships, new graphics and FXs, new UI (unit interface), new environments and complete optimization for newer hardware, thus allowing smooth gameplay.
You can download the public version 12, the new improved version 13 is in progress at, becoming a Patron you can play the dev. builds and help us to reach the next public release. The project Complex is supported and funded by over 300 Patrons, join our mission and help us to make Complex the most perfect space RTS ever.

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Complex 13.4




Complex 13 dev. log

Complex 13.4:
-ships move to the given position by the "attack move" behaviour if into a battle
-"subsystem lost" audio bug fixed
-new ambient sound for the Kushan Mothership and Scaffold
-the Kushan Scaffold, Carriers and Assault Carriers now can collect debris and wrecks
-lowered the attack "inRangeFactor" so ships attack closer to the target
-Mining Bases generates resources at a faster rate (+20%)
-Kushan Destroyers Ion Turrets now turn/fire correctly
-fixed a bug where fighter and corvette squadrons were bad assigned to sobgroups
-weapon cone reduced for all bombers to avoid graphic glitches
-Kushan Plasma Burst Turrets FX improved, better performance
-the Kushan Assault Carrier uses the same attack style of the Heavy Cruiser, so it can join strike groups
-new SFX for the Turanic Raiders Fighter and Guardian guns
-Sentinel unit capacity reduced (-1)
-Utilities unit capacity reduced (-2)
-chatter SFX added for the Turanic Raiders fighters
-improvements on all ambient sounds for the megaliths
-the Turanic Raiders CPU players now build more weapon turrets on the Gun Corvettes
-more power to the Turanic Raiders Laser Turrets
-improvements for all interceptors/fighters guns, better performance and balancing
-"Wall of Patrons" updated
-improvements on maps inner/outer bounds, better performance
-minor typo fixing

Complex 13.3:
-Taiidan/Kushan Assault Frigates fire rate lowered by 10%
-energy content removed from the Scaffold UI
-decreased the use of hydrogen bombs for AI
-Sentinels cost/building time increased by 15%
-"push" effect of explosive bombs slightely reduced to avoid MP desync
-the hyperspace is disabled for the Scaffold when the Mothership is docked
-the Kushan Tanker is properly displayed in the UI battle capital ships count
-Kushan Resource Controller dockpaths updated
-Kushan Resource Controller drop-off rate increased by 20%
-Wall of Patrons updated
-added .event/FX file for the Kushan Research Ship
-improvements on the Kushan Research Ships docking maneuver
-build count removed from the game version info
-minor typo fixing

Complex 13.2:
-Turanic Raiders harvest speed lowered by 10%
-the Kushan Ion Drones now self-destruct if the Adv. Defense System is not present
-"Wall of Patrons" updated based on your reporting
-the game loading bar now adapts itself at the screen resolution
-files cleaning and code optimization
-prewiev icon updated with current version

Complex 13.1:
-building the laser turrets for the Vaygr no more generates desync/crash
-defense corvette build speech fixed
-research speed lowered by 5%

Complex 13.0:
-new model (high detail) for the Taiidan Siege Cannon
-Turanic Raiders Modular Frigate (new model, full implementation)
-Turanic Raiders Minelayer Corvette (new model, full implementation)
-Kushan Salvage Corvette capture orientation fixed
-The Kushan Collector no more self-destruct when it execute user commands while harvesting
-Turanic Raiders Magnetor Mine (new model, full implementation)
-Kushan Resource Controller model optimization (dockpaths, engines)
-Kushan Drone Attack renamed to "Drone Swarm"
-Kushan Battle Carrier renamed to "Assault Carrier"
-Miner Missile renamed to "Drilling Missile"
-fixed a bug where the Bulkan Cannons on the Turanic Raiders Mothership were enabled since the beginning
-explosive bomb speed increased by 10%
-laser tracking turret FX removed from the Kushan Defense Corvette
-added the "latest build available" as background image during the loading phase

dev. build 38:
-Kushan Bomber Corvette (new model, full implementation)
-improvements for capital ships explosion FXs
-new icons for all Kushan production facilities
-Mining Bases RUs production +15%
-Kushan Carrier now can handle wrecks
-fixed a bug where icons were missing switching between profiles
-Kushan adv. defense system improved, ions chage FX removed
-fixed a bug where the Kushan Bomber didn't upgrade its weapons if in squadrons (x5)
-gravity well generator enabled on Kushan capital ships only if the Scaffold has a Power Disruptor
-Battlefield gametype: fixed a bug where max unit capacity researches were granted to the wrong player
-salvageable asteroids fields added to the Battlefield gametype/map
-double build queues implemented for the Kushan Mothership
-fixed a bug where the Kushan collectors were colliding against asteroids in several maps
-Kushan Scaffold can build resource collectors
-Battlefield gametype: now you've to clear the area in a time of 16 minutes if you want to take the reward
-improvements on random music management, also this lead to better performance
-fixed a bug where the Kushan Shadow Fighter didn't upgrade the EMP ability if in squadrons (x5)
-now the Kushan Scaffold lose the adv. capital facility if the capital facility is destroyed
-Taiidan/Kushan Capital Ships weapons slots now are properly displaied (UI)
-fixed a bug where the Kushan remote weapons did't dock back to the Mothership if enemy were not in area
-additional target box added for the Scaffold so it can be targeted from the enemy ships

dev. build 37:
-Kushan Battle Carrier (new model, full implementation)
-Kushan Defense Corvette (new model, full implementation)
-Anti-Radiation Shield available on all Kushan Capital Ships
-the gravity well ability is now available for all Kushan Capital Ships
-Vaygr Laser Turret implemented for all Capital Ships
-if the ship is selected now the UI shows the free slots FX
-"carrier engine repaired, we can move" speech bug fixed
-added the "CLOSE" button to the "Speech" and "Objectives" menu
-added "warning!" msg in case the game starts with more then 4 races at max texture quality
-Kushan Research Ship model optimization and wreck
-energy management system improved, now all ships can support their full armament
-commands "wipe", engage my target", "engage repairers" no more affect defense fighters
-turret tracking speed modifier added to the Fire Control Tower radius
-improvements for research ships docking/latching operations
-Kushan Shockwave bomb new model/mesh
-Kushan Twister Missile new model/mesh
-ships no more break formation/parade when nearby ships scuttle/explode
-added one additional asteroid field in map Moon Rise
-Kushan CPUs rebuild the Mothership if destroyed
-Kushan CPUs now launch the Mothership at the beginning and start to play
-Kushan Ion Drone (adv. def. system), size increased 2X
-typo corrections in "build" and "research" files

dev. build 36:
-Hiigaran Hydrogen Bomb (H-Bomb), implemented
-Kushan Mothership<->Scaffold docking/launching maneuver implemented
-new map: Moon Rise
-Miner missiles available on all Motherships and Carriers
-Kushan Adv. Defense System implemented
-Kushan Heavy Cruiser wreck, model optimization
-Kushan Tanker team colour and badge, model optimization
-+5% RUs generated by the fusion ability
-Kushan Drone Frigate wreck and model optimization
-Kushan Support Frigate wreck and model optimization
-Kushan Gravity Well Generator wreck and model optimization
-Kushan Assault Frigate wreck and model optimization
-asteroids now tumble based on their size/mass
-infinite RUs for the gametype Battlefield
-Kushan Mothership wreck deformation
-now the map Sunset On Mars has a location card (intro text)
-research score now is properly calculated for Turanic Raiders
-Kushan Wiper full model implemented
-fixed a bug where the Vaygr Research Center was not buildable
-containers wreck added
-Hiigaran and Vaygr must build the power core/cell at the beginning, matching the other races

dev. build 35:
-now you can switch between colored or black/white unit icons
-Power Cell implemented for the Vaygr
-now the Complex UI is no more affected by the HWRM UI scale, less glitches and typo imperfections
-ships energy system has been fully reworked, no more based on ship fire, more logic and intuitive, UI improved
-fixed several bugs for the Hiigaran Battleship, now it can rearm/retire slots properly
-Nuclear Reactor implemented for the Kushan
-Nuclear Reactor implemented for the Turanic Raiders
-Kushan Twister Missile (full implementation)
-Drone attack, the Kushan Mothership can launch an attack of 100 drones as special attack
-Kushan Shockwave Bomb (full implementation)
-Kushan Plasma Blast Turret (full implementation)
-the Hiigaran research system now is family-based, leading to a non-linear gameplay
-Kushan Wiper (full implementation)
-the Miner Missile now is available for Turanic Raiders
-the gravity well generator now works properly on capital ships
-Kushan Heavy Cruiser (full implementation)
-remote weapons now are more responsive avoiding strange dancing around their targets
-Kushan Support Frigate (full implementation)
-the camera pan speed is now tweakable by the gameplay options
-the camera shake strength due to the explosions of nearby ships is now tweakable by the gameplay options
-Kushan Carrier (full implementation)
-improvements for the docking operations of Taiidan/Kushan research ships
-Kushan Tanker (full implementation)
-Kushan Drone Frigate (full implementation)
-miner missile now available for all motherships
-several adjustments on the formations/strike groups space, alignments and behaviour
-Kushan Gravity Well Generator (full implementation)
-general adjustments for the Kushan build/research system and bug fixing
-Kushan Resource Controller (full implementation)
-fixed a bug where UI wasn't loaded after a saved game
-Support Module implemented for all races
-Kushan Missile Destroyer (full implementation)
-improvements on ship icons size and layout
-Kushan Multigun Corvette (full implementation)
-new weapon sound FX for the kinetic cannons
-added an UI option to select the ATI interface more slight
-Kushan Heavy Corvette (full implementation)
-the Taiidan now has an heavy ion cannon, the Siege Cannon
-containers now are available for Turanic Raiders
-less accuracy VS fighters and corvettes for Taiidan and Kushan Heavy Corvettes

dev. build 34:
-improvements to the Turanic Raiders anti-missile systems
-adjustments for the Turanic Raiders ship icons
-tweaking on the calibration/movement of bombers guns/arms due to the "666" bug fixing
-tweaking on fighters/corvettes weapon accuracy due to "666" bug fixing
-Turanic Raiders Guardian (new unit, full implementation)
-Turanic Raiders Paladin (new unit, full implementation)
-textures optimization for asteroids, better performance
-removed the upgrades effects from Drones and remote weapons
-building the "copy slot on ship" and the "rearm slot" commands at the same time no more generates a game crash
-Kushan Shadow Fighter (full implementation)
-Kushan Sensor Array (full implementation)
-Kushan Minelayer (full implementation)
-minelayers and command corvettes no more are affected by the player command orders
-typo corrections for Turanic Raiders build/research options
-Kushan Bomber (full implementation)
-Kushan Salvage Corvette (full implementation)
-Kushan Destroyer wreck and model adjustments
-Kushan Repair Corvette (full implementation)
-Kushan Defender (full implementation)
-Hiigaran Scavenger wreck deformation
-Kushan Ion Cannon Frigate wreck and model adjustments

dev. build 33:
-"666" bug finally fixed, fighters squadrons and strike groups shoot correctly at their targets
-Kushan Interceptor (full implementation)
-now cinematic works for squadrons of fighters and corvettes
-Kushan Assault Frigate (full implementation)
-Kushan Destroyer (full implementation)
-Kushan Ion Cannon Frigate (full implementation)
-added the key "N" (next focus) for the cinematic, the auto zoom is strongly improved and the camera rotation is free
-script update rate lowered, better performance
-fuel management now is controlled by scripts instead of fake subsystems, better performance
-experience script removed from non-combat units, better performance
-the function "SobGroup_SetHardPointHealthCheck" is a performance killer if it points to 0, so it has been fixed in several parts of the code, general performance strongly improved
-new models for the Scaffold Fighter/Corvette/Frigate/Capital facilities
-now the fast game modality is really fast compared to the slow game modality
-more damage and resistence for the Turanic Raiders Carriers
-more damage and resistence for the Turanic Raiders Ion Array Frigates
-more max unit capacity for the Turanic Raiders Carriers, for all game modalities
-Kushan Resource Collector (full implementation)
-the megalith navigation bar now can focus on megaliths even if they change owner
-improvements on UI and tooltips
-Kushan Cloak Generator (full implementation)
-research speed exponent lowered, 0-6->0.5
-Kushan Scout (full implementation)
-added UI colours for the rank icons, so veterans/expert/leader/hero ships are more visible into battles
-improvements on explosion tumbling effect
-Kushan Probe (full implementation)
-fixed a bug where the research points went on negative values after 1000 research points
-less scout demand for cpu players
-Kushan Proximity Sensor (full implementation)
-the player/cpu race now is displayed in the diplomacy screen
-big Capital Ships can dock and hold Mobile Refineries
-secondary objectives, one level more: kill 920 enemy units
-Kushan Scaffold
-Kushan Mothership (full implementation)
-implementation of the race Kushan, basic elements and system integration

Complex 13 - dev. build 38

Complex 13 - dev. build 38


Complex 13 - dev. build 38, is available at

Complex 13 - dev. build 37

Complex 13 - dev. build 37


Complex 13 - dev. build 37, is available at

Complex 13 - dev. build 36

Complex 13 - dev. build 36


Complex 13 - dev. build 36, is available - Thank You Patrons, we proceed, the Kushan almost done, everything improved, we're going to the release!

Complex 13 - dev. build 35

Complex 13 - dev. build 35


Complex 13 - dev. build 35, is available - we don't give up, join the project and try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

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Complex 13.4

Complex 13.4

Full Version 1 comment

Here you can download the version 13, the new improved series 14 is in progress at, scheduled for November 2018. Before downloading...

Complex 12.2

Complex 12.2

Full Version 20 comments

Here you can download the public version 12, the new improved series 13 is in progress at, scheduled for June 2018. Before downloading...

Complex 10.5.7

Complex 10.5.7

Full Version

You can download the public version 10.5.7, the improved series 11 is in progress at www.patreon/beghins

Complex 11.4.3

Complex 11.4.3

Full Version

You can download the public version 11.4.3, the new improved series 12 is in progress at

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5 weeks with no news or update. Beghins still there ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, thanks for this nice mod!!!
I have a maybe silly question...
How do i build the vaygr bigger battleships? I reasearched everything and build everything on any ship, but there was no way for me, to build the dreadnought.
The Hiigaran has there vortex and battleships...
The strongest for vaygr was the battlecruiser...
What did i wrong?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Have you built the shipyard?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

shure, only there i can build the battlecruisers but no battleships...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey, weird question, but i followed the install instructions in the readme, and i booted everything up, but there's only one possible skirmish map and almost no map options. Did i do something wrong?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I had the wrong battle set in the skirmish mode.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Helle thanks for your work

Is it possible to add the 2 races from homeworld cataclysm in your next update ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


It's a damn shame how Gearsbox didn't remaster HW cataclysm as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

My taiidan lords play this mod everyday. You have my respect, human

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are there any Story-based campaigns on the Homeworld Complex Mod? I've been looking everywhere no clue yet. i dont play Multiplayer much, I'm looking for a great storyline like the original game on the new settings and possibilities created by Complex.

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